Saturday, March 29, 2008


Still feeling rather tired.. Been working hard for the past few days and tried my best to push sales too. Especially last night's flight where the Perth passengers cleared out all of our alcohol left for a few cans of beer. o.O Attended to call bells which were non-stop. Really really shagged.

Touched down around 3am. And had breakfast at Hans with Marine and Valerie after that. Slacked there and chatted with Marine's friend as well as Amelia Goh. Went off in Derrick's car and only reached home around 5+am.. And finally turned in at 7am. Only slept for 4 hours before i woke up again..

Oh well.. Collected even more OZ coins again haha` I've got more than 50 OZ coins now already. lol` Still feeling lethargic now.. And i've got 4 sectors tml again and then 2 days off after. Mind's totally blank except just doing things blindly..

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


And once again.. i hate guys who randomly add me on facebook. My facebook's only for people who really know me personally -.- Shoo! All u hideous and desperate guys!

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Feeling contented..

Had a hearty dinner today ^^ Spent the whole day at home, watched hk series and played viwawa. Lunch with chris at the temporary hawker centre and then dinner with the whole family downstairs. Ordered Soon hock fish, drunken chicken, braised meat, kangkong and also salted veg and tofu soup. Had fried chicken wings too. Yum yum`

And last night after my interview. I headed home for KFC dinner. ^^ hehe` Wheeeeeeee` My family's so pig. Imagined we had like 10 packets of Lay's/Ruffles chips!!! Cuz we exchanged 10 coupons for 5 sets of KFC drumsticks meal. Faint`

I miss dearest so much. Well prolly we'll get to meet a couple of days later ^^

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BA Interview

Continuing on Sandy's post.. Yea the crew of BA present is really a nice bunch. Very sweet and really friendly. ^^

Chatted with a couple of the interviewees as well. And well i didn't excel on the translation part. And got stressed up cuz of this interviewee who's so good and fast on tt translation part.. o.O haha` Hope i did stand a chance to get into 2nd round anyway. Well at least my interviewer said "You did fine" But she prolly said tt to 1256 individuals before me as well. o.O

And yup.. i'll wait for tt call.. But please make it work! hee` =) So yup Am gonna go ahead with getting tickets to Perth for the girls.. ^^ muahahahhahaa Can't wait.

Sleep tight baby. I know you're really tired and you gonna have a long day later on. Sweetest dreams and take good care. Mostly imptly drive safe, even though i know u always do =)

**Footnote: Why does everyone wants to buy LV? o.O Sick of hearing ppl say they like Speedy bags dots. Angry cuz i can't afford it.. lol Would rather spend the money on a getaway trip and enjoy myself.. Cuz personally i feel it's something which has to suit ur status. If you're just earning small bucks. Don't bother. lol`

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Day off today!

Finally, after like 5 straight days of work. hmmmmmm` Still i want the moolah` hehe` But it was all extremely fun flights!

On Saturday night, i went out with the girls - Sandy and Jingyun in the evening for dinner at Anatolia, the Turkish Restaurant in Far East. Sandy had a craving for it so we headed down to eat. I tried their beef donor set this time but i still prefer the chicken one. ^^

Went shopping after tt and i managed to buy a shirt as well as a satin pants. Muahaha` Am gonna wear the satin pants plus brown spag strap and white jacket later on for the BA interview later on. Sandy went for it this morning and i hope we'll both be fine hehe`

As for yesterday, i missed my family's gathering to celebrate my grandma's birthday over at my aunt's place. Oh well. o.O Dearest went and played mahjong until 2+am and actually woke up early in the morning at 8+am to buy Macdonald's hotcakes for me ^^ Reached my place and slacked for a while when i was preparing to go to work.

So sweet of him. He then took me to work and fetched me too. We headed to Swee Choon Dim Sum for late dinner. ^^ Missed it so much.. But average lar. hehe` Went to dear's place after tt before he sent me home after 12..

Shots frm sandy's camera taken 2 wks back:

Eating sashimi in Taka's basement before dinner..


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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just woke up nt long ago o.O

Last night i did Darwin flight. And it was awesome cuz the set of crew rawKs. Tech crew happened to be Uncle George and Oliver again. And cic Rena, rest of them Rina and Aslan. As promised the night before, Uncle George really bought fried rice paradise for us. haha` It's actually salted fish fried rice. And he bought fried noodles too and loads of wings from Jumbo Restaurant. He went all the way there. So nice of him.

Passengers were all good and lovely. And gave loads of tips as well. Eventually when i was feeling sleepy. I sat in the aft galley and chatted with them about ghost stories. Haha` Took Uncle Robert's transport home in the end along with all my colleagues.

Gonna meet the gurls tonight for Turkish food cuz Sandy's so craving for it. Haha` And she managed to make me agreed to meeting her and jy for it later ^^

I've collected some Aussie coins on last night's flight. Yay can use it in may =))

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Work hard!

Just got back not long ago from triangle flight. o.O Tired. hehe But happy cuz sales is good today! ^^ Thanks to Uncle George for giving me a lift ('Uncle' is only meant for fun cuz he's really nice Singaporean Chinese captain) as he's staying near my place.

Today's flight was not bad. Passengers quite good too. I wanna work hard and earn more so i can relax and enjoy the trip to Perth with my girlfriends! And of course to shop like mad in Perth! =))

Miss my love so much, feels like cuddling him.. miss spooning.. Boo`

Crew for Darwin later on raWks too =) So yup, gonna have a helluva time baby! Good to have a goal when working like for example holidays or something so i can look forward to flying.. Hmmm`

Gonna have my beauty sleep soon muahahhaha`

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2am in the morning..

Not in bed now cuz my flight's only until 5pm and it's a short bkk flight. So yup, no prob at all!

Lately i've been having flashbacks of when i just got to know love. Of when it's back to our first chalet and we're not together yet. And it's been super frequent especially when im seated down for our take offs and landings. (Yea i know i shld be thinking about the brace and evacuation commands -.-)

Oh well can't help it. Anyway, i love to watch old classic hong kong movies! hehe` Just finished watching one of lin zhen ying's classics on cable, so tt explains why im up late.. Blogging now cuz later on starhub will be having their upgrading works (????) from 9am to 6pm.. My god. Imagine no internet and cable when im at home.. o.O

Will feel so detached.. Dearest besties, my leave for 29th apr to 6th may is approved!!!!!!!! YAY~ MUAHAHAHA Well i'll prolly wait till 1st April or something to go book the Perth tickets. Or erm.. wanna book now also can hee` wheeeeeeee can't wait! First time i'm going to aussie yay! Btw we need to go apply for visa too.. ^^ My 2nd trip for the year. hehe` Hope i'll have one more after perth and before Siem Reap in September =)

Love must be like soooo deep in sleep now. Was playing Big 2 on viwawa with him just now. Great great fun. ^^

Dear's schnauzer

Few shots frm my phone taken on the day of jy's bday celebration

me and yx..

The side dishes..

The beef, pork and chicken..

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feels great to be in love

JY's 22nd Birthday Celebration - 2008

Finally got the whole load of big assed shots from Sandy. Thanks to her for resizing it... heheh` ^^

And so here goes the shots we took with the last get together of the fishes gang to celebrate Jingyun's 22nd birthday. And Yixian, Sandy and i bought this double brownie cheesecake from Swissbake. ^^

LOL JY looks soo adorable in these shots. No wonder we both used to be 'together' back in sec sch o.O

Sandy busy cutting the cake but yx and i posing ^^

Me feeding her the brownie ^^

Sitting on the other side of the table is the birthday girl and Jo, the planner

Staring at the last slice of cake and insisting on us giving it to the waiter who spilled water on the other side .. Muahahha` And his colleague said "Wah see mei nu then become like tt?"

JY pinched at it even though she's super full cuz she didn't want us to embarrass her by giving it to the waiter and telling him tt the bday gurl told us to do so..

Took this using the mirror w/o me!!
Love this shot, all thanks to sandy

Tiffany & co? Nah we like Cartier more actually ^^
BEWARE: More Visual Contents ahead..

Adore this pic!!!

Love my girlfriends.

There're like a whole lot of candid pics too.. Uploading all of them to facebook ^^


Last night i went over to baby's place for dinner and totally adore each other's company. Only headed down to Mustafa around 11pm and shopped till 12+ Just cuz dearest kept refusing to leave and kept wanting to hug me.. hehe =X (Actually i do too ^^).. Bought my favourite TWIX chocs and alot of other snacks.. Plus i've kept in view those cabin bags i might wanna get for work.

And this whole day, i stayed home to watch series, played big 2 on viwawa and also watched tv. Love to relax myself at home and spend some me-time ^^ hehe

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Monday, March 17, 2008

My love

Just called to say 'Goodnight' to me! And he's such a sweetheart. Am on standby today and off tml. And my love actually counted my hours for me. =) haha` He's really sooooo tie xin (dunno what's the word in english).

Came back from Chennai flight not long ago. And proud of myself to be able to withstand my tired and aching body and able to spend close to 2 hours travelling via train and bus home.

Missing my love like crazy.. So feel like cuddling up with him now and enjoy each other's company. Last night he picked me up at 6pm and we had dinner at T1's Popeye's before he sent me off for my flight. Really really really missed him badly and still do now. =(

Told Karmen my love story and she can't help exclaiming that my dearest is such an extinct man. Ahhhhh im a lucky gurl ^^

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

my sore feet..

Half a day's gone. Touched down yesterday at 12 midnight from 2 sectors. Flight was alright, but with extremely tiring fnb service cuz it seemed like never ending.. o.O

Thanks to love for staying up late just to fetch me from work last night (or technically this morning). Was really shagged, and he managed to make me break a smile on my face when i see him. hehe` =)

Now im missing him alot already.. Slept at 3am, woke up at 11am. Gonna go catch a couple hours of nap again later so i'll be well awake for tonight's Chennai flight. Faint`

And i wanna start another new novel! Finished reading P.S I Love You. Sweet ^^

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Haven't been blogging for the past couple of days. Which is quite unlike me hehe` ^^

Pictures not up yet cuz haven't gotten all of them.. o.O Been flying except yesterday. And had mac at lavender with love after flight on wednesday =) hehe Too bad the super nice pig's organs soup stall had closed for the day.

Yesterday i met up with Yixian in the afternoon in town for shopping. We both bought the same hooded top but in different colors from Zara. Tried to shop for JY's present but in the end bought super ex chocolates for her.. o.O Lovely dark chocolates they are.. Yummy`

Went to heeren to shop, and then to far east. Bought a white short sleeved jacket top for myself which looks really good. Planning to wear it to the BA interview wahahhaa` After which we met up with Sandy at the train station and headed to Taka for dinner with JY and Jo. Dined in Crystal JAde's Korean BBQ restaurant. Not bad at all! hehe` Cost about 30 bucks per person (total 5 of us and we shared the 4 people set dinner). Will definitely go back and try again.

Sprung JY with a birthday surprise haha` Yixian, sandy and i reserved a Double brownie cheesecake at Swissbake. And Yx and i only collected the cake half way thru the dinner when we excused ourselves to go to the ladies. Gave it to the waitress and told her to keep it in the fridge until the end of the dinner. Then they brought it out after they've served the fruits and we sang the song for her! She was super elated and surprised! hee`

Chatted and took lotsa pics after dinner. And dearest came and fetched me home after that.

And for today, i was activated for a 2 sectors flight. Love came and picked me up after my flight and we had dinner in Changi Village. Really love the time spent with him even though it's so short. Never fails to make me laugh so hard and thoroughly enjoy myself whenever im with him. Totally infatuated with him!

Gonna work hard and earn lotsa money before i go to Perth with my girls! Wheeeeeeeeee`

Taken in Calrton Hotel. Me & Amelia Goh

Thanawan & me

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Monday, March 10, 2008

TR gathering..

Look at how shiok my dogs are.. Sleeping next to Chris.. o.O

Really had a great time these 2 days! hehe Been out the whole day for these couple of days. Really quite tired but very happy ^^ Yesterday love came and fetched me and we went to my colleague's wedding lunch, typical malay wedding =))

Stayed there for a only a short while cuz it was an extremely hot day. Met alot of my colleagues and we really did enjoyed ourselves. Dearest and i then excused ourselves and headed to somewhere air conditioned o.O Had dim sum at Marina Square's food court and we went shopping for formal clothes but to no avail.

Ended up we bought tickets for 10,000 BC and went to catch masak masak while waiting for 6:40pm for the shop to start. And spent 7.50 catching a super furry and considered big Winnie the Pooh bear! Wheeeee` Wahhaa` He's da man!

Show was boring at the start, even had a couple of microsleep.. o.O hehe` Got exciting towards the middle when the tiger came in and the battle started.. hehe` But i feel it was quite dumb when the lady revived in the end -.- And of course during the movie, i made love laughed so much until we both can't stop laughing.. Hmmmm` When last part after the battle they all shouted "AbugaJAJA!" And i shouted along with them.. lol` Oh well..

Had dinner at The Asian Kitchen after that. Love had tom yum glass noodles soup and i had beef stew.. Wow.. Love the stock of tt beef stew.. Tastes like Minestrone though. hee`


As for today, i took a day of mc to go for Cathay's interview. Went to trim my eyebrows first at Wisma before i headed down to Carlton Hotel to meet with my colleagues. Total of about 8 Tiger Crew in our time slot which was 2.30PM lol` Seems like a TR gathering.. o.O And few other colleagues at other time slots too hehe` It was fine, started off with career talk, and then arm reach test (which i gladly passed!) and also group activity. And we're all sent back to wait for their reply within 2 wks time. ^^ Said they'll only make their decision after they've seen everybody.

Chatted with my colleagues for quite a while at the lobby after tt. And ate donuts at Raffles City's Gloria Jeans cafe with juvelyn, amelia and steph before i headed down to Bugis to wait for love to knock off. Bought a cake from Canelle for him too.

Drove to East Coast's Waraku for dinner. Our 1st Year Anniversary together ^^ Tried the cake i bought for him and it was superb!!! Omg worth the 7 bucks per slice of cake hehe` Ordered the following food in Waraku..

Hokkaido Seafood Miso Ramen! Garnished lavishly with a whole crab, big scallops, salmon and Salmon Roe

Tonkotsu Ramen

Looks like Okonomoyaki. But it's actually only pork omelette on top of alot of cabbage ^^

Gesu karaage and baby octopus

Green Tea ice cream with mochi and azuki. ^^

After dinner we followed up with a stroll along the beach. =) Perfect way to end the night, with the best company. Still feels like we're in the honeymoon period now. Every time we meet it'll be filled with endless laughter. Even the drive will not ever be so bored as well.. hehe`We're still so crazeeee about each other now... except most of the time the scenario is normally both of us driving each other crazy. hee`

Anyway, Happy first Anniversary! Love you baby ^^

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Twas crazeeeeee last night...

And soooo, after dearest knocked off, he went to his aunt's place and helped her carry stuff. After which he insisted on bring me out.. o.O Came over to my place and chill out for a while before we went out at around 10+pm..

2 of us went to Dbl O. Shared a jug and played some fist games before we went to dance for quite a while ^^ hehe Met up with my godbrother/childhood friend Chris Ng. Such a coincidence. Dear was too overwhelmed with seeing us screamed and hugged each other. Cuz we haven't met up in a long time and we grew up together so we kinda have a bond haha. ^^ And dearest thought he's a gay! OMG rofl

Dance until we're both tired and went back dear's place to rest for a while. He told me he 'thinks' that alot of guys were ogling at me when i was dancing. So i asked him "why do u think so?". And he said cuz he was also ogling at me.. -.- Oh well. I only dance with u baby, cuz i only have you.

I'll be going for cathay pacific's interview tml.. Hope my name's still on the list... *cross fingers.. Going for my colleague's wedding lunch later on.. Still wondering what to wear.. Boo

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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Spent the whole day at home and sitting in front of my laptop, quite bored and quite lonely.. Watched latest episodes of Project Runway, Apprentice, ANTM and also other taiwan and hk series. Read few chapters of P.S I love you too.. Bored!!!!!!!! =(

At least yixian came over today and visited me for an hour. Missed her sooooooooo...

Weekend off but so what. Spent last night home as well. Oh well.. Nothing's exciting anymore..

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Extremely happy

So many things happened in a day. Feel soooo extremely excited about everything. hehe`

Firstly, i was quite sad when i went for flight and heard from 2 of my colleagues that they've received email from Cathay (CX) asking them to go for interview on monday. But not me! Kinda harping on it. Either i've not been selected or that im dumb enuff to delete off their email. Goodness. But guess what? A while ago, i realised the email addy in my resume is my Gmail.. o.O Went and check and there it is!!!! Quickly replied to it. Hope i can still make it, which i really highly doubt so.. hmmmm` hehe`


Dearest came over and sent me my resume he kindly helped me to print out. ^^ And he brought along Red Wine Chicken plus mee sua which his mum cooked ^^ hehe` Wheeeeeeeeee` Super nice! Chatted for a while before he went back home to rest. Sweet baby i have!


And lastly and most imptly, my girls and i are going on a Perth trip in end April. It's gonna stretch for a whole week. And we're gonna be lodged in Yenching's place! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Can't wait babes! hehe` This is making me sooooooo crazy hehehe`

Oh well... Gonna go watch The apprentice latest episode before i turn in ^^

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

12 midnight and im still not sleeping yet..

Supposed to wake up at 4am.. But don't know if im gonna go sleep hmmmm` o.O

Didn't so much shopping in Phuket. Bought a fake Balanciaga bag, a satin dress, MAC eyeshadow and some of the items below.. And also some food for my family plus ALOT of SUPER NICE cup noodles hee`.

Check out these chocolates. They don't even have them in sg.. Except for those peanut butter cups hehe` They even have hershey's brownies and reese and york's cookies. Yum yum Only wanted to get 2 packs. But dearest was like "Take one of each!" and he proceeded to throw the rest inside the basket o.O haha he pampers me too much`

Love and i bought a pair of muay thai shorts each. Gonna practise thaiboxing over in his room someday soon. MUAHAHA~ Let u taste my fist =X

Bought lotsa ele pouches for my dearies. Not like those traditional elephant coin pouches cuz these are really cute!!! hee` And big enuff to put sanitary napkins. ^^

And this gums too. Real good.. Contains lime juice inside and they're berry flavoured. Yumyum!

Really dun feel like sleeping. Since it's a short flight tml.. Prolly just slack thru it hehe`

4 more days to our 1st month anniversary sweetie! =)) Just want a simple dinner and prolly a date if we have sometime to spare. hehe`

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