Thursday, January 31, 2008

Will you be my valentine?

And dearest said YES many many times haha` ^^

On standby today but they didn't call me. muahaha` Slacked at home, watched Project Runway and also korean drama series plus playing time management games. After which mum, ray and i went to amk central to have lunch and do some shopping. Spent over a hundred shopping for groceries lol.. =) haha my favourite hobby!

Dearest went to buy new phone today! He got the same phone as me - LG Viewty. hee` Now it's couple phone le.. *grinz

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So extremely happy! hehe

Just came back not long ago. Spent the whole day outside and feeling rather tired now. =) But satiated. ^^ hehe`

Met up with Jinwei at YCK mrt station at 2+ in the afternoon today. First stop at Shaw Centre to collect my glasses and contact lenses. After which we went to Far East to shop for sneakers for dear dear.. For his valentine's day present but gave to him earlier so he can wear it on CNY. =) After much consideration and thanks to bro's help, i bought a pair of Nike low dunks for him from Left Foot.

Had very nice chicken rice in Far East as well and went to shop around. Got my eyebrows trimmed at Paul & Joe in Wisma and we headed to Taka to jalan, then to Cineleisure's arcade where we played photohunt, metal slug 2 and he played DDR. Muahaha`

And lastly, it's Paragon when we met up with my love and jinwei presented the pair of sneakers which I bought for him (wth) as his valentine's present.. -.- haha And dearest loved it so much! Wheeeeeeeee` haha am very very glad. =) Swensens for dinner for love and i. Dearest was great company totally had lotsa fun with him.

Off to separate homes we have to have a good rest before a busy day unfolds. ^^


Was great to met up with dearest last night coz we had dinner together after my flight. Was feeling rather lonely past few days as he's busy with work nowadays as cny's coming. Every night he came back home he's just too tired and also ill as well so he just wanna crash into bed. Didn't really have time to talk to me but i understand perfectly.. Just lonely hehe` Well he was so miserable when i was sad too..

Dear dear said i look like OL (Office Lady) when i put on my new specs.. hmmph! lol im studious by nature k =X

I wanna go sleep now! ciao

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting sick and tired of TR passengers..

And the above only applies to certain passengers. Really hate PRCs. Wonder what kinda environment they grew up in, to render them having one arm around the girlfriend and the other rolling a ball of nose shit. And most importantly ground staff always allocate to be seated at the 2nd half of the aircraft coz they simply can't sit down during boarding and will cause a bottleneck. But guess what? The 2nd half of the cabin stinks like shit coz of their wonderful hygiene (Think not bathing enuff in this tropical weather).

Caught yet another PRC smoking onboard. Too bad for not abiding to Singapore's law in a Singapore registered aircraft. No money to pay for the fine? Too bad, 2 days imprisonment then, not enough? Add another rule to banish him from Singapore ever, and forsake the rest of your holiday ^^ Thank you. Really don't understand where did they put their manners. At least the most decent thing u can do if u wanna take pictures of somebody is to ask them. And they just video away, or click away. dumb asses. Rude people.

Today is quite a happening day. Not me, but the events that happened around me. Was called up at 1.30am for early morning macau flight today, reporting at 5am. Thus i was super shagged coz i slept less than 3 hours. This uncle whom i'm acquainted with sent me to work and on the way we saw this accident which involves a sports car and a bike and the police and ambulance were not there yet. But the undertaker's already there o.O Gosh.. Saw 2 bodies on the tar road, one was waving sporadically and the other's unconscious. Uncle kept on telling me not to look coz i'll have nightmare.. o.O Hmm scary.

And then after flight i headed home.. Took bus to Seletar camp and got into a cab from there. And the cabby driver is so nice. He was chatting with me thru'out the ride. Commented that i look pretty and if Tiger only looks for pretty stewardess.. (Answer is no. lol) Anyhow, he charged $2.20 less for my fare.. o.O haha` And he used to be HSBC's KL's branch manager, drawing a salary of 9k per mth. goodness.. o.O

I've started on 'The Kite runner' novel. Seems very interesting. Should catch up on tonnes of sleep too before my next flight. Feelin rather bored now..

=( The only thing i ask for is just to have a good chat with you. Don't need to meet up but at least i can spend some time talking to you i'll feel good already.. Feels like it's all choked up inside and hard to breathe now. Feel so so bad.. Sigh..

February's roster's out. Got what i wanted - 4 days AL from 7th-10th. But not feeling elated at all wonder why. Suddenly CNY has lost all meaning already. What's the point of taking leave? =(

Glad im working tomorrow.. Can take my mind off things..

Very messy hair after i took off the pin haha! Messier asap after i took off the pin doesn't really show in the pic.. but.. quite cool huh.. should style my hair like tt when i go shopping.. o.O

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

feelin rather bored..

Agenda for today:
And so.. That was what i did today. Rather bored lar.. Only caught less than 4 hours of sleep last night coz was finished the novel - Shopaholic & Baby. Prolly start on another new novel later.. ^^

Today we reached half an hour ahead of schedule in Bangkok and so we had alot of time to go shop coz transit time is long too. Bought lotsa food and also 2 bots of hand cream =) muahaha i love hand cream from BOOTS!

Shall go entertain myself coz im so bored!! =( Which novel should i start reading now? hehehe`

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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Just got back not long ago from dear's place. haha` And i have to wake up at 4am to go for morning flight.. boo` Dearest too, sacrificing his sleep to take me to work. hee` Enjoying his company more and more! Brought dinner to him, which consists of dishes Ray whipped up and also Carrot and Radish pork ribs soup i've brewed the whole day. =) And he loved it!

I still dun feel like sleeping yet. Hmmm Finished watching Coffee Prince and really like the series alot. Watching 'It started with a Kiss 2' now hehehe` Still have tonnes of novels to read but putting all else first =X I miss playing with dear dear's dogs!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Im so slack..

Yesterday i went with ray to fetch my parents at the airport in the evening. We then cabbed home and chris bought dinner for us. Was worried sick about mum coz she was so sick and even got admitted into the hospital in Surabaya. Glad that she's back home safe and sound. Hurts me so much to see her suffer a loss of appetite.

And today i brought her to see the doctor. Fed her loads of food and glad to see she's finally back on track and eating few spoonfuls more today as compared to dinner last night. ^^

And im missing my love so much.. Miss how dear dear sings to my favourite songs on radio.. =( I haven't had a good talk with you coz you've been too busy with work. But i'll always be there for you. And just seeing you smile widely when you see me really makes me very happy too. This is what a relationship is supposed to be like right? ^^ Shall make our escapade end feb come true! hehe` ^^ muacks Can't wait can't wait.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

im addicted to the boyfriend.

=) Yesterday's 3 sectors flight was really good. I was really lucky to get Duty-free sales for all the 3 sectors and amounted to nearly 500 too.. muahaha` ^^

Went to macau to try and get portugese egg tarts for Captain Eva (female lady who's very very sweet) but as usual they've ran out of it. So i went and shopped for some stuff and brought home some new year goodies. ^^

Dearest fetched me home after flight and we had dinner together in Punggol Nasi Lemak coffeeshop. Really laughed alot despite the short 2 hours we've had together. And we had great telepathy too coz we said the exact words lol`

As for today i slacked alot and had good rest.. Dan came and fetched me.. We headed down to Serangoon to buy chilli crab for his family. Had dinner together and enjoyed the crabs. I've brought 1kg of bak kwa, dried mushrooms and also almond cookies from macau for his family. Hope they like it =)

And dearest also sent me 3 cartons of coke, green tea and also lemon tea.. o.O haha Macho man! ^^ thanks baby

Footnote : mum and dad coming back tomorrow evening from indonesia. heard from mum that dad's sick too.. think it's some epidemic they have there.. bah` better to come back quickly and not postpone and seek medical help immediately here.. =( wishing the best for them.

** Am glad i'm closer to some friends now. Especially with jiating coz it's great to be on very very good talking terms just like lollipop gang back in poly yr 1.. but difference is, it's even better now. =) And we're both very glad about it.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Extremely best weekend i've ever had! ^^

Operated Haikou flight yesterday. It was great and smooth as well. Relatively fun flight with Airwan doing his science experiment onboard and Yazid dancing to Michael JAckson's Thriller.. muahaha` ^^

After which dearest came and fetch me from the airport and we had nasi ayam penyet in Changi Village ^^ Headed back to his place to bunk in for the night. Played with his dogs until dear dear himself cannot take it le coz they're too hyper =X hehe`

Slept all the way till this morning close to 10 before we finally woke up. o.O Really had a great night's rest. Cabbed home coz dearest and his younger brother gotta head to the shop to help out. ^^

Was procrastinating coz i've got errands to run but just too lazy to go out. Yet the weather's just too good coz it's cloudy and not too sunny hehe` So i did went out eventually at around 3+pm.. Went to town to make my specs as well as ordered contact lenses and met up with Chris for dinner at Toa Payoh's Sakura. ^^ It was extremely good dinner and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Straight down to shopping after that. Bought total of 3 kg of bak kwa, for chris' gf's family, dan's family and also for ourselves. ^^ Gonna have to buy somemore stuff. Feeling quite shagged now.. need to sleep soon o.O

Mum's admitted into hospital in Indonesia coz she's down with food poisoning. Hope she's strong enuff and can get well soon. So sad im can't be there by her side now..

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Shopping spree

Met up with Sandy at 1pm in town today. Started out with turkish food at Anatolia before we went all out to shop in Far East and Taka. Went to PS for dessert then shopped somemore again until 7+pm..

Depth of hole in pocket:

2 tops - $64.80
Skinny Jeans - $39.90
Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil - $31.50
Tee from Outfitters - $10
Pedicure - $15
Anatolia Turkish Lunch - $12
Pill box & black pins - $1.50
Mango Dessert - $5.50

Total - $180.20

Oh well lol` Wasn't really buying clothes for CNY but just buying for the sake of shiokness. muahaha` Anyway i enjoyed myself! ^^ haha` Coz it's been a long time since i've last shopped as crazy as this.

And i've met 2 friends today too.. Hong Peng when i was walking towards the control station and Yixian at YCK bus interchange. ^^

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im shagged but feelin a little more than happy..

Just got back home not long ago.. Lack of sleep but still dun wanna crash into bed yet. Yesterday i operated the Perth flight with extremely good crew! hehe` We really worked very hard for our good sales. =) And heart to heart talk with Amelia was great as well.

After the flight love came and fetched me home at around 4am. And we headed back to his place to sleep until around 7am before he woke up and prepared for work. So yep.. Here i am back at home. Gonna get a couple more hours to sleep before i wake up for shopping with Sandy! ^^

Inner thoughts: Suddenly i feel very guilty and very dui bu qi to KD. Coz he taught me so much about the details of the paperwork a crew-in-charge needs to do but i'm really not interested in becoming a CIC.. Feel like resigning already coz the management just sucks big time. Still, the only thing that's holding me back are the free staff travel tickets.. And i'm just waiting to earn more money to go on more holidays.. Oh well..

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Girls Aloud - Call the Shots

Addicted to the above catchy song. =)

Was sick on Tuesday and after the very early morning flight which i've operated. I went down to Yishun to visit the doc and get mc for the next day's flight. Down with mild fever and bad throat.

And so yesterday, i woke up at 9am to buy some groceries in the market. Put the soup to brew since morning as well. Spent my day watching Coffee Prince and playing games. Went to AMK central with Chris and Ray as well. Bought Evening Primrose Oil pills from the pharmacy. ^^ Coz it can cure mild skin irritation.. And my skin's too sensitive.. Dearest dan came over in the evening for dinner which i whipped up. =)

I feel so much appreciated and i do very much cherish him as well.. Awaiting our 1st year anniversary in March. haha` And we're still in our honeymoon period! hehe` Too bad some of my girlfriends were wrong. They thought that dan will kinda mellow down and not fetch me so often after our 'honeymoon period'. But now he's even putting in so much effort to fetch me in the wee hours of morning and whenever he's not working. Sweet gentlemen. ^^

Operating perth flight tomorrow. =) Keep safe people and take care of yourselves coz the weather's sooo unpredictable these days.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

you're the sweetest person in my life

=) Shall start this post with a big wide smile. I oughta be sleeping right now coz i need to wake up at 4am. But i figured i should blog before i turn in.

Great long weekend i've had. ^^ Dearest came to fetch me and then Ming Xiang and we headed to Miramar Hotel for dim sum buffet yesterday morning (Sunday). People who came along were Ben and gf and also Weifa. After which we headed to Marina Square and they joined us for shopping. Dearest managed to buy 3 pairs of jeans from Topman and i've gotten my knickers from Topshop too. Bought a pair of heels and also nail polish remover.

Didn't do much shopping for clothes. Am gonna do so coming Friday with my girlfriends! ^^

Spent some time inside the arcade catching masak masak. Were too bored and they decided to go to dear's place to play mahjong. I didn't know how to play so stuck beside dear thru'out their card and mahjong games.. haha Bunch of gamblers. o.O =X

Spent the whole evening there until around 12am before dear sent me home.

He passed the virus to me so im down with bad throat too today. Went to dye and cut my hair. Alter my jeans as well as ran some errands and bought more new year deco. Gonna deco the house before my parents come back and give them a surprise.

Went back home to rest after running so many errands, so i went to rest until around 7pm when dearest woke me up.. Called me and told me to open my house door. He turned up holding a cup of bitter tea in one hand and bag of medicine in the other. ^^ Very bitterly sick but cheered up nevertheless when i saw him. He's just so sweet. Being sick himself yet delivering medicine and bought bitter tea for me. Stroked my back and sayang me too. I feel so loved =)

He then went home shortly to rest. And i had dinner with Chris. Hmmm i feel that Chris has really transformed into a career oriented person, having to make many calls thru'out meals that we've had.. =) I'm happy for him.

Oh well i really need to go rest. Sweetest dreams and keep safe.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Whoo hoo precious weekend off!

=) Somemore i'm getting monday off too. Muahahaha` Super elated!

Slacked whole day at home on Friday and trying to get my body adjusted to staying up at night coz i had to operate India night flight. Dearest came and fetched me to work and we had dinner in Terminal 1.

Flight was good and i worked in front with KD (The descendent from the Manchurian family.. Interestingly, his surname is Aisin Gioro aka Ai Xin Jue Luo o.O) He taught me how to do paperwork coz he really put his high hopes on me.. Hmmm` Well I'm still considering.. Sales was good too and we were kept busy thru'out the flight.

Headed home after flight around 8+am and slept all the way till 3pm. Did alot of housework before i went out with love to do grocery shopping in AMK hub. Tried the sausage prata coz i was famished! Went back to my crib after shopping and i cooked Spaghetti Bologneise plus Chao Da Teriyaki Chicken drumstick for love. hee`

Watched tv, chatted and also watched Boogeyman 2 and he went back home around 12+ just now. We're gonna meet for shopping and dimsum tomorrow! ^^ Wheeeeeee` Missing him tonnes already.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Great day!

=) Met up with my godbrother Jinwei yesterday afternoon for lunch and caught up with each other before he leave for Tekong on Monday ^^ hee` We lunched in the food court at AMK Hub. After which we went shopping and i was almost tempted to get a pair of Levis Jeans.. But... Still can't bear to fork out close to 150 bucks for a pair of jeans.. o.O hmmmm`

In the end, i bought brasserie, optical mouse and a pair of boxers for baby. Happy 10th month anniversary!! 2 more months and we turn 1 together. =)

Really very proud of this boyfriend of mine coz he's really very romantic and sensitive. Not like a typical Singapore Chinese at all. ^^ And most of all i'm having fun and loving him more each day. To date i still remember how he suddenly carried me on his arms in the middle of AMK Hub -.- And also when he did a firemen lift-me-up in a shopping mall's carpark.. o.O Well sometimes u really caught me by surprise, the things u can do...

After jinwei left, i met up with baby nearby and waited for my brothers to come. And together with Chris, Ray and GF and also baby, we had steamboat at our favourite hangout =) Twas great to enjoy food together with loved ones.

Can't wait for weekend to come! =) Coz i'm off the entire weekend! Wanna spend 24-7 with love. Muahahah` ^^

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Stuck in front of my lappy all day, watching movies and playing games. Feeling sooo bored and sleepy now. Sold the 3 puppies, gave Juju away.. So there are only 3 jack russells left at home now. =(

And today i've also sent mum and dad off to the airport. 2 weeks in Indonesia.. I'm gonna miss them loads. Hugged mum before she left.. Treated my whole family to Popeye's after check-in.

Went back home to slack for a while before i had dinner with Chris in Pizza Hut.. Argh their pasta is really very very lousy.. o.O

Shall go turn in since i have nothing much to do and am quite sleepy already.. Feel so lonely =( Oh well.. What's the point of having an LCD TV in the living room when nobody watches it.. Bah`I haven't watch tv since a long time ago.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

My day off! Finally..

Been working hard recently.. =x hehe` But can't operate Darwin flight last Friday due to Tropical Typhoon in Darwin. Hmmmm` Retimed till next morning but we still have to step down coz situation's still the same. Anyhow everything was screwed up but haha it's all down to the stupid management to handle it.

Anyway, met a very uncouth and barbaric female passenger who happened to speak very very broken english and also happens to be the wife of an SQ Steward. Ha! Shame on you. lol` No class at all. Imagine her wife shouting ugly stuff inside the cabin where everyone else can hear and while cruising, other passengers actually discussed amongst themselves how embarrassing they were. Hahah, such ill-bred people, fancy calling yourself a steward ^^

Met my 2 secondary school teachers on the same flight up to Haikou too. Had a good chat with them and treated them to Chamomile Tea. And Mrs Pua was commenting that it wasn't all weird that i'm a cabin crew coz i smile alot.. Hmmmm`

Stayed home whole day to accompany my mum, did some housework and wash my clothes as well. Played games and slept in as well. =) Sweet` Finished watching The Nanny Diaries which i've downloaded too. My parents are going to Indonesia tomorrow. Boo` Gonna miss my mum damn bad.

Received some pics taken few flights ago: (With faridah, Zeanty & Hartini)

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Picture says a thousand words - New Year's Eve

Missing my love so much.. Just parted not long ago coz we watched AVP2 together.. But .. I'm missing him so so darn much. Argh` Boo` Missed the way he held my hand.. Missed the way he abruptly lifted me up in the middle of a crowded shopping centre and i almost screamed. Missed everything about him, his charm and his scent. =(

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Friday, January 04, 2008

So tired i can go straight to dreamland now..

But still i gotta blog abit before i go to bed.

Been working for the past 2 days.. And later i've got Darwin flight as well..

Couple of things i have to do within the next 2 weeks:

Thinking of going to Bangkok or not from 12th to 14th.. hmmm` Should i or should i not.. o.O

Alright need to go sleep already. ^^

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So tired i can go straight to dreamland now..

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Party was a blast!

Really enjoyed myself thoroughly these couple of days! ^^ Flight was good on 31st coz it's a short flight! hee` Rushed home, bathed and had dinner.. Dearest came and fetched me at around 10+ pm after his dinner with his extended family.

Supposed to go partying at Dbl O but it was much too crowded so we ended up at this pub call BEDS along Mohamed Sultan. Joined all of dear's friends there and had crazy fun with ailing and rach. Played dice, fist games, sang ktv and also as usual lotsa alcohol. 2 bottles of Henessy and also a few barrels of beer.

Countdown to New Year there as well. =) Went to dear's place to bunk in until morning when he sent me home at 7am. ^^ Very very happy coz it's the first new year we spent together.

Dan & me

Rach & me

Ronald & Rach. Supposed to be a lighted up halo on his head but the flash didn't do the deed at all..

On New Year's Day, i slept the whole morning off until around 1pm. Slacked for a while and dearest came and accompanied me to AMK Hub to buy a new phone!
Ended up they've got no stock for LG Viewty so i had to go down to ComCentre in Somerset to get the phone ^^ And i got it! haha`

Headed to Bugis after that to dear's shop to fetch his mum home. I helped to close the shop too. Went home after that for dinner and bought yam basket and pork ribs home as well.

The above shot (1st shot using new phone!) was taken at Punggol Nasi Lemak Coffeeshop just now. Had late dinner there with baby after my 3 sectors flight.. Looking uber tired lar.. And very sleepy now le. So yup Loving the 5 MP camera.. So cool`

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