Thursday, May 29, 2008

Very very tired..

Just got back not long ago. Woke up since 3am all the way until now with less than 3 hrs of sleep.. Faint` Operated the 4 sectors in the morning. After the flight i headed to Terminal 2 and gotten my steroid cream and also had the influenza jab. My arm's still pretty sore now. =(

Went to Terminal 1, saw Meizhu and we took sky train together ^^ Met up with my colleague Julie at BK and we chatted for a while while waiting for dan to come over. Stupid unruly pax wrote in a very long complaint letter. And our manager might make a decision to demote her =(

Love then came over and both of us went and had dinner at Popeye's. Very extremely full and i really like all of their sides - whipped potato, fries and also coleslaw. Really appreciate love's effort to come all the way from his camp in choa chu kang all the way to the airport to fetch me home. =) Very very sweet!

Gonna have to go sleep soon, even though it's not even 7pm yet. Cuz im uber tired. =(

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Very very fulfilled past 2 days i've had.

Haven't been updating since friday. haha Much too busy and didn't even have enough time to sleep well for the past 4 or 5 days.

Firstly on Saturday, i did the early morning flight to Guangzhou. After which i love fetched me back home and we had early dinner at Carl's Junior in East Coast Big Splash! ^^ Really love to spend time with sweetie cuz we click just so well and really enjoyed each other's company.

Went back home and was too tired so i slept for 2 hours before waking up at 10pm and couldn't sleep anymore. Dearest made plans to go Dbl O with his friends and i wanted to go too cuz i've been wanting to go club but have got morning flight the next day (Sunday). In the end i still went.

Was fun and really enjoyed ourselves especially when pushing the syringeS of alcohol down Guohua's throat. Muahahhah` Ooops`Danced quite a bit and after that realised tt some of the guys were down already. hehe` Even love's drank up quite alot. I didn't drink much cuz i have to work the next morning.

From left - Jane, me, Peiling & la jiao

Very blur picture.. haha Took from Jane's fone, nt mine!

I love to dance with Jane! And i had lotsa fun hee`Was dancing with her on the platform and this lady just came up to us and took a polaroid shot of us =)

Quite cute hehe`

First time that i've met Jane and i can click with her! hee`

Went home at about 2am and crashed into bed. Woke up at 5:30 am and prepared to go to work. haha im a god!

Touched down at about 5pm and love came and fetched me from the airport. We had steamboat at Beach Road - Tian xia di yi shuai which was really good. Folks who joined us were Alex, Bam & la jiao. We really had lotsa good food and i'll be sure to patronise them again cuz i love their meat which are soooo thinly sliced Yummy =))

Went to dear's place to chilled out after dinner and only headed home before 12.

Monday and Tuesday was rostered for this Foundation Course which is a self improvement course. The instructor was this very smart guy name Andrew who owns quite alot of businesses and is a certified trainer/mentor for CEO's of various huge companies. Really benefited alot from this course, can't really reveal much but yep, we're all inspired i guess. And really aware of the situation we're in. ^^ We've all cried tears of pain together, and created bundles of joy as well. Really really very significant 2 days. Present were Andrew himself, as well as total of 32 of us, inclusive of 10 Tiger crews.

We were all extremely happy to meet each other and i hope i can keep in contact with some of them! =)) Alot more pictures taken and waiting for the others to send me rofl. And here are those i've taken with my fone.

Course was held at Quality Hotel on these 2 days from 9am to 11pm for both days.

My buddy & me! He supported me thru'out this course and never would have made it thru w/o him. He's a 38 yr old married man with a well established career and also a 9 yr old kid! =) And of course i've taught him certain things he should practise too, to achieve his goals.
Crazy bunch of confused and overwhelmed people... Our trainer loves to call us SUCKERS cuz we always made him laugh like crazy hehe`

Love this inspirational bunch!! Especially Faizal who is sooooooo much fun to be with hehe`

Fadly and me. ^^ Another homosexual i've befriended but as usual, gays are such nice people! =)

Nizam & me. He's cute and can act really well. Shld join Bollywood wahhahaha`

Me & my colleague ping ping.

Wheeeeeeeeee i've finally slept a good 8 hours last night. ^^ Love and i had bak kut teh for supper when he came and fetched me from Quality Hotel on Monday night. =) And last night he fetched me home too even though he's really tired and needed to pack stuff for outfield today. Really appreciate his efforts alot. =) Thanks baby!

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Ooooh lack of sleep

Really tired right now. And it's almost 2am already. Been really busy lately, clubbing, flying and also attending workshop. Didn't catch much sleep since 5 days ago.. Wahhahah` Shall sleep to my full and wakie 8 hrs later =) Will blog again complete with pics

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday night out.

Day off and i woke up at 7am and prepared to attend Yixian's grad ceremony in NYP ^^

Went down and met up with her mum and her younger sister Yishi. Went thru the ceremony and took a couple of pictures. Really happy for her ^^ And her next step wld be to go to Sydney for her undergrad studies. Gonna miss her company like crazy.

They then sent me home since i stay only a few streets from NYP. Stayed home and dan came and fetched me in the evening. We headed to Junction 8 for dinner. Dined at this HK cafe.

Ordered their milk tea.. And accompanied with vanilla ice cream. Hmmmm nice but i still prefer teh tarik amongst the different variations of milk teas.

Love ordered Zha jiang mian and i had bao zai fan. Shared the har zhiong gai (shrimp paste chicken wings ) too. To date, i think the best tasting wings can be found in Crystal Jade takeaway.

Very weird tasting salted fish and minced pork with rice. Only finished half of it..

And we had one of the above for each of us! Erm.. Mango pieces in mango puree plus mango sorbet inside and sprinkled with pomelo. o.O Can't finish! Cuz very jelat. Hmmmmmmmmm`Still prefer the one Sandy brought me to eat in PS basement.

Love to spend time with sweetheart ^^ Went to walk around and saw my ex neighbour Siying and her bf. =) Went back to love's place to chill out and only went home after midnight.

After i reached home, i suddenly have the urge to clear out my wardrobe. And i really did. hehe` Gave out all the clothes i didn't want.

My new hobby - Collect postcards from the places that i've visited. ^^ I do have Phuket ones on the other side. These are all from Perth.

Shed off abit of weight after i came back from Perth. Great hehe` =) Stayed home all day today. Had lunch downstairs with Chris and mum. Spent the entire day watching series, doing my laundry, read magazine (CLEO SEX i've bought from Perth lol` Sandy stop staring at me.. i still haven't finish it heh`) and also play my favourite word search puzzles. Already done like 5 puzzles today.

Bored bored.... Wanting dinner now le.. o.O

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Feeling so frustrated now..

Extremely long day. Imagine waking up 8:30am and then working all the way till a while ago when i just reached home. Again a couple of educated but shallow people. A couple of warning letters, a verbal warning by Captain himself. Sick and tired of everything. Wanting to just go club today.. Had plans already since ytd but no khaki. Miserable. Famished and gonna have so called dinner soon. Who can cheer me up.. =( hai.. Really sad..

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dan's a dare-devil!

Wahahaha really enjoyed myself today!

Only slept for 5 hours and got woken up by tonnes of smses at 10+am. Set a lunch date with my godbrother Jinwei. Met up with him at 1pm at YCK station and we took train down to town. Lunched in Taka's Ajisen since it's been a long time since i've eaten there. wahahha` And oh well. Waraku's stock still rocks the most!

Stupid bill list they've came up with. Apparently jinwei ordered the ramen with dumplings and i had it with soft shell crab. And they called it DUMP set and CRAB set. So i started calling jinwei dumb and he called me crap -.- really quite lame lar their abbreviation.

Walked around town and went shopping in Far East. He bought berms from Graphite but too bad tt designer's cute brother is not around =X I bought 2 cheap eyeshadows too. =)

Sat in Lucky Plaza's Mac and chatted for quite a bit before i headed to Lavender to meet love. We drove down to East Coast, our so called rendezvous hehe` Had waffle at Gelare and then dinner at Mac. ^^ Went and catch masak masak! Caught like a total of 6 of them! hehe` Woot! We're totally good. Spent like 17 bucks on the first 4.. Then 4 bucks on the last 2.. hehe` Wheeeeeeeeeee`Were like joking about acting hearing impaired and selling them -.-

See dan looking sooooo gleefully! hehe`

Wahahhhaa` Super cute~

On the way back to my place, we saw this nice license number on this car.. And it's 3338. Was like telling dear "wah 3338.. San ba!" And he actually proceeded to wind down the window and shouted "San BA" super loud. So paiseh hehe` Luckily the car was turning right and quite a distance away and no bikes around -.- Piang eh dear dun lose my face =X

Super cute hehe` Guess no one can be as courageous as him.. In a bad way wahahha`

Really enjoyed the company of these 2 men~ Made me laugh like crazy thru'out the day. Laughing's the best medicine ^^

2 shots taken at Poly's gathering..

Kimhui & Meizhu ^^

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i miss dan already..

Dearest hasn't even gone to camp yet cuz it's only 5am now.. and im feeling rather lovesick. Boo`

He's super cute. I was scheduled to touch down at 2:50am. Of course i wasn't expecting him to come and pick me up but i still called him to let him know i've touched down safely. =) He didn't reply, which was expected cuz he must have been in deep sleep ^^ Then when i got home cuz Debbie's guy friend was kind enuff to give me a lift, i texted dan to tell him i've got back home safely as well. Then he called me... wahhaha In his super husky bedroom voice!!! That he actually set his alarm at 2am, wanting to wait up for me so he could fetch me home. Super sweet. hehe` But anyway, i told him to go back to dreamland cuz he gotta be in camp by 7am. And was soooo dreamy when he told me he wants to have dinner with me tonight... Sweet ol' dan~

I have a relatively flat tummy these couple of days! Maintain maintain! muahahahah` lol really need to cut some weight, but with all those goodies from Perth especially the SUPER NICE biscuits, how can i resist? o.O It's grooming day today. After my beauty sleep, i'll have to repaint my nails. Argh hate red nail lacquer. -.- Gonna have to think of what to wear to Yixian's Grad ceremony too.

Ciao ciao super duper shagged. it's like 5:11am now.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Working on a Vesak day.

Vesak day! Public holiday but dan and me are both working =( Oh well haha` Operated a 4 sectors flight yesterday. Only came back around midnight. Love came and fetched me and we had very nice meatball soup in Punggol =)

Reached home at around 1+am.. And really quite tired so went and hit the sack. Nothing much happened on yesterday's flight. Well, at least not as interesting as the last flight with KD.

Dearest will be going for reservist/reservice (dunno which one??) tomorrow. =( 2 weeks. Boooo` Dear why u sooooo high key!!! rofl`

=) Going for Perth flight soon.. Why is all the nice colleagues leaving? =( Super duper sad. Hai`

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bored Angela

Oh well.. 2 days back i went to Junction 8 alone cuz i needed to get some toiletries and also working court shoes. And i really like to go shopping alone cuz im a lazy gurl and i can go as and when i like. hee` In the end i spent over 100 bucks. Bought court shoes, Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, Kawaii Tokyo Cleanser, and also other toiletries hehe`

Last night i met up with Ms Winnie at Toa Payoh station control. We then headed to NTUC to get food and stuff for BBQ. 2 strong ladies then got picked up by very nice kim hui along with yifang and sent us over to Junjie's place.

Thanks to Winnie, junjie and rayn who helped to prepare the food. And also meizhu, kimhui, nick, qian and jiating for helping to cook =))

Finally saw Dee haha!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Really super excited. And she's got a girlfriend! hee` Wow my sista. ^^ Had a great time chatting with all of them. Thanks to Winnie for successfully organising it, girl. And also thanks to pam. uu, xiaoling, yifang, kimhui, wenhui, rayn, dee, jiating, jiali, nick, qian, meizhu for turning up! Of course to junjie bei bei for letting us use his place. ^^ Twas great!

I left early and headed to Dan's place for the night. Love to play with his dogs. hee`

Dearest & Duke
Crushing down on his dogs.. o.O

Sugar and me.

Had a heart to heart talk with love. Feels really good. =) Pulled our bond closer together.
Anyway, everyone will be going dating on Vesak Day. And love will be the most busiest at work on that day. And i'll be having a Perth flight too. Oh well. And he'll head into camp for reservist on Tuesday. Why u so high key!!!! ARGH

Only head home today around 10am and dearest left for work. Did the laundry and swept and mopped the floor. Yixian came over at about 1+pm and we bought bubble tea and also paus up for lunch. Spent the whole afternoon with her chatting. ^^ Gonna be attending her poly grad ceremony next thursday! hehe Cool that they actually have grad robes now. Hmph` =))

Oh well.. love's left me all alone at home. =( He's gonna go talk about business. Boo`

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The 'Daniels' in my life.

Known a couple of guys name 'Daniel' in my life. ^^

Just got added by a primary school (Townsville 6A'98) classmate in Facebook. His name is Daniel Fu Zhi Jia. =) Used to really irritate me back in sch. Was really quite bad in english back then as compared to all the others cuz im one of the only 4 EM2 people in the heavily populated EM1 class.

He loves to sing 'Lamb Chop' to me back then. wahhaha` Even forgotten how that's supposed to sound but yup. That's the gist of it.

And then of cuz there aren't any 'Daniel' back in Secondary school cuz i was in a single sex school.

Onto Poly BMS, i've gotten to know 2 'Daniels'. One name Daniel Tan who's really SUPER TALL and lanky. Very profound speaking person yet super lame at times until i can't even comprehend. Still remember he loves to bring Cadbury chocolates and share with us during lectures ^^ And yup of course even though he's 22 this yr, he dresses like he's a 30 yr old man, with shirt/pants/shoes and also laptop bag all complete *grinz Or prolly something more casual will consist of polo tee tucked into jeans with belt and still a laptop bag. wahhahaha` ^^ Cute bespectacled person.

The other one is call Daniel Lee (if my memory hasn't failed me), who has a rather cute personality, and such a great entrepreneur i feel. Doesn't seemed to really mug very hard but scored the highest in Immunology. Damn it! !@$@#%#^ Oh well. Smart guy. hehe`
He suddenly contacted me couple of yrs ago and met up with me. Gave me a book for my bday - Rich Dad Poor Dad. Tried to pulled me into MLM -.- hehe But he's still cute.

And lastly an even more cute personality guy! Ultra sweet, by far the most romantic person i've ever met. Met his parents/sent me to work at 4am/even complete with full set of meal (toasted ham and cheese sandwich+kinder beuno + yakult). All of this before we're in a r/s. And after we got together. All the super sweet stuff like arranging roses petals on the bed into a love shape, springing surprises on me sometimes.

So this guy's call Daniel Gian, whose smile can melt my heart and just holding his hand makes me feel very secure. He knows about everything at my work even positions and protocol. He rocks! ^^ He always sends an electric shock into my body when he simply plant a kiss on my cheek. Love his manly manly shoulders and chest. His unlimited tender loving care for me. =)

Well we started off as flings. But he might even be the last man in my life now. =) I feel super relaxed with him. I can tell him freely the guys who wanna come after me and what they did. And we both laughed together at how silly they are hehe! I can really be myself and be honest about everything cuz i know he's confident enough and trusts me alot. ^^ I can meet my guy friends like Jinwei and Daryl alone knowing i can still tell him the truth and he won't even feel a hint of jealousy. Love this open minded boyfriend of mine..

Remembered how he kept telling all my friends and even me during my 21st birthday party that he didn't get anything for me. Yet when i was about to cut my cake, he came into the function room with a bouquet of blue roses and a diamond necklace from Citigem. =)

Love you sweetheart. ^^ 1 yr 2 months and 5 days. Yet it still feels like honeymoon now. ^^

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Unruly passenger last night.

Prelude: This is an email i've drafted to my manager today. Well the stupid PRCs can't be bothered to call the police. That's why i have to take action. Anyhow, really it shows how shallow this so called educated middle aged man can be. Even i, a soon to be 22 year old lady, can't be bothered with such low intellectual being. =) *wave a princess wave
Such a plebeian. haha`

This is with regards to a passenger onboard last night's SIN -> Shenzhen flight. With regards to professionalism, i feel that this passenger, whom i believed is included inside the flight report should be barred from further TR flights.

He was spared from having to be detained by the outstation's police as the ground staff feels that it's much too troublesome to have to contact the police. So he was let off.

Firstly, he was seated at Seat 12F. We got him to put his bags up in the overhead compartment for take off and landing. He got agitated and grumbled about why he bought the seat and there's so much space yet he can't put them in front and on and on. And Lala went on and asked if he'd mind moving to 13 F as we need 2 at each emergency row. And he refused so Lala went on to find other pax. But found him seated at 13F afterwards.

And he carried on grumbling about how there's no point in moving behind and how displease he is and there's nothing special and no difference in moving behind. Anyhow, for the duration of the flight, the seat belt sign went on and off periodically due to turbulence. And he kept standing up to take stuff from his bag in the overhead compartment. So KD got him to sit down and fasten his seatbelt. He got super disturbed and said "what is it? don't i even have the right to take things from my bag? So stupid what's with the seat belt sign on and off?" Basically i believe this man does not even understand how bad a turbulence can be. And bear in mind the turbulence for the duration was so bad we had to be seated as well and also that all the above conversations with the above said man was conducted in a very friendly and nice tone manner.

That was not all. He went to the aft, shouted at Najdah, who did not even make any contact with him at all. And then again when he came out of the lavatory, he pulled open the curtain and shouted at me "You're not fit to be a cabin crew" and stormed away. Meeting KD in the mid of the cabin, hurled another few similar sentences at him and walked away. Of course we ignored him, and KD even smiled at him. He pressed the call bell and asked Nahjah for address for Feedback. She then proceeded to give the only address which we're allowed to give.

Naj came to me for help and i went and talked to him. Told him that all feedback goes to this P.O Box. He underestimated my intellectual which in turn also insulted Tiger for employing me. "What is this? This is not an address. The office address is somewhere which i can go to and talk to somebody. What's this? You mean you don't even understand simple english? Just tell me. Where is your office. Do you have an office in Singapore? If that idiot person (KD) can't even understand what's an address, don't come and talk to me about safety." Referred to KD as an 'idiot' and insulted me directly.

Showed him the TERMS & CONDITIONS that ALL feedbacks goes to this Address. And he should know it before he purchase the tickets. Proceeded to ask him for his passport number to write in the warning letter which Captain Daniel Chance Walker issued. He said "What wrong did i do? Tell me! i refuse to give you." So i told him him it's Captain's decision. And he said "TO HELL WITH CAPTAIN!". Well bear in mind i was nicely courteous to him through out the conversation and Najdah was present as well. So i smiled widely and asked "Oh did u say 'to hell with the Captain' Sir?" He replied yes, and Najdah could be my witness and i just replied "Thank you" and tried to find other passengers as witness but they were all too coward. Anyway, i headed back to the captain and they wanted to report to the police but the ground staff said we could only contact them after we touched down.

Since Mr Gary was not dealt with by shenzhen's police, i therefore would request him to be barred from future flights. He insulted the whole set of crew onboard, even the tech crew. And we had to suffer from his relentless insults despite talking to him politely throughout. Even Captain Daniel Chance Walker debriefed us and said we've done a great job in suppressing him as if he was agitated, he might just blow up anytime if we're lose our temper on him.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

With regards,

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6th May - Last day of nua-ing in perth

Woke up and had cup noodles for breakfast cuz the hotel's breakfast only consists of toasts and cereals. Packed up and checked out at 10am.

View from our hotel's window.

Taken inside our hotel room.

Had our luggage deposited inside the hotel and we took CAT down to City. First on the agenda was the London Court. It's only a short street like that in Harry Potter. ^^ Very cool.

There's a clock tower just at the entrance of London Court and the clockwork comes out every hour. ^^ Cute!

Taken inside London Court hehe the 3 girlfriends!

The street is sooooo beautiful. Whole stretch of them selling all sorts of stuff from candies to nougats to cafes and also sheep skin. ^^

All sorts of pastries and focaccia!

Outside London Court. Sandy loves this pic i took of her hehe`

Went into Sportsgirl boutique and saw they had a grand fitting room lounge, prolly for hubbys hehe

Wrote and sent 3 postcards to each of our addresses ^^ Bought them at a newstand just inside of London Court. Quite a great way to keep our memories ^^

Cute mugshots hehe` Met up with Yenching and headed for lunch at Poppo's Korean/Jap food restaurant. ^^ Nice food they have there! hee` Shared dumplings and also Korean Seafood pancake which was gigantic. haha`

Nothing much to do today and felt quite nua after lunch. So we just took the blue CAT bus and stopped at the museum.

Sandy's extremely cute jacket.. o.O Note: the ears

Huge erm.. clam? lol`

see lol it's like 6 times the size of my head.

Went back City to nua after tt. Sat down and chatted about couple of hours away until Yenching went back home and we headed back to hotel and grab a cab to the airport.

Last picture taken at Forrest Place CAT bus station. ^^

red rooster for dinner at the airport.

TR 717 back to SingaporeTouched down at about 2:50am. Love came and picked me up. Really appreciate it. hehe` Really missed each other alot. And i do too now.. Cuz he's busy working =)

Really had an enjoyable trip! JY's first trip with us, i hope u really did enjoy urself! And to both Sandy and Jingyun, hope there'll be more to come!
Also much thanks to Yenching and her mum for their very hospitable personality ^^


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