Monday, June 30, 2008


Rashes here,
Rashes there,
Rashes rashes everywhere...

Oh well, i think sensitive skin that causes rashes is a chronic illness in my case. It comes and it recovers fully, and it erupts again, causing me distress each time. But on and off, i've learnt to learn how to 'not be bothered' by it and just let it go instead of attacking it with my nails -.- And everytime it just makes me feel so self conscious that i don't even wanna go out at all.. argh`

Thanks to love for accepting me for who i am. ^^ *grinz. He actually told me something really sweet today. Wahahahaha`I'm on cloud 9. Though he's sweet as always, but this really made me glow. =) Cuz he couldn't manage to wake up this morning to take me to work. And so he really jumped out of bed when it was time for work and was like 'Shit shit shit!!! Sorry baby'. And he offered to pick me up from work at 12noon.

A: u wanna atone for ur mistake right? haha
D:the only mistake i've made in my life is not getting to know u earlier.

This romantic sentence came so abruptly and i totally melt. o.O
And so he did picked me up from the airport and we lunched in Changi Village. ^^ Discovered a new lovely hokkien mee stall whose stock is really good and thus resulted in a great plate of hokkien mee.

Spent the whole weekend with him. ^^ After 5 hours of sleep on Saturday morning, after work, i bathed and headed down to his place which is prolly a FEW stones' throw away. Wrestled, watched Ghost Train and we had dinner over at his place and then drove down to Suntec for dessert. Went and find the Waffles place which was featured in CLEO. Thought we could give it a try since love really likes waffles. ^^

We ordered this couple fondue set ($15.90) which was not bad. Except their main star - the waffles weren't quite good. hehe` But alright, casual lovely place for friends get together after dinner. =)
And with VERY extremely good hot swiss chocolate which is refillable! You know how Haagen Dazs' fondue chocolate is like cuz it's really sweet. But this was great and very palatable!!

After which we went back to his place before midnight and slacked. Watched the Thai movie Dorm and also this vampire movie by all time favourite the Late Lin Zhen Ying. Went to AMK hub the next day's (Sunday) late afternoon to do some grocery shopping. Bought Omega 3 tablets for my mum as well.


Hayati, who was the CIC for today's flight can only report to the aircraft straight due to minimum rest period. So she told me to take charge today, for paperwork and all. Was quite jittery cuz i've never really did hands-on for the paperwork. Only saw what the other CICs taught me and i haven't even gone for the course yet.

And so i still did. And i conducted the crew briefing too, impromptu somemore! haha Not bad at all ^^ *clap on the back for myself. hee` Started boarding and all was fine. ^^ And she told me to write the flight report for today's flight as well. So yup. I think im cool already. Wheeeeeeee` Did boarding for both sectors as well. And also handled the NTLs (Not To Land passengers) =)

Everything was great and i've really learnt alot. ^^ Went back home to rest for a few hours after lunch with dan. And i met up with my godbrother, jinwei in AMK hub at 8pm. Walked around, bought my Sally hansen nail lacquer. Caught the movie - Wanted as well at 9:30pm. Really good to have a UOB card, watching movie on a monday night only cost 6 bucks, and 8 on a weekend. =))

Movie was really really exciting, nice twist to the story. Everything was great except the dumb ending hehe` Angelina Jolie's really sexy and Cross' is superbly charming, even much more than wesley. ^^

I've enjoyed myself alot. ^^ Great to meet up with jinwei. And of course nevertheless, very cool to have a bf who doesn't get all worked up just cuz u're meeting a guy alone. I love my boyfriend. =) And of course im honest to him about everything.

Can't wait to see the girls tomorrow. Will prolly be our last date before Yixian leaves for Sydney on my birthday =(

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Earning big bucks.

But still not able to reach my goal for this mth =(

Really was slogging like crazeee for the company for this month. My hours have reached such high that i'm gonna bust them anytime o.O hehe` AND...... im finally off this weekend! muahahha`

Been working very hard for the past couple of flights as well, and sales were really great, mostly hitting 1k. Did nothing much for the past week except work and sleep. Oh and i cut and dyed my hair red too, only visible though under sunlight. ^^

Just realised that i didn't shop at all this month except for that day when i went out with the girls (which was long time ago) and i bought jeans and a top? So i've decided to pamper myself and my hard work by getting myself the Issey Miyake Limited Edition Summer Fragrance ^^ hee` Yay! Happy hehe`

Nothing much happened onboard except for last night's flight. And also couple of flights back i had this PRC onboard who snapped his fingers to get me to attend to him. Guess what i did? I told him in bloody chinese (cuz he can only understand tt) "Sir if you wanna call me, please call my name, i'm not a dog so do not do this." And i just walked away. IDIOTIC -.- So uncivilized, that's for letting u have a taste of ur own blood. You need MY help, so be nice to me.

And last night's Perth flight was really hectic!!! Running out on Singapore dollars in the 2nd sector cuz we've collected too much THB/AUD/PHP/USD/MYR... God.. o.O And we had this couple who started kissing all the way from boarding, AND..............

and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed
and kissed

and hugged and prolly made out right there and then in their seats. They really can't get their hands off each other and even walked all the way from Row 2 to the back lavatory for some mile high club action -.- WTH So we knocked the door and make them come out asap. lol` crap`

And towards descending, this korean guy felt really giddy and looked super pale. So we got him to sit in our galley and elevated his legs. I administered oxygen as well and stayed with him until he got better. Finally his face is flushed with blood again and he really got better. Another dumb guy who knows it's stuffy yet put on his thick jacket -.- He should be indebted to me.

All in all it was a great flight, and we all worked extremely hard. =) So yup, everything's good. ^^ Thanks to love who came and picked her shagged gf from work. Think i'll be the one who can't keep my hands off him later on after i meet him.. wahahhah`

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally i'm able to have sufficient rest.

Imagining i have to operate 4 morning flights for the past 4 days and having only less than 5 hours every night to sleep. Crazeeeeee` And love sacrificed his precious sleep as well, fetching me to work every morning and tried to picked me up after my flights. ^^ Really appreciate his effort so much!

On Saturday after my flight, i headed to love's place to rest. Napped for a while and chatted with each other for a long time. =) After which we waited for his mum to get dinner ready and talked together with his aunt about dear's plan for the company. We then had dinner together with his family. Like his family alot. Coz my family's not tt kind which after my mum cook, we'll all eat together. But we'll just eat at different timings.

And yesterday i was supposed to do 3 sectors SIN --> Macau --> Manila, Clark --> SIN. Ended up 3 aircrafts were down and alot of flights delayed. And Clark flights has to be cancelled cuz of the typhoon in Clark.. =( So we waited for about 4 hrs + before we departed at 1pm. Did only 2 sectors SIn --> MAcau --> SIN. Had fun even though we were all very tired. ^^

Siti & me onboard after a very long flight. Finally flew with her after much anticipation.

So yup, very very shagged, thanks to dan the man who came and fetched me home. He also made ham sandwiches for me on Saturday morning as well as bought me the Mac's hotcakes meal for me on Sunday morning. =) Such a sweet boyfriend.


I've spent the whole day at home today, reading novel, watched series and also went down to buy lotsa stuff for home. Gave mum more money too. She went and did a full body check up and she's obese so she's just started having a little hypertension, and also abit of heart vessels congestion. Glad she did the check-up and it's still early so she can alter her eating habits ^^

So we're going healthy now. And i'll stick with her too so she's got a companion =) hee` Bought lotsa tuna in water and also tomatoes for her. Well at least her condition is still mild and can be improved. =)

Need to stick to my new year resolution too - To take good care of myself. Been eating salad for the past few days and only fish n chips for the last flight i've had cuz it was complimentary hehe`

Bought this onboard from the Duty Free sales cart. =) Haven't try it yet. Will provide feedback soon hehe`

Really good LOTUS Caramelized biscuits!!! The fruit and grain version of it. Extreme goodness!
Not cheap though.

Our home's very own starhub jack russell - Jacky & his beloved Forever Friends bear

Very very charming baby. ^^

Had supper with love just now at 10+pm. We went to Thomson Prata House. Had Kambing soup, kosong and egg prata and also Ice cream prata ^^ He's such a joy to be with. ^^

* Was chatting with the korean guy i've befriended in Zouk. He's a rather horny guy so i've decided not to talk to him anymore. -.- And he asked me if i ever got intimate with any other guy other than my bf (e.g kiss). I told him no, cuz i can't even get enough of my bf since he's so sexy and charming, so why would i even go for any other guys. lol` oh please, he can dance much better than u hehehehhe`

** Was dead tired last night, but Sandy gave me a link to this blog which made me tear so much and when i've finished reading it, it was already 1.30am. Depicts a story about this couple who tried so hard to have babies but failed - Click here --> Angie & David.

These real life stories are really heart wrenching but at the same time hopeful. Angie & David both supported each other and wrote poems to each other in this blog. They showed pictures of their babies and the funeral service. And even pictures of bones of Little Ashley. You feel their pain yet u can't really bear the same kinda pain cuz it didn't happen to you. =(

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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just woke up from a nap at 8+pm.. Kinda shagged cuz i woke up at 3am for work. o.O

Another 3 more days of morning flights.. Boohoohooooo`

Self made popiah by me. hehe` very lousy standard but still it tasted super good with the ingredients made by dan's mum.

Was off on tuesday and wednesday after my chennai flight. Sales was pretty good. =) And after i've slept enough on tuesday, i headed down to my instructor's condo opposite Downtown East for TR gathering. =) Alot of colleagues turned up, as well as the people from office and tech crew. Had BBQ, some pasta, salad and also donuts, plus alot of liqour. Spent some time singing karaoke in the clubhouse and also had our lucky draw ^^ Really had a great time!

Dearest then came and picked me up and i accompanied him to have dinner at Punggol Nasi Lemak's coffeeshop. Went back to his place after tt cuz he wanted to show me his works for the small company. Spent some time brainstorming on the names for his company and also the things needed. Only went back home at about 2am.

And yesterday, i've stayed home the whole day and watched Ugly Betty as well as reading the novel - A Thousand Splendid Suns. ^^ Very very touching piece of story ^^

Today's flight was alright and very smooth. Will be having morning flights for the next 3 days. My god.. -.-

** my birthday's coming! Don't really have a proper wishlist, but i'd really like to get a new trolley bag cuz i'll be promoting soon, if i passed the Acting CIC course hehe` =) And i really love COACH's patchwork series of gallery tote and also the swingpack ^^ hee` Have used the Pierre Cardin wallet from my girlfriends for almost a year already cuz they gave it to me on last yr's birthday. hehe` So if anyone decides to have it changed, go ahead ^^ hee`

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Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm very fortunate.

To have such a loving boyfriend. =)

Dan packed some popiah skin and also alot of the ingredients and came over to my place at 8pm just now. Really sweet of him to do that. But i only made one for myself cuz i've gotten dinner for both mum and me. And so the rest are all in the fridge now. But i'll have them for breakfast and lunch after i wake up! =)

Love stayed at my place until 11+ just now as we both watched 3 episodes of Man Vs Wild. Really love to spend time with him! hee` He's such a rare gem. And he really packed nicely all those popiah ingredients - chilli, sweet sauce, chinese sausage, egg shreds, prawns, crisps, veggie and of course the radish. I'm so very fortunate.

And......... guess what i did ytd afternoon. I was bored and looking around the house for stuff to do. Ended up asking my mum if the pair of lobsters we are rearing are actually ferocious. She said yup. And so i tried.. I used the air pump to 'attack' them. And they did retaliate. wahahhaha` I ended up playing like that for a good whole 10/15 min. oops hehe` =X Quite fun leh`

Everyday i live my life doing the same stuff yet feeling very satiated as i do have alot of people around me who cares for me alot. ^^ and I'll do my utmost to give my unconditional love as well.

And to Rayn who's gonna leave tomorrow for Brisbane, i'm gonna miss u and ur crazy antics sooo much~ hehe` Thanks for the job lobang, i'll go try for it. And i'll never forget that crazy orange sunkist siblings shot we took in poly yr 1. Also not forgetting that 2nd sequel shot to that in Zouk where we stuffed 2 slices of orange each into our mouth and Eugene took a shot. Muahahha` Toast to look alikes! =)

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rest day at home!

Did almost nothing the entire day except relaxing at home and also splitting my 50 dollar bill into smaller notes cuz i bought the (extremely nice!) bottled milk tea and also some ice cream when i made my way to 7-11.

Nua-ing at home comprises of sleeping at 6am and waking up at 1pm, watching Ugly Betty, and finally finished reading June's issue of CLEO. As i've mentioned, the July's issue's already reached my home on the 10th of something.. Crazeeeeeee`

Really appreciate's dan's effort sooo much. On Saturday midnight he wanted to come fetch me home from work but couldn't make it cuz he dozed off. And ended up waking up at 4am and smsing me and apologising profusely. hehe` So adorable. And then last night before my Shenzhen flight, we had dinner at Toa Payoh's Crystal Jade before he sent me to the airport.

Super cute huh` haha` I told him to laugh heartily!!!! hehe Now u know why i always make fun of him when he's driving. "Dear please stop laughing, ur eyes are so small u can't see the roads.."

And we bought some Jap snacks and also stuff from Delifrance for me to bring onboard. And yup. He promised me that he'll come pick me up from flight at 3.30am this morning. And he didn't sleep at all, for fear of not being able to wake up in time. Really extremely sweet of him. =)

And im not too keen to go over to his place for dinner tonight cuz all of his relatives will be there for popiah. Hmmmm feeling too self conscious cuz im having eczema again, oh well. Dan really spent alot of money on both father and mothers' day. Spent 100+ on dinner for mothers' day and 80+ for 4 kg of popiah skin from Joo Chiat for today. wahahhaha` Dan's the man!^^

The 3 jack russells on my bed. =) (with my mum sleeping behind hehe)

*Can't wait for July to come! And can't believe i have to spend my birthday in the airport, sending my BFF to Aussie to study =(

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Amazing 3 days.

It's 2 am now and im still awake. Waiting for my hair to dry before i hit the sack. Wednesday night i met up with Rayn and his friends to club in Zouk. Dee couldn't make it and i didn't get to see Michelle either cuz i was too caught up with the group. hee` A total of 4 guys i went with. Met up with Rayn and his friend Eugene.

We went into Velvet first and drank 2 jugs of Long Island. Really cool atmosphere there =)

After which we headed to Zouk and met up with another 2 of Rayn's friends. Befriended this korean couple who claims they're just friends. Anyhow, we really enjoyed each other's company and danced till they switched on the lights =) I then shared a cab back home with Rayn. Great great time i've had!


And on Thursday, i met up with Sandy at city hall at about 12 noon. Headed to Suntec IT show cuz Sandy wanted to get the Creative Zen player. We then had chicken rice at Far East with Yixian. Shopped around and bought a pair of jeans for myself. Went to PS and sat down for some dessert. Went and walked around before we finally decided to settle down in Sakae Sushi for a light dinner. Chatted for quite a while before we all got tired and went home.

Really very shagged from work already. Shall go sleep now.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Very excited.

Life's fair. As long as u put in effort, there will come a time when u can reap the results =) Follow up to my last post regarding my work in Tiger. My buddy Rashid told me that the team leaders are considering me on the next intake of acting cics. And true enough, i've received an email today telling me to attend the cic course next month on 7th and 8th. ^^

A wonderful birthday present. =) Really i don't wanna go apply for it. Coz when they actually offer u the position, the taste of the result is exhilarating.

Flight was wonderful last night. Crew was great. Took uncle robert's cab back home at 5+am. Slept at 6.30am and woke up at 1+. Was watching Man Vs Wild, Ugly Betty and also played my favourite time management games the whole day.

Will be going to Zouk later on to party! Meeting Rayn and Dee, and maybe even Michelle later on. Virgin experience to zouk, but i know im gonna have a blastin time there already. hee`


Feeling really happy about work now, at least i know i have something to look forward to. ^^ And dan's also happy for me and i am too about him. Cuz he's still starting up his courier company. It's been quite good these couple of days and he's really working very hard. Was asking me to help him think of a name for it. We're both wanting to earn more and it's all for our future. Let's strive hard sweetie. And remember, there's only so much that we can do. As long as u've given it ur best shot, it'll all be fine.

Ar.... i feel good. ^^ Dear i love u! Just hung up on the phone with him.. And i really do miss him hee`

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 15 Month Anniversary! =)

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Monday, June 09, 2008

First trip to Ubin

I'm off over the weekend, so love and i were supposed to have picnic on Saturday but it was raining the whole day so he stayed at my place from 9am all the way till after dinner. Watched the Superhero movie together and also Man Vs Wild. Played Wii too. ^^

Had lunch and dinner at the coffeeshop near my place. And we both headed home separately cuz we needed to rest well for the Ubin trip the next morning!

I woke up at 6:30 am the next morning to prepare meatballs and sandwiches. Apparently, my gas stove ran out of gas, so im only done with half of my marinated beef boo hehe` We met up at YCK station at 8am and headed down to Changi Jetty and took the ferry over. ^^

My 1st trip to Pulau Ubin and am really excited about it. But apparently it doesn't seemed as 'ulu' as what i thought it'd be. It's like East Coast Park (the cove area im talking about) on a Sunday morning. o.O hmmmm` Very very crowded. Rented 2 bikes and went round. Couldn't really cycle much cuz some terrain were really muddy hehe` Cycled from about 9+ all the way to 1+ hehe` Not bad at all cuz our butts really hurts =X Really had fun with love! hee`

Cycled and rest at 2 points for quite a while. Enjoyed the breeze from the sea and each other's company =)

Fed this adorable dog 2 of my meatballs. =) Good stuff ol' guy haha`

Love baby's company soooo very much. Went back to his place for the rest of the late afternoon. Wrestled with each other hehe` Laid down side by side and talking about various stuff. Best afternoon i've ever had! ^^ Waited until his whole family comes back home and we started the steamboat session to celebrate dan's younger brother's birthday. =)

Today did nth much. Worked and also hit the sack right after i reached home cuz i slept only 4 hrs before the flight. Played Wii too just now. Was laughing myself silly holding the 2 controllers and moving my hands while playing Raving Rabbids.. haha` o.O


Had some of the sushi shots i took when we had supper. Forgot which day. But we went to the Revenue House at Novena. Love that Ri Ben Cun restaurant there. hehe`

Our hearts favourite! Strawberry Oreo ice cream which cost only $3.90. ^^


Had a heart to heart talk with Rashid buddy after our flights today cuz we met each other in the briefing room. Alot of my juniors were offered the position of Acting CIC (crew in charge). And the position is opened now. Alot of the other people were really kinda sore over it that alot of the seniors could be very good cics but were not chosen (not saying im one of them, they claimed so). So yup. Been having alot of people telling me to go apply cuz im not being offered it.

Not really hankering on it but if im offered the position, i'll take it. If im not, i wouldn't wanna go apply for it. And i definitely won't 'Angkat Bola" (carry balls/suck up) like the others did and still do. Oh well. hai` That's why so many people doesn't like the management. Other than that, the environment's really good in this small family. ^^

Oh well.. Gonna just stay until my Cambodia's trip is over and i'll see how. =)

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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yay! it's like 10:40 now.. hmmmmm really need to go turn in but im ultra happy! hee` Had a very enjoyable and precious weekend spent at least 18 hours with love on both days ^^ Today's my 1st trip to ubin with love. Shall upload the pics tomorrow after my BKK flight cuz i gotta wake up at 3:30am!

And i reached home a while ago to find a mail sitting right at my room's desk which contains an AMEX card. Apparently Chris helped me sub another card again. It's the SIA's Krisflyer's AMEX card. Faint haha.. And....... He bought Nintendo WII!!! Double yay! wahhahahah`

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Feeling a little contented =)

My rest day today. Came back from Chennai flight this morning at 6am. =) Worked quite hard and we had very nice crew as well. ^^ I kept finding things to do to keep myself awake. haha`

Thanks to love who fetched me to work last night. ^^ Really appreciate it alot! haha He even bought 2 sausages for me to bring onboard o.O In the end i shared them with Jingli.

Can't really sleep. So i woke up at 12+pm today after only 3 hrs of sleep. Headed to Town cuz i needed to trim my brows at Paul & Joe. After which i headed to Taka. Curb myself to go into shops cuz i know i'll spend alot. In the end i spent the money on buying some goodies home and also went and shop in Cold Storage for stuff im gonna need to prepare for the picnic with sweetie on Saturday! Guess what, i have 2 weekends off this month! OMG such a godsend rofl`

I'm gonna prepare the food, and love will decide where to bring me. Considered suggestions will be zoo, sentosa, any beach or park =) YAY~ Can't wait can't wait. Lotsa fun fun meet ups as well. Clubbing with Rayn and Dee on 11th before he leaves for Brisbane on 16th, and also meeting up with Sandy and maybe Yixian too on the 12th.

I wanna save tonnes of money! So that my dream of visiting Rome, Spain and Venice can come true. I wanna set a tentative timeline of 3 yrs le. In order to live comfortably as well. muahaha` I'll be working on my birthday next month i guess, didn't apply leave to go anywhere. Oh well. We'll see how it goes. ^^

Lalalala bought sushi for dinner tonight. Can share with Chris. ^^ Feeling really light-hearted and happy. Wanna work very hard. Goal for this month - Hit 2.3 k =)) *Yea i really don't earn much, at least not as much as u guys think haha ^^

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rainbow always depicts a great day!

"u do take my breath away
make my heart beat faster.
made my 2 palms sweat
but that doesn't mean i don't love you.
it means i do.
sometimes your heart knows what your mind can't explain
but my heart doesn't race for anyone else. "

Very sweet excerpt from the drama series " Ugly Betty " . =) I'm already until the 10th episode of the 1st season. ^^

Was activated for flight on 29th and 30th, which posts more income! =) And sales were quite good too. ^^ And on 31st (Saturday), I had dinner with love at Popeye's in T1 before i went for Chennai flight. And he came and fetched me home at 7+am and led to Mac's breakfast in AMK garden! Big breakie for me and pancakes with sausage for him.

Saw this rainbow just after we came out of the aircraft after India flight. =) Sweet. ^^ When was the last time u've seen a rainbow? It's been years for me i guess.

Dear's sausage, which he went and cut a very nicely shaped heart shape, contrary to what i told him - rigid heart shape.. hehe`

And yea, he loves his mac breakie nicely peppered.

Went back home and rest for a few hours before we both head out again to amk hub to have dinner and also walk around. Finally managed to try Bibimbap. Really tastes great! muahaha` Now im no longer just a kimchi chigae (kimchi soup) supporter!

Stayed home and slack yesterday on my day off as well. Was watching Man Vs Wild and Ugly Betty hehe` And today, i did 4 sectors again. Really appreciate everything love has done for me. Saw the wrong timing for flight. Thought should reach airport by 5am but revised timing is 6:15am. So i ended up getting love to wake up so early.. And he even waited with me in BT's carpark for half an hour just to accompany me. Felt super bad and very very touched. And he himself only had to wake up at 7am to go to camp for reservist. gan dong..

Had a great flight today. Love to fly with those koreans cuz they're really friendly. ^^ muahahhaa` YAY i'm feeling uber sense of satisfaction derived from work. All that adrenaline pumping. hee` Today the last sector from Padang to Singapore, this caucasian seated at the emergency exit row wanted to buy the Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance for me. Thought he wanted to get for his gurlfriend. Ended up i really persuaded him soooo much to buy it from me. And he said he wanna get it for me. So i said 'in that case, forget it, don't waste your money" haha` How's tt? lol =)

Lovely phone which my colleague is using - Ferrari, which he got from China rofl` Very extremely basic functions with only 1.3 MP cam.

really wth right.. o.O

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