Thursday, July 31, 2008

And so....

I was activated for the same 4 sectors on 29th - Kl and BKK. Bad sales as usual, but very fun set of crew. And i've also met Xiaoling, who was on my flight from BKK back to Singapore. hehe` Gave her and her friends a cuppa Forest Fruits tea each. ^^

Yesterday i've already boarded the train and on my way to work in the evening. Dan called me and said he just reached home. So i got off the train and we had a quick dinner in Junction 8 before he sent me to the airport =)) Really love every minute spent with him!

Bangalore flight was great, cuz of the set of nice crew. It was gruelling of course imagine working all the way till 6+am. Shared cab home with Idzwan and showered. Crawled into bed at 8+ and slept till 5am when dan texted me to tell me he's gotten off from work. We had dinner at the coffeeshop downstairs after which he came over and visited the puppies! hehe` Logged into our CPF account to check our balances and tried to work out some plans. Save money, find a flat, rom and customary. ^^

We're gonna have our date tomorrow! Really looking forward to it. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeee`

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lalalalalala 4 females dogs added into the family.

Total of 8 puppies by far that jojo has conceived and also the 3rd birth this time =) This time it's a grand total of 4 female puppies =) She's getting better at it. hehe` Of course we'll definitely go and sterilise her after this cuz heard that giving birth too many times will cause her life span to be shorten hmmmmmm`

Chatting with Yixian now. She just started school yesterday and she says it's very slack cuz she only has got 4 modules.

Lol im kinda bored but i'll have to prepare to go work soon =( Sad Sad world. hehe` Oh there's a new Victoria Secret's counter in DFS. Saw them setting up last night. I wanna visit!!!!!!!! Muahahha` Shall go to work early and check it out. muahahhaha`Love VS' Body Splashes and hand lotion.


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Any takers for newborn puppies? Can only be given after 2 months preferably cuz need to breastfeed from mummy. Erm pure jack russell and long coat breed. ^^
Birthdate - 29th July 2008
At this point of time, only 2 popped out, gender unknown cuz we're not supposed to disturb the birth =X

Not too sure if my family wants to keep another female jack russell. And prolly my godbrother Jinwei has booked one puppy already ^^ So yup, we'll just see if anymore pops out later.

Just got back from work not long ago, and supper with sweetie in Jalan Kayu. Last night after my work he came and fetched me too and we had dinner in Novena's IRAS Jap place. Had my fix of salmon sashimi that i've been craving. Great chat with mr dan and we've kinda decided on the kind of wedding rings we'd like to have. hehe` He says no engagement ring, which means no solitaire hehe but tt's fine with me. =))

Anyhow, i really have to turn in now cuz im too shagged from work. Been activated for the same 4 sectors tomorrow. =( Only a couple more flights to being a CIC onboard. Scared scared hehe`

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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Date last night was pretty awesome ^^ We decided to head down to Novena for dinner at Lerk Thai cuz we really missed their Clear but lethal and shiok Tom Yam Soup. ^^ Ended up Guiness was having their 9-ball pool competition and we though of ah bam cuz he's real good at it. And really, we saw ah bam right there competing with this Indian guy. hehe` His gf was there too so we had dinner after his match, together in Lerk Thai in Square 2.

Apparently he was invited to this competition. omg hehe he must be damn good at it. We ate quite abit in Lerk Thai and the bill chocked up to 120 for the 4 of us lol` =X

Dearest sent them home after dinner and both of us headed to amk hub to play in the arcade. Really heart my wedges last night it really kept me in a bubbly mood. And it's even better with the company of love. The date only ended at about 5am and i was really really infatuated with him. hehe` Call it infatuation, call it love, i can't get enough of him always. Cuz he really takes such great care of me.

Today i woke up at 12noon and stayed home to play games and dl stuff. He sprung me a surprise, bought me lunch and bubble tea. Stayed at my place and watched man vs wild for a couple of hours before he headed back home. And now he's on his way to dbl o to celebrate his buddy's birthday. Really missed dancing with him but i can't cuz i've got an early morning flight tomorrow. ^^ hee` Enjoy baby!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

lalalalala im at home! ^^

hee` Having 3 days off straight is the damn greatest thing ever. =)) Have got 3 of tt this month and also another 2 more next month. Anybody wanna go BKK? haha` 3 more flights before i stand out on my own already, giving briefings, doing paperwork and be the one passengers lashed out at when they're in a demanding mood. -.- Boohoohoo`

But gladly so, my pay will rise! muahahahha`

Stayed home yesterday. Went downstairs to buy some groceries and also altered the new working pants. Dearest dan then came and fetched me over at my place. We had dinner nearby and then headed to Yishun, Eugene's aunt's place for his dad's wake. Felt really awkward, so all thanks to dearest for accompanying me, though he feels even more awkward. =(

Chatted with Eugene for a short while and gave the bai jin money before we made our way back home. Really really feels sooo much like crying when i talk to him cuz he looks sooo down. I mean he's normally stoic kinda person but he'll still laugh when u talk to him. But he looked almost like breaking down when i was talking to him.. So yup, i have faith in him that he'll stand up to be the next man of the family and take care of his younger sis and his mum. ^^

Chatted with wing last night. CHANWINGMAN is coming back on 4th AUG!!!! hehe` And kin pong wants me meet me for a meal as well o.O lol`Gonna be meeting my primary schoolmates for dinner soon too. hehe` All the fond memories =)) Glad we're all so active in that thread in facebook.

I have a date with honey tonight!!! Really excited. Ermmmm dunno what to do or where to go though lol` Just plain excited. Cuz he's sooooo yummylicious i just can't get enough of him, at all! Was asking him if it's still honeymoon period tt we're feeling right now. He said no, honeymoon period's over and this feeling is what we'll have for the rest of our lives. hehe` AWWW ^^

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Couple of updates..

Well emotions overruled. Ups and downs in life. I've gotten kinda excited cuz for today's 3 sectors flight, ping2 let me take over everything a CIC has to do. And i did it pretty well huh` *pat on the back

Really adore love so so much. We had bak chor mee in Punggol for dinner. Really can't get enough of each other. So reluctant to go home separately after every meeting. hehe` Love's so determined to save every penny he's earning and was telling me he'll definitely save at least 20k for these 2 years so we could get married. ^^ I really love this man.

Gotten to know that Eugene's dad has passed away after the long battle with cancer. Well hope that he, his mum and younger sister can tide over this difficult period. =( Will try and visit him soon i guess.

Roster for next month is out! And i'm SFA (Senior flight Attendant) Angela haha` Wheeeeeeeeee` Really excited. Wonder what's in store for me. Hope everything will go smoothly for my future flights.

Oh yea, Wing's coming back next month 4th -11th. Wanna meet up with her so badly ^^ Was just randomly asking how she was and she told me she's coming back. GREAT! =))

Project runway's new season is out! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee

Am gonna go slack around and prolly chat with my mum or something ^^

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Genting trip.

Reached Genting Highlands at 5am on last Thursday morning. Went to one of the casinos to see see cuz we've never been into one before. Gotten the card where we could use to deposit cash/credits inside. Played the jackpot machine for quite a long time before we went to those tai sai/roulettes etc tables to see see. Was wowed by some of those staff at the tables, cuz their stance were soooo cool yet some were quite ugly.

Went to the hotel via the scary and cold passageway cuz it was in open air.

Found alot of these very well formed cobwebs all over the light bulbs.

See how foggy it was on the morning we reached.

The caterpillar for measuring height outside the theme park hotel, which is also the hotel we stayed in.

Went to shop and had brunch before we checked into the hotel cuz we couldn't take it anymore as our own bags + shopping bags were weighing down way too much. Rested in the hotel for a short while before we decided to go to the outdoor theme park ^^ Took the lovely spaceshot and also other thrilling rides and we survived them. wahhahaa`

Headed back to the hotel to change back from lenses into specs and headed out again to first world for somemore shopping. Went to Ripley's believe it or not.

The fertility statues.. Well i didn't touch them, cuz i can't get impregnated yet!!

Sandy's sitting on the chair for the world's tallest man.

Presenting to u.. angela fatty bom bom! Baby will u still love me if im this fat? hehe


we were having so much fun playing with this mirror haha`

Check out Sandy's uber huge butt and my huge tummy. hehe`

Cute dog with a duck on his hind leg ^^

Are u very sure about this? hmmmmm` I really have no idea..

They should really put this brick along pathways in China wahahhaha` Preparation for globalisation on Olympics.

Went to Coffee Bean to chill out and nua until 10.15pm where we went and watch the Batman - A dark knight. Very draggy show that could really do without alot of scenes. Nice action though. And i dozed off at some of the scenes hehe`

Headed back to hotel and packed our 'loot' hehe`Slept at about 2am and woke up the next morning at 11pm. Showered and checked out of hotel.

While waiting for the lift.

Outside the hotel and apparently Thursday's weather was not really good. Super foggy until the theme park has to be closed hehe` Phew. Lucky us.

And now u can see her when she's nearer. ^^

Can't see the face at all..

Now u can ^^ We both have this huge 'conserve the earth' bag from FOS hehe` Great to put our shopping stuff in!

Short getaway!

Had lunch at this very affordable fine dining place in First World area call Torcello's? hehe`

My order of Grilled chicken set meal.

Hers was Fried Dory fish with chips. Didn't take the picture though. hehe` They really did changed Sandy's knife to that of the knife for eating fish and also served me salad fork and all.. o.O

Even the coffee was classic! They actually served the common milk and sugar jar and also this small flask of coffee which they pour into the cup. ^^ Lovely.

And thus, we could both share ^^ And my set meal only cost about 30 RM. =))

Headed to get the shoes and to get tickets for the coach.

The bus terminal in First World. ^^

Visibility was really quite bad hehe`

Really enjoyed ourselves on this short getaway! wheeeeeeeeeeeee`


Operated Perth flight yesterday and earned quite abit cuz sales was really good. Dan came and fetched me and we decided to have supper in Punggol's HK Cafe. Ordered some tim sum and also cheese baked rice with pork chop. And fancy meeting Daryl there!!! hehe He walked right into the restaurant and i was like 'Hey!' hehe` Chatted quite a while with love and we really really did have loads of fun despite the short time spent together. ^^ Every date with him is just crazily fun hehe`

And today he finished work super early so he sent me to Kallang Industrial park to collect my uniform and we had lunch together near there. Had prawn noodles and chicken rice balls. ^^ Not bad at all.. He then dropped me off in Town and i went to trim my eyebrows and bought a few pieces of lingerie ^^

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD guess what???????????????????

OMGOMGOMGOMG hehe my primary school teacher Mrs Chow called me just now in the evening!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently she came across a card i send her this year and it had my hp no.. So she called me to chat with me. Well i haven't been in touch with her for a long time. Just making sure to either send a Christmas or Chinese New Year card every year. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` hehe Superbly ecstatic! ^^

Alrighty....... shall go and sleep soon le cuz i'll have to wake up early tomorrow ^^

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feelin a little ill and tired..

Whipped up dinner for dearest on Wednesday night. Set the radish/carrot and pork ribs soup to cook since morning. Then cooked sambal lala and veggie in the evening. ^^ Glad to have him over for dinner and spend some time before he send me off to Golden Mile and i met up with Sandy at 10.30pm to set off to Genting.

Reached Genting at about 5am and went straight to the casino cuz we didn't know what else to do. Played jackpot for a couple of hours and and watched other people play tai sai, roulette and others. hehe` Such an eye opener ^^

Had breakfast in KFC and went shopping after that. Checked into Theme Park Hotel at 12+pm and went straight out to the outdoor theme park cuz Sandy felt like going. ^^ Played for a couple of hours and hey, Sandy's not afraid of thrilling rides anymore! Muahahha`

Went back to hotel and geared ourselves up for somemore shopping in first world, Ripley's Believe it or not (exactly the same as few yrs ago when i visited it), dinner and also Batman - A dark knight.

Woke up only at 11am and prepared to check out. Had lunch in a fine dining but very affordable restaurant in First World. Decided to go check out the shoes again. Ended up i bought 2 pairs of Vincci shoes at 1 shot within 10 min lol` =X

Shall post up the rest of the pics when i have my day off. *Shoes are more impt.

Took coach back to SG and love came and fetched me home. ^^ We had supper in Jalan Besar's very nice yung tau foo place^^ hehe` He then came over to my place to chill out for a while. And today i was activated last minute for a 3 sectors flight. We had dinner after that as well near my place. Totally shagged out. Feeling rather ill now when i fly now.. =(

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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm finally back on track!

Been sick for almost a week and im finally back on track! =)) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee Finally totally have my voice back yesterday ^^

On last saturday, i went to visit the doctor in the late morning and packed lunch over to dan's place after that. Bought 2 novels from Popular cuz they were having 1 for 1 sale =)) muahahah` Watched Zohan over at baby's place and helped him installed Windows office program from my hard disk drive. Slacked until about evening and went back home for dinner.

He stayed home for dinner as well and we both of us went out again thereafter. Along with Chris, we watched the 9.30pm 'Hellboy II' in Jubilee cuz Cathay was fully booked. Enjoyed Eng wah's popcorn cuz it's been a long time since i've tasted such lovely flavoured very salty and also sweet and crunchy popcorn ^^ Had supper in S-11 and headed home.

And the next day - Sunday, i stayed home all day and went to AMK central again with my family. We had steamboat dinner at our favourite heartland place. Enjoyed the dinner alot and we went shopping after tt. God forbid me, i bought Sally Hansen's nail lacquer again.. hee =X

Couldn't sleep cuz was just toooo excited about the genting trip with Sandy! Booked the hotel already last night and only slept for less than 4 hours before i went to operate Xiamen flight. Very fun set of crew i've had onboard. =) And they were all telling me ghost stories in hotels, spooking me cuz i'll be going to genting soon. o.O Dinner with them after flight. Chatted all the way from 5pm till 7+ and KD, the heir of the royal family Aisin Gioro sent me home ^^

Very very excited!! Will be having 3 days off after tomorrow's flight but sandy only has got 2 days off. So we'll be taking midnight coach on wednesday night, only checking into hotel on thursday and then going back home on friday afternoon. haha, nothing much lar but still, we're gonna enjoy ourselves! ^^

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Feeling extremely happy!

=)) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Went out with dearest today. (Love it when he asks me something starting with 'dearest')

We headed to Marina Square's John Little, found the cabin bag which i really liked but at an exorbitant price. So decided not to get it and had dinner in the food court. Shopped around and i've finally found the CD i've been looking for! - Class 95 fm Old Skool . Consists of a compilation of the 80's hits. Heart the songs sooooooo much!!! Really extremely happy. Can't wait so i played the cd in the car hee`

Went to Mustafa to hunt for the cabin bag. Bought it in the end, the one i've been eyeing, and it cost 70 bucks cheaper than in John Little. wahhahahah` ^^ Wheeeeeeeeee` More motivation to work. =))

But i still have no voice, gonna take mc tomorrow. Felt really extremely happy!!!! I've got stuff that i've wanted ^^

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TR gathering in Eastvale Condo.

BBQ, salad bar, pasta, donuts, curry, you name it, we've had it. Location - Eastvale Condo opposite Downtown East. Most cabin crew, tech crew and office staff showed up. Karaoke, lucky draw =))

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CIC Course

The Team Leaders, instructor and lastly, inflight services manager.

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SEP Recurrent '08

First Aid..

CRM course

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