Friday, February 29, 2008

Girls' night out.

Day off today. Stayed home with mum and went for a haircut too. =)

Met up with Jingyun at Orchard at around 5+pm.. Shopped for a while before we headed to Harbourfront to meet Sandy for dinner at 7pm. We dined at Sakae Sushi ^^ Didn't order any mains.. Just had some sushi and side dishes.

Ika Yakimono ^^

After which we wandered around Vivo yet finding no cafes for us to sit down and relax coz they were all gonna close =(( Oh well so we ended up at this bench and chatted with each other until 11+pm..

Sistas forever!

1st episode...

2nd one with Sandy retaliating..

Liang bai ju shang lol`

Really fun night to be hanging out with these 2 sistas! hehe` =)) Love came and fetched me home after that ^^ hehe`

Just finished packing. ^^ Leaving for the airport in 5 hours time! ^^

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

i can't wait 27 more hours to go!

Before i wake up and prepare to go to the airport and jet away to Phuket! =)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee Muahahha `

Yesterday i woke up at 2pm and slacked at home. Watched the apprentice and also jap drama. Painted my nails and then met up with love. We headed to PS for dinner. Dined in Cafe Cartel, been a long time since i last did that. Order ribs for love and crispy pork chops for me. But their ribs weren't that tender anymore. Prolly due to the special ribs promo and mass production.. hmmm`

Went and bought the Adult board game. Had a hard time choosing a board game we wanted.. But picked one in the end. Doesn't seem too exciting but we'll try sweetie hehe` Started packing my bag already. ^^ Gonna do dinner with my girlfriends later on. Boo can't wait! Don't know which small bag to bring to go to Phuket though =))

Played Theme Hospital just now when i was bored.. haha It's like such an old school game. But i like!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm really shagged now.. hmmmmmm`

Waiting for my mane to dry now. o.O Came back not long ago. Touched down at 3:30am. Operated a flight to Darwin last night. Sales was not bad at all. And we all worked hard.. An australian passenger asked me for my email contact onboard and he's like a year younger than me. o.O

4 straight days of long flight.. Hmmmm Kinda having not enuff sleep everyday. Gonna have to sleep alot later on and prolly go out with love on a date tonight =)) And also day out with the sistas on Thursday. 2 more days with sweetie to Phuket! MUAHAHA~ Work hard, play extremely hard too..

Suddenly having a mental block, don't know what to type anymore. Prolly im really too lack of sleep already. Alright im off!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my sore feet..

Think im getting varicose veins on the calves of my legs o.O Just touched down at 1am.. Worked continuously for 3 days already. Might not seem much but flying, the environment's so bad it's like extremely tiring.

Did Xiamen flight on Saturday and caught 2 PRC pax smoking onboard on the 2nd sector. One is a male the other a female. Don't need to explain how much i detest PRCs. And moreover, the lady was unrepentant at all. Which makes it all the more hateful. So i made the decision to call the police and they all agreed.
And so as usual i gave my statement to the police...Hmmm Met up for dinner with love at Thai Express in Heartland mall. =) Twas great but i still prefer Lerk Thai though.

2 days back was activated for Phuket/Saigon flight. Was alright but really mentally and physically tired after the flight yet i have to put up with so much crap when i reached home. In the end i slept it off and im fine again yesterday.

**EDIT// Love know that i dun wanna see anybody close to me when im really upset coz i tend to break down and cry. And so he texted me "baby i know you're feeling moody and dun wanna see me. hope this tub of ice cream will cheer you up even if it's a little and i'll be happy enough. muacks i'll go home now love ya" By the time i went out to collect the tub of ben & jerry's ice cream, he's gone.. o.O haha Really really sweet boyfriend i have.

Met up with Buddy Rashid at 12pm to go for lunch before 3 sectors flight. Office called and informed us we're to operate Haikou flight which is departing at 5.15pm coz there's a delay.. o.O So both of us had lunch, went back to office, chat over soya bean milk and pancakes in T3 before we reported for flight. ^^

The Haikou flight was not bad, African tech crew very bubbly, and Germaine, Faridah and buddy were fun to work with. Ate alot. And Buddy's wife even prepared burger for me haha` ^^ And so i just reached home not long ago waiting for my hair to dry o.O Shagged..

3 more days to Phuket!!!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

So sooo tired..

Feel like going clubbing to unwind.. The feeling of a ball inside my throat and unable to breath is back again. I feel so stressful.. I really need to let it go.. At this point i dun wanna meet people whom i'm close with. Just wanna let my hair down and get the freaking ball out of my throat.

Stress from heavy commitment i have to give to my family. Dissatisfaction from mundane yet heavy work load. Getting sick and tired. Just let me go.. please.. Hate it when typical cancerians ALWAYS shut people out when they're feeling moody. Damn it

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Life works in a crazeee way...

Don't you just agree with the above sentence?

Dearest is not mine anymore =( Just because of the last post which showed half of my bared body with the freaking fake tattoo i wanted to show so much. =( He thrown his temper on me and broke off with me.. =( We're separate individuals now =(

And the above is just non-fiction.. WAHAHAHHAA~ Well he thought i did cover myself with red fabric when i took tt pic.. But i was only trying on a bikini and the red half was my room's wall.. lol` And then we were discussing about taking nude pictures but must have them saved in a disc and delete every soft copy in cellfone and pc rofl`

Met up with love, rachel and ron for dinner in East Coast Lagoon.. Spent sometime catching up with each other. And dearest really cracked me up lar, even when driving and during dinner. Never fail to make me laugh real hard. Miss him so much now, even though we've parted not long ago. Just miss holding his hands.

5 more days of flying and one day out with my girlfriends and my love and i are jet setting off to Phuket! 4 days of 24-7 with him. Cuddles, spooning, holding hands walking down clear waters. Awwww i can't wait!!! ^^

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Airbrush tattoos and sumptuous dinner.

This the butterfly airbrush tattoo i did on my right shoulder..

And this is sandy's lizard on her left ankle. Very nice. Seems like those she always like to draw back in sec sch.
Cool huh.. Mine's starting to fade le wahhaha`

Listening to Blake Lewis' album now. Quite nice wor. ^^ Though he's not very well known.

Today's the last day of Chinese New Year. Had dinner with my family downstairs. Ordered half a roasted chicken, yam basket, sambal tapioca leaves, sheng mian and also fish head steamboat. ^^ After which i waited at home for a short while for dear to come and fetch me. Accompanied him to have dinner at AMK's S-11. Only met each other for a short while, but the feeling of warmth is overwhelming. =) And we just can't stop laughing when we're together. hee`

Discussed abit about our phuket trip. haha Dear said it's not worth it to pay for speedboat to other islands to do snorkelling.. Said he could bring his snorkelling stuff if i want to as well. rofl` Can't wait to go parasailing and sit on banana boat with dear dear.. hee` wheeeeeeee` Our 2nd mini honeymoon together. Technically 7 more days to go!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Horrid night yesterday.

Was a very long night yesterday. Operated the Shenzhen flight along with Anuar, Sue and Fitriah. Yes, all malay crew.. Apparently we were delayed in Singapore due to stupid Airshow. After which we were delayed for 2 hours in Shenzhen airport due to aircraft technical problem. And me being the only chinese was trying my very best to help communicate with the ground staff, engineer and also the tech crew.. =(

All 4 of us were quite bored while waiting so we took this shot in the forward galley. But after this shot, we were actually very very extremely worried. Well, it was a long flight and im glad to be back home safely. =( Actually cried when i got home, coz i was sooo scared i can't return home due to the technical failure. Won't say what it is but ya.. close friends u shld know.. Almost had to stay in Shenzhen too..

And it's only in times of crisis when u really think about who you really really missed.. =( Hoping that love will come and fetch me after flight at 6am coz i really do wanna hug him and feel alive again.. Oh well he has to work, so i cabbed home.


Met up with Sandy at 3pm in PS. We bought lotsa snacks and watched Jumper ^^ Do not try the mashed potatoes in Gv lol` Not nice o.O Anyhow, the movie is short but quite entertaining. really brought my mind off the bad traumatising situation last night. Afterwhich i bought a pair of shorts and we headed to Central at Clarke Quay. Did our airbrush tattoos. ^^ haha Well can't take a pic of mine coz it's on my right shoulder. =) Shopped for a while and had dinner at Waraku.
Tonkatsu Ramen
Omelette which is not sweet at all so ya.. nt nice
Shio Ramen
Sandy ^^
And me.. Looking quite lack of sleep. We've ordered the fried squid tentacles too but didn't take pic.. too busy eating le =X

Love came and fetched me. Walked around in AMK hub and then went back home. Glad to be able to hug him again.. Feels soooo good =(

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Monday, February 18, 2008

One more flight down =)

Muahaha` Today's Bangkok flight was not bad at all. But we had 2 hours in Bangkok coz we were delayed for an hour due to airport closure for airshow's rehearsal. o.O And so.. haha` All of us really enjoyed ourselves, sitting down and eating pies from BK and also Mango Sticky Rice and Phad Thai =)) wahahhaha`

Flight was full of turbulences and hitting air pockets Argh.. And at one point of time, i've even hit my right side of my body into the lavatory door =(

Bought Mango Sticky Rice and Phad Thai for love to try from BKK Airport. Cabbed down to Bugis after flight coz love's like famished already.. Passed him the food then headed home by bus. Stayed home and napped coz i've slept less than 3 hours last night. Glad that love liked the food ^^ haha i'll do anything to pamper him.

Just finished the novel - The Kite Runner. Very very powerful and haunting book. Love it totally.
Shall sleep as late as i can tonight coz operating night flight tomorrow. ^^ Prepared my resume and cover letter nicely already. Gonna send in to BA and CX =) haha Just try for fun and see how. Prolly i'll really get to see the world. ^^

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Melancholic life..

Another day of flying. Short flight though. But slept only 3.5 hrs coz a normal person wouldn't sleep at 7pm just to have enough rest for the morning flight o.O flight was smooth and it was fun working with Nigel at the back.

Hmm i think a minority of the TR passengers are really classic. Coz only budget airline gets this shit coz country bumpkins are able to afford the tickets. And especially so for us coz we fly to alot of China stations. Anyhow.. Sometimes u just have to laugh at the passengers for being such ridicule..

I've got a pax today who told me during boarding that she's very irritated with the pax behind coz when he wanted to get out of his seat, he used his arm to use the back of the seat as support.. -.- Please lor, who doesn't do tt.. If you wanna get so snappy, go take SQ since they definitely have bigger legroom and u prolly dun have to use the back of the seat as support..
WEIRD people..

And Nigel told me this Vietnamese lady actually pee right beside the door behind while cruising.. OMG.. Doesn't she realise that if people can see her, tt prolly isn't the restroom? Seriously we have really really dumb pax onboard.. Sometimes they're just sooo difficult to fathom.

Thanks to love for taking me to work this morning! Same timing tomorrow reporting 5:30am.. o.O wahahha` After that is early dinner with dearest Winnie. Been eons since i've last met her. hehe` ^^

Payment's thru for the hotel. Can't wait to go! 2 more weeks muahahah`

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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Super damn excited. After 2 whole days of hard work, i've finally been able to put my booking thru and just put my payment down too.. hehe` WAHAHHAA~ Been sitting in front of laptop and surfed net.. Using the Phuket map to find resorts/hotels that are near the beach and shopping district and affordable too.

Most of the hotels were all fully booked and prices too steep too coz it's the high season now. I'm so excited. 3 nights escapade to Phuket with baby =) Our 2nd overseas trip together haha` Can't wait for 29th Feb to come!

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How was your valentine's day?

Got somemore shots we took in Boiler's Room the other night. ^^

Rachel & me

haha the crazy things that girls do..

dan and me.. haha so subtle and sweet

Me, Violin and Rachel

usual practice to do when get-together muahahah`


Operated a 4 sectors flight on valentine's day. Came back at around 5pm and went back home to shower, change and packed my bag. Dearest came over to my place's coffeeshop and we had dinner there with Chris. Headed down to our chalet down at Elias Road.. ^^ haha Packed along few cans of beer, Absolute Pear, some snacks as well.

Dearest gave me a stalk of rose which he has wrapped himself.. Coz i told him a bouquet every special occasion would be boring and unnecessary already.. haha

Reached there only around 9pm i think and made ourselves feel at home. Went into the bedroom to enjoy the aircon.. And spotted this o.O

It's like.. OMG~~~ lol Told me he used more than 2 dozens of roses to do this.. lol` My love's such a romantic freak and i totally adore him!!!!!!!! Now tell me, which singapore chinese boy will do this.. haha` And happy valentine's day! He gave me a small bear as well holding a stalk of...... BINGO red rose ^^

haha` I'm the happiest girl. And so we spent 2 nights there.. On the next day, we headed down to White Sands early to have breakfast and also to buy some ingredients for steamboat and snacks too. I brought along a small hotpot and we totally enjoyed ourselves. Had steamboat for lunch which consists of Tang hoon and then udon for dinner. lol` Shiok! Used shark's fins soup as the base for the soup hehe`

I'm not gonna like valentine's day anymore. Coz it's so bloody commercialised. It has to make my dearest stay up until 3am the night before to help his mum wrap flowers.. WTF.. Poor thing.. Hmmmm`

Checked out around 10am today and had brunch at White Sands before heading home to rest ^^
Great v day! And first one i've spent with love as well.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


WOW I just went and checked. I'm soooooooo extremely excited! hehe` My leave for first 3 days of March is approved! YAY~ I wanna go Chiangmai with love. Private pool, outdoor jacuzzi, spa and massage. whooooooo hoooooooo!! hehe` Next step is to check load for flight on those days. And all's set!

Hope nothing goes wrong *cross fingers.

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Pleased with myself ^^

Oooooh first thing i got home a while ago at 5am was to find a red seude massage chair sitting right there in the living room ^^ Woot!!! hehe` Now even i can enjoy after work and on my days off. Chris and i shared money to buy it just few days back.. And for my mum as well..

And so, it's another amount of money to pay besides allowance for my mum, part of home bills, minimal credit card bills, and also tuition fee loan every month o.O haha` Oh well, as long as everyone's happy.. ^^ Both flights 2 days back and yesterday were great. Worked with Suriani, Lileng and Liyana last night and it was awesome even though wind was strong and it was a relatively bumpy ride thru'out.

Celebrated Lileng's birthday with a lovely swiss roll cake and made her a card too. haha` And i got complimented by Suriani (who's also a team leader) that i still look fresh even after 12 hours of flight whereas they all look tired. Wheeeeee` she even went on to say that everyone's commenting on my grooming these days haha =) I'm glad i've really improved alot, as compared to when i first started out.. o.O

2 shots from the Waraku dinner.. Too famished so i've only quickly taken mine and they looked a mess but i couldn't care less...

4 small beef fillets for around 9 bucks i think? But not bad.. Caution: Eat fast else beef will overcook!

Miso ramen Not halal (^@^v) Extremely nice stock. Apparently they have the same ingredients for ramen but like 6 diff stocks? o.O Cheap and huge serving too..

Needa go crashed into bed soon..

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last day of Annual Leave

Yesterday i went out Dan in the late afternoon. We headed to Orchard Lido to catch CJ7. Really laughed alot but i got dumb and teared when the daddy died -.- haha`

Wondered where to have dinner. We finally ended up at Waraku Restaurant in Starhub Centre for dinner. First time we both tried it and it totally rawkz! But the service there is really quite sloppy and lousy. Food was awesome coz their stock for the ramen/soba/udon were terrific. Dearest had Niku Udon and i had Miso Ramen. Also ordered the Saba Shio and also grilled beef fillet on small stove.. Not bad at all.. We'll definitely go back there for their noodles.

And as for today, i went out with my family to Suntec. Shopped in Carrefour and had dinner in Imperial Treasure, similar to Crystal Jade. Ordered alot of dishes, fried rice and also ramen.

Am going back to work tomorrow. Afterwhich is 2 nights of chalet on vday and also Chiangmai Trip come end of feb with love ^^

Feeling rather bored now.. o.O Hmmmmm

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Show u something... =)

I've got a distinct jawline!!!!! MUAHAHAHA~ =X oops Sorry i can't help it lol

And so.. Last night love came and fetched me to Vivocity. We then walked over to St James and met up with Rachel and Ronald first. As usual we went into Boiler's Room and ordered one for one Vodka this time. Apparently 4 of us first started drinking and Ming Xiang, Guohua and Ricky came shortly. Then Ailing came at around one am..

It's been months since i last went to club. And really felt super queasy coz drank too fast as i just kept on 'downing' the glass with rachel and also when playing fist and dice games. Only finished one bottle but i think most of it were drank by Rachel and me. And got too tired of dancing by 1+am thus decided to go back.. o.O I'm old already lol` What happened to partying all night? haha

Love and me

Argh.. a huge pimple.. lol

Saw some of my colleagues there as well.. Went back to bunk in with dear after that and he told me i really have alcohol breath. hmmmm What to do.. Rachel was quite gone too and feeling abit emo o.O Scary hehe never seen her like tt before.. lol` The girls really get crazy even if there're only 2 of us.. Awaiting the rest of the pics!

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Long day i've had, but it's all worthwhile.. ^^

3:33 now, but i don't feel like sleeping as yet.

Eve of CNY

i operated Haikou flight and it was really great! Going up was full and coming back only 36 passengers in total. Cabbed home straight after i touched down at 8pm. Reached home before 9pm and had steamboat for reunion dinner with my dearest family. Really appreciate them for waiting. Ray's girl girl (gf) came over too.. And this year, Ray prepared Buddha Jump Over the Wall. Whoa it's super shiok!!! Imagine you can really taste the whole rings of shark's fins and also alot of huge slices of abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber and scallop. wahhahaha`

But love's even better.. His whole family went to Tung Lok restaurant in Chijmes for dinner.. o.O And as a social gambler, he went to his friend's place for a bachelors' gathering/gambling session.

After dinner i watched tv with my family and dozed off in bed after that, throwing the decision of movies or river hongbao/chinatown to my brothers.. We finally made up our minds to go to Chinatown inside the cab itself. Bought quite abit too and cabbed home at 3am.. Reached home Chris and i carried on watching the Jay Chou concert we've bought in Chinatown.

CNY day 1

Our family doesn't go visiting hehe` Coz we're not close with and don't wanna be close with our relatives -.- haha` (My dad's side only haha coz i kinda like my mum's side, but they're in indonesia anyway)

Stayed home and slacked, played games, watched tv and the Vic Zhou's Sweet Relationship series. Had steamboat for lunch again. hehe` Left over from last night. Love then came over to bai nian. And we headed to his place where all of his relatives gather in the evening.

Erm.. truthfully had cold feet coz there were at least 30 or 40? ppl over at his place??? o.O But after warming up it was fine. Coz i know it really means alot to him. And i'm played i did it well ^^ And love played blackjack with them, won around 500+ at first but in the end only won a hundred plus coz he was banker half the time hehe`

Dinner was super sumptuous too, whipped up by love's mum. Really admire her for having to prepare amazing food for so many people. ^^ Chilled out at his place until 8+ before we headed down to Raffles City to meet Rachel and Ronald. Walked to River Hongbao together and managed to catch the fireworks display. Played some Uncle Ringo games and went back to Raffles City to get the car and headed to Zhikai's house in Telok Blangah..

Played blackjack and this time i played too. Winning 10 bucks in the end hehe` Only went back home at 2+am just now..

And.. haha dan looks really good in the Topshop jeans and also white Kappa tee wahhaha plus the nike dunks i've gotten for him.. ^^

Great CNY so far.. I wanna lao yu sheng with dear dear again =X ahha along East Coast lol` So uber sweet of him. Glad i've enjoyed my CNY so far. And also that i really think our new yr goodies can last us a couple of mths.. o.O Gonna go sleep soon.. dear dear wanna go out with me later!! hehe`

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1 more day to CNY!

Wheeeeeeee` I've got a new year resolution now. =) That is to go on more holidays and enjoy more sightseeing ^^ Really wanna go to Krabi and Chiangmai before tiger closes these 2 destinations. ^^ hehe`

Was so shagged today after morning bangkok flight. Bought Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice from their airport home for mum and me to share. Crashed into bed shortly after that until 5+pm before i wake up to do some more shopping for groceries at the market and also some household chores. Gave mum and dad somemore money as well. =) Feeling quite accomplished coz this year i contributed alot to CNY's preparations.

This year's goodies are from all over o.O Chris bought from Bangkok, Ray from Malaysia and i bought quite a bit from Macau and Haikou.. haha` Of course mum totally enjoys, doesn't need to worry at all.

Tomorrow i'll be doing Haikou flight coming back only around 8+pm.. And mum says she wants to wait for me to come back for reunion dinner. Quite touched. hee` ^^

No need for visiting of relatives this year. Just love to rest and relax at home and enjoy the precious time with my family ^^

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

A little bit more than happy? =)

Yesterday's 4 sectors flight was great. =) Sales were good too coz of Isabelle. hehe` And was teased thru'out the flight by my colleagues coz they kept asking me about dan and me. And well.. they claimed i was grinning from ear to ear while relating it to them.. o.O Hmph.

After the flight, Isabelle's husband fetched me back home. haha So sweet of them. ^^
Supposed to have dinner with dearest but i made him stay home coz he was much too tired.. In the end he slept at 9pm. hehe` As for me, i was planning to go with Chris to NTUC coz they extended hours to 12 or 2am i can't recall.. Until about 10+pm, I was sooo sleepy already but Chris had to book tickets and i drifted off to sleep.. haha`

Wheeeeeeeeeeee` Can't wait can't wait.. Chris is going with mum to Indonesia in August. And i'll be going with Chris and his friends to Siem Reap (Cambodia) in End sep! I'm the one who chose the destination this time. So excited about it coz i've been wanting to go to Cambodia visit the great Angkor Wat ^^ hehe` Muahahhaha` And also planning on an escapade with love as well these few months. ^^ I'm so so soooo glad hehe`

Today's my day off.. Gonna get ample rest at home. Kenji sent me the shots we took in Bangkok the other time.. Here goes:

Kenji & me


Crew for 102. Simon, Ishak Kenji and me

Ishak's killer stare.. o.O

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lack of beauty sleep.

Operated morning bangkok flight today. Once again thanks to love for fetching me to work in the wee hours of the morning 2 days consecutive.. Must be hard on you, waking up at 4am.. o.O As for me im used to it hehe`

Another morning flight tomorrow. And 4 sectors somemore.. o.O Almost like dragging myself to work lately... =( Oh well... Sick of flying.

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