Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Perth vacation with the girlfriends - 30th Apr to 7th May

Check out my rainlender! And Sandy's one! Hers is full of planes and hammers but mine's full of islands and palm trees hehe` Well mine's mostly planes thru'out cuz of my roster.. o.O And dates in green are my recurrent course annually. Those in blue are working and yellow day offs. So fast im almost 2 yrs old in Tiger o.O

Meeting the girls Sandy & Jingyun at the airport later on at 2+pm. Departure at 3:50 PM. ^^ Can't wait to meet Yenching on the other side! hehe` No daylight saving so perth's the same timing as SG.

Yesterday i went shopping with the girls and also Ben & Jerry's free cone day! Whooopee! Our tradition every year. hehe` Dan came and fetched me to AMK hub in the night. Played in the arcade and really enjoyed ourselves! This poor silly boy, kept finding excuses to meet me last night.

Sweetheart i love u tonnes! ^^

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family day!

Sunday today and i didn't get called up! ^^ hee` Wheeeeeeeeee` Went for brunch with my whole family and also grandma. Kind of an early celebration for mothers' day. And so we had dim sum buffet at Excelsior Hotel. After which my parents and grandma headed to Chinatown to shop and Chris and i went to Raffles City.

Bought a Victoria's Secret Body Splash and also a red clutch wallet. ^^ Had ice cream at Ben & Jerry's and stopped by Chris' subordinates' road show before we went back home.

Love then came over to my place. Brought over a leather computer chair he wanted to give me and also red luggage for me to use ^^ Love him tonnes! hehe` Chatted for quite a while and also played viwawa together. Simply love to laugh so hard with him around cuz he loves me to tease me too and look at my funny reactions -.-

He massaged the bruise on my left elbow (caused by turbulence ytd) and also my my left thigh cuz it's quite painful. Really sweet lover i have. =)

Gonna have to turn in very soon. Feeling really sleepy already.

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Feeling quite tired..

Saturday night but im a good girl cuz im at home. Today's guangzhou flight was fine. Touched down and love was at home cuz he was washing the air con filters and mowing the lawn haha` So he did his stuff halfway and came and fetched me home. Went over to Mac's Drive-thru and takeaway food before i reach home.

Showered and watched the last episode of Jin Shi Liang Yuan before i really can't take it and hit the sack at 7pm just now. Woke up halfway thru cuz of the endless 'pinging' sound of people pm-ing me on MSN. o.O haha` And Auntie Helen calling me to tell me she has bought the pot for me to bring over to Perth for Yenching's mum.

Chatted over MSN with Rachel and also mass convo with Sandy, Yenching and Jingyun. Discussed about the various day trips ^^ Can't wait to visit those winery, chocolate factory and also the treetop walk! Muahahhaha` =) Wheeeeeeeeee`

Rachel wanted to get me out to watch a movie with the rest of the clique. And love went in the end too. I didn't wanna go cuz jackie's movies are not my cup of tea. haha Told dan to go enjoy himself. And i don't really prefer to go watch movie with so many people. So yup, i'm at home now in front of lappy and spending my time away.

Feeling rather tired now. But feel like waiting up for love to finish watching the movie ^^

3 days away to leaving for Perth! ^^ Shall pack like tomorrow or something wahahha` =)

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Friday, April 25, 2008

5 more days to Aussie!

Had past 2 days and today off as well. ^^ Did nothing much on Wednesday. Helped Sandy collect the bags she bought from ClosetBags cuz i stay very near this lady. Then passed them to her in the evening cuz she came over to YCK.

And yesterday, i went over to town earlier before 2pm to trim my eyebrows and walk around. Met up with Winnie after that and we did shopping and she ended up spending more money than me. Muahahah` I've bought 2 knickers from Topshop and also a purple cardigan. hehe` Didn't managed to get any trench coats cuz they were sooooo expensive. hehe`

Headed to AMK where dearest came and fetched both of us to dinner at Serangoon Gardens. Love the chicken rice there. We ordered kangkong and also salad you tiao. ^^ haha It's been a long time since the 3 of us had dinner together. =) We then headed down to Mustafa to shop for a while and i went over to love's place to bunk overnight. =))

Only went home this morning and stayed home whole day. Watched HK series - jin shi liang yuan until i teared like mad. Awaiting patiently for the last episode.. o.O Watched the UK Apprentice as well which was super exciting. And also ANTM's latest episode.

Now im bored cuz i've got nothing to watch anymore.. =(

** Helped Yixian got rid of a quite irritating burden off her mind. Muahahha` Even though the outcome might not be good, but what's most important is that she did it and she feels good! It's really damn cool to do something silly and crazy once in a while haha`

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Click here for LOADS of laughter --> LACOSTER

Going for India flight soon.. Gonna miss dearest so much. He's coming to take me to work later on. ^^ Wanna go get some snacks for him later on so he can munch on them when he watches stuff from my hard disk drive in the night. wahhahaha`

8 more days to Perth! Very excited about it, even though i know i'll miss love like crazy..

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I'm a happy girl!

Just got off the phone not long ago with sweetheart. And it's all butterflies in my stomach and heart beat so fast. And i just can't stop smiling. ^^ I'm like a little girl in love haha` Oh well, my macho man's changing gear (cuz he's driving) and talking at the same time so i gotta hang up the phone.

And i received a text from him. Lyrics from a cute song. hehe` Boo always making me laugh ^^

Love love love him so much!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh women's love for shopping ^^

Gonna meet a buyer soon to get a pearl white coloured bag i ordered online hehe` ^^

I don't prefer LV or Gucci.. Cuz im a poor girl. But i like Coach's designs! Adore this design hehe..


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Saturday night in Clark, Phillipines

Full of tales to tell but dunno where to start.

On Saturday morning it was like any other working day. Woke up early in order to take the train to the airport for work as usual. Reporting time for the 3 sectors flight was at 8:20am. So the usual route is Singapore -3 hrs 30 min-> Clark (Manila, Phillipines) -1 hr 40 min-> Macau -3 hrs 30min-> Singapore

Before flight we already knew that the weather was extremely bad cuz there's a typhoon in Macau. But we don;t have a choice, we just have to try and do what we can. So we brought the passengers safely from SIN to CLARK. But at Clark, the captain did another round of refuelling on ground, just in case weather's extreme and we have to turn back to Clark.

And so we did. Really bad at Macau and also Hong Kong, and air traffic was bad at Guangzhou, so we turned back into Clark. Tech Crew's hours exceed, so office's decision was for us to stay over at CLARK (WTH) and bring the same set of passengers to Macau the next morning and also Macau's back to Singapore. -.- Of course we were totally shagged.


Checked into Oxford Hotel (10 min away from the airport), not bad at all. Don't know how many stars but it's very decent.

Took this jeep. In the car is the ground staff and also our CIC (Cabin-crew-in-charge) standing outside haha`

We had 6 rooms in total, 1 for each crew. and it looks exactly like the above picture with 2 QUEEN sized beds in each -.- So of course the girls shared 2 per room in the end and left 2 vacant. Looks exactly as the pic except for those red bed runners hehe`

We dined at the cafe downstairs and the food were not bad. Didn't take alot of pictures cuz i guess i was the hyper one and all the others were tired out. hehe`
Total 6 of us ordered 3 appetisers, 3 soups, 2 salads, 6 main courses and also 3 desserts, plus drinks and beers. hehe` All to captain's tab, he's gonna claim from the company.

Mashed potatoes. Huge chunk of it haha not bad at all.

Happy and satiated me after showering o.O

Nothing much in Clark, pretty much like Indonesia actually. haha` Didn't get to buy anything at all except ciggies. Real cheap ones cuz they cost $1.50 per pack. o.O But oh well, a great first time experience. I still like the pack-well-and-be-ready-for-a-real-holiday kinda feeling.. The ground staff was so nice. He actually gave us a whole bag of extremely sweet mangoes! hehe`

The others didn't sleep well but i hit the sack right after we off the lights. Cuz i was much too tired. haha` Woke up at 5:30am and prepared for work. But it was all smiles for me. We had breakfast for only 15 min at the cafe and headed to the airport. Reached at about 7am. Departed at 8+..

Made our way safely back to Singapore with the passengers the next day - Sunday. Filled with extreme sense of satisfaction. Though there were very unreasonable and rude people onboard, but managed to do PR with a couple of people. ^^ And they were mostly understanding. =)

Medical case onboard too from Macau back to Singapore, i stayed with the passenger and a doctor was onboard so he administered the medicine from doctor's kit. =) Nothing much happened finally back to Sg and familiar faces of the ground staff makes me happy. ^^


The weather was so bad even the Cathay aircraft was diverted to Clark too and were supposed to go to HK.

And Chris was supposed to take Jetstar bound for Hong Kong on Saturday too and ended up diverting to Shenzhen instead. Stranded there for 5 hrs and took off for HK only reaching HK 12 hours later after taking off from Singapore at 3pm o.O

Very treasured experience haha` ^^ Glad to have love picking me up amidst his busy work when i finally touched down in SG. He brought me out to eat too haha cuz i was famished!

Went back home yesterday to bath and changed my panties -.- WTH haha Did a whole body scrub and felt soooo much better ^^ Muahaha` Napped for 2 hours until 8pm and dearest came and fetched me over to his place to spend some us time. =) Missed him badly ^^

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Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm so in love with u!! ^^

Day off today, wanna catch up on this HK series which is very nice! =)

Met up with Sandy and Yixian at Somerset MRT station at 2pm yesterday. Whole purpose of meeting up was to celebrate Yixian's birthday ^^ We then headed to Cineleisure and Sandy was sooo tempted to eat LJS. We accompanied her to eat and went to sing k at Kbox. ^^ It's been eons since i last went haha`

We even used our tertiary student passes to get the Kbox's student package rofl` WAHAHA

Hungry Sandy devouring the whole meal..

Very gay!

Candid cute picture of Yixian haha`

We sang all the way till 6+pm and brainstormed on where to go for dinner cuz I wanted to book Royal Park Hotel @ Scotts' buffet dinner, but they said it's not available. We tried our luck and went down and really were soooo glad to get seats within a short 5 min! hehe` =)

Birthday girl!

Totally love the ambience at Carousel, definitely am gonna go back again and again! hehe`

Happy Sandy.

And happy me too! hehe

Sliced beef in mushroom sauce with Minestrone soup.

Roasted and steamed chicken with chicken rice balls..

My favourite lobsters and clams! Well i love my girls so i was the one who peeled out the lobsters' flesh for them hehe`

Oxtail & Prawn Noodle soup. Very lovely stock

Linguine & Spaghetti in Bologneise sauce. They've got Penne too. And all sorts of other pasta sauces cooked on the spot... ^^

Extreme goodness sashimi! hehe` Love their tako and sake slices.. We had loads of servings of these..

Plate of veggie.. Like their brussel sprouts! hehe Of course this belongs to me.. They both don't prefer veggie. hehe`

Roast beef, lamb and also sausage (with various sauces) and abit of fish.

Dimsum, mutton rendang, lemon chicken ^^

Assorted pastries ^^

totally adore their cakes and also bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce.. My god SOOO orgasmic!

Whole plate of chocolate coated fruits and marshmallows

Sandy's ice-cream swimming in a pool of strawberry sauce cuz it was kinda melting..

Sandy caught in the act of tempering with Chloe's horse..

haha we really did have loads of fun! ^^ Sandy and i treated Yixian to the Carousel dinner and also shared with Jingyun to get a jumpsuit from Outfitter's Girls for her. happy birthday girl! =)) And we all cabbed home after that, haha`

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are you my Mr Right?

=) Wondered about the above question, but it's alright, time will tell =) No need to wonder at all. haha` Back from late dinner not long ago with love. Thanks for coming to fetch me after my flight! ^^ You're such a treasure.

Love to chat with dear dear. And it cheers me up sooo much even though it just a short 2 hours together. Love his manly pair of hands. Strong and reliable shoulders ^^ Yummy! hehe` So irresistable =X

Flight was fine.. Tired cuz haven't worked for the past 4 days. 2 more days off again starting tml! rofl` Next month eat grass le.. WAhahhaha`

All Visas to Aussie approved. Awaiting 30th april, and love will be sad for a wk for he won't be able to see me hee`

Will be meeting the girls for KTV and international buffet dinner tomorrow! Haven't book the table yet cuz u forgot to do so before my flight today hmph. But it's tentatively at Royal Park Hotel's Carousel! =)) Gonna treat Yixian to a belated birthday dinner! ^^ Bought a jumpsuit for her as well from Outfitter's Girl. haha`

Shall go find somemore series to watch.. Finished 赌场风云 which is super damn nice! ^^

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My boyfriend is impossible.

OH well... Like we all know, the person you love the most can hurt u the most too.. Last night love and i had a dumb misunderstanding about stuff which happened last year. But we're over it now. And he couldn't sleep well last night, laid on bed and stared at the ceiling, stared at his PC's screensaver too, of all of our pictures taken in Hong Kong. Said he just wants to see happy faces of me.

We got over it in the end. Had dinner today in Cafe Cartel at Junction 8. His treat hmph. haha Who told him to make me unhappy last night. After which we went and got herbal tea cuz he was feeling abit heaty.. Bought snacks home for my family too. ^^

Really love to be so close to dearest again, missed his company so much.

Thanks for taking so good care of me and pampering me so much. =) Love you baby!

Taken in Hong Kong at Avenue of Stars.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Phuket Jungceylon.

See how happy we both are with each other. Well i still wanna see you when u drop all your teeth and walk with a walking stick in future ^^

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Rather bored, kept playing games and watching series the entire day.

=( Not as upbeat as the usual me. Really don't wanna explain anymore. Think what you want and leave it be.

Love to look out of my bedroom window =)

Happy Birthday my dear girl! Full of best wishes for u ^^

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

i love mr gian!

Supposed to be flying now, but feeling really unwell so i took mc today. Felt light-headed the whole day, along with very very queasy stomach.

Last night Ron came and fetched dan, me and also rachel. We then headed to Bukit Merah and met up with Ben and his gf for very late dinner at around 9+pm. Always good to eat abit before you drink muahaha`

Met up with the others at Dbl O. Rules for last night is that nobody drive, those who break the rule will need to send the drunkards home. Started off with bacardi breezers, tequila pops and then followed by all the jugs of housepours. Loved those fist games and also danced with rachel haha`

Drank quite a bit cuz rachel and i kept sharing those jugs. o.O And drinking halves at one go. The night was really fun. Everyone went home and love and i were the last man standing and we still had a jug left -.- Went back to love's place to rest at around 3 am. And he sent me home at 6.

Woke up and felt the whole world spinning. Super queasy stomach and only felt better after i puked.


Dan then fetched me to Compass Point to visit the doctor to fetch an mc. Now i missed him like crazy hahaha`

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Really shagged but feeling ultra hyper in my mood!

haha` ^^ Came back not long ago from later dinner just now with love. Dearest came to fetch me from work and we headed to East Coast Hawker Centre for dinner. =) Never failed to enjoy his company soooo much. Always love to laugh together with him. Think we can be happy together for a long time.

Today's flight was sooo happening. ^^ But i still love Haikou flight the most, always serving those easy going elderly passengers and also those few bunch of regulars. Met a bunch of regulars again. And one of them gestured to me to come closer.. AND he whispered to me - I love your doll face. My god! So i just smiled and walked away. o.O And he's like the CEO of some insurance company.. Kinda enlightened me to find my passion for a career i would love and to find a goal for myself.

On another occasion, i've also Hi-Fived a grandmother cuz she asked me if i like PRCs i said no.. haha` lol` So extremely cute lar.

Then on the inbound sector, it was sooooo horrid cuz we had more than 120 Aussie students from Darwin Basketball foundation or something. Was a headache serving them cuz they had such good Fnb buying power. Anyhow we managed to get thru it and it was all good, except we're all extremely shagged after tt.

Last night love and i went for supper at MAd Jack's. Ordered their cheese fries, fish and chips and also brownie and ice cream plus banana crumble and ice cream ^^ Happy 13 mths anni! hehe!

Came back and applied for visa to visit australia. Got it all done. Now only left to book the returning tickets. =) Checked.

Can't wait to go clubbing tomorrow! Think we're gonna drink damn loads. And it'll be a huge gathering of all of dear's friends. hee` I'm soooooooo excited!!

MY dear friends, mug very very hard alright. And jingyun to u too, mug real hard and we shall enjoy after ur papers =)

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I love supermarts!

Been working for the past 2 days and very extremely shagged cuz they were both early morning flights. Last night i came back from flight i headed into bed at 8+pm. Slept all the way till 9 this morning. lol` ^^

Don't think i'll get called up for flight today so i went to AMK central. Ended up shopping in NTUC and dragged 61 bucks worth of groceries back home myself. =) hehe` Bought lotsa stuff - meat, veg, yoghurt, energy bars, oreo and also another brand of biscuits i forgot, campbell soup, california handroll, ice cream, chives dumplings, hot dogs, bread, instant noodles and also cup noodles. wahhaha` Felt so happy after tt.

Stayed home all day, played game and also watched the hk series. I've booked our departure tickets to Perth - 30th April babes! muahahaha`

Happy 13 mths anniversary baby! And more to come! Love's been asking me stuff about HDB flats lately hehe` Seems he's quite anxious to find a home for us. Not yet baby. We need to affirm our affections for each other first =)


Jojo & Nee Nee's display of sisterly love..

Sitting at the end of the massage chair and i was sitting behind..

Nee nee loves to lick jojo's ears..

Buddy buddy..

And they got off and bite each other's ears off.. o.O

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Day off at home.

Spent the whole day at home. Played games, watched tv and also hk series on laptop. Dearest then came and fetched me in the afternoon cuz he wanted to go to HDB hub to clarify some stuff and so i tagged along.

Well, managed to make us understand more stuff about getting a flat ^^ Pros and cons of various stuff. Thinking of getting a flat in AMK cuz of the grant as we'll be living near to both our parents' places. Haven't really think things out yet. =) Shall take one step at a time right baby?

Had lunch there as well and walked around. Bought a set of Korean drama for mum to watch since she's always bored at home. Went back to dearest' place wanted to find his singpass to login and check his CPF hehe` Slacked over at his place for a while before he sent me home and i went to get toiletries while he headed back to the shop.

He's so sweet. The strap of my working watch is spoilt cuz the small band has snapped and it looks pretty weird with the end of the strap hanging there. Dearest then insisted on bringing it with him and he'll go change it for me, saying it's not a hassle at all. haha` I have a really loving boyfriend!

Am gonna go sleep soon as i need to wake up at 3.30am later on for flight.. o.O

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy 63rd birthday to mummy!

^^ Whole load of us cabbed down to Hotel Miramar for chinese ala carte buffet dinner. People present were my whole family, along with the girlfriends of my 2 brothers and also dan who came a little later. =)

We brought the durian cake as well to the restaurant. Dinner was really really full and the cake's just sooo awesome! Like really full of goodness durian meat. Food was pretty much average and service quite bad but it was all fine anyway. After which the girlfriends of my brothers went home and dan sent us all back home. Really appreciate love for turning up even though i know he's really shagged from work today. =) Love u baby.

Hope my mum's really happy today! hehe`

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Let's go bowling again!

Friday night's Shenzhen flight was not bad at all. Was quite sleepy and bored.. Then captain called me suddenly to go inside the cockpit on the 2nd sector. And so i went in and saw these branches of 'lightnings' on the cockpit windows.. My god.. o.O

It's actually called the Saint Elmo's Fire, which is a harmless discharge of electricity extending into the atmosphere from a grounded projecting or elevated object. It's like a static discharge of electricity, so no harm at all. Was quite shocked to see it. Looks quite scary. But the tech crew said it's actually very pretty and quite rare. ^^ Hmmmm`

Looks exactly like this on the cockpit window.. And it was ongoing for like 15 minutes all over the window. =) Looks really really cool. And i saw that we were beneath a bed of stars too.. Really breathtaking. =)


Went back home and crashed into bed after shower. Slept until afternoon yesterday and watched series and played time management games. Dearest then came to fetch me and we had dinner with Rachel & Ron at Waraku @ marina square. Double date. hehe` =)) Ordered chirashi rice set for myself, tonkotsu wazen set for love, hokkaido miso ramen for rachel and senzuru set for ron. Ordered few side dishes too. ^^ Really enjoyed our food and felt satiated after tt.

Wanted to play bowling but MS was full. So we headed to SAFRA mount faber to play. We all played 3 games together and after which rach and ron carried on and love and i went back to his place to rest cuz he needs to wake up at 5am. Left SAFRA at around 2am. Wanted to leave love's place at 4+am cuz felt he really needed his rest and didn't want him to send me home even though he insisted.

Ended up when i went downstairs, his brother offered to send me back home. Took Sugar for the car ride as well. Thanks to his brother for sending me back home safely ^^

I'm off today and tml as well! haha` Wheeeeeeee Today's mummy's birthday and we're going out for dinner later on. Tentatively planned for Hotel Miramar. =)

Cheers! Great great weekend!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Sorry i've neglected you..

Been really busy working past few days. Quite sleepy now actually so i'll try and run thru the pictures.. ^^ Went back to St Marg's on Tuesday morning to visit the teachers and enjoy our favourite butter rice with chicken stew =) Girls present were Sandy, Yixian and me.

Model of the school campus ^^

Painting on the wall somewhere in the school.

Verse from the bible..

Trophies outside the general office.

Painting by our ex art teacher and was auctioned off and then donated again to the school. Now it stands on the wall in the office ^^

Sandy doesn't seem to be too scared of the camera that day. o.O

Heritage Gallery of the school. Has a time capsule (has all of our pictures!!) Will be opened in another few years time when the school's 170 years old (i think?).

Our school library is 2 storeys high ^^

Paintings in the toilet..

We always use to love to sit on these seats in the toilet and wait for our friends who's berak-ing in the cubicles..

Me & Yixian

School Motto.

Standing exactly on the line we used to stand back in sec 4. ^^

And me + Sandy always stood at the back of the line in the courtyard.

After visiting Yixian and i headed for town and sandy went to work. We shopped around and i bought knickers again from Topshop. Watched Step up 2 together but i really still pretty much prefer the 1st one. Met up with dan for dinner after that at AMK hub ^^

Yixian trying out the fedora in Zara..


Bought CJ7 7 zai cuz it's really cute ^^ And also the distress smiley as well. ^^ Brightens up my day.

Been working hard for the past 2 days. Thanks to love for coming to fetch me =) Really appreciate u alot baby. I know u're terribly tired as well. Let's have a date when we can make it alright! ^^

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