Sunday, August 31, 2008

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Finally im happier!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Muahahhah I'm super happy ^^ Spent everyday in the hospital from Tuesday till today. Mum stayed in TTSH and only able to be discharged today. Booked a slot for an ambulance to send her home just now cuz it's very troublesome for her to walk and our flat's not at the lift landing floor. Gonna have to go for flight later.

Firstly i must say thanks to dearest. Mummy stayed in the hospital for a whole of 5 nights, and dearest dan came over on all 4 nights, except for one when he had to attend a dinner with his family. And last night he brought the walking aide over to the hospital for mum to try using and yup it's all good. Mum can even walk up and down the steps now that's why she can be discharged.

On Friday night i stayed over at dearest' place after we've visited my mum in the hospital. We watched Harold & Kumar, which i felt was like another American Pie movie.. hmmmmm`

Last night dearest and i headed to AMK for dinner at Ramen Ten (Lousy ramen stock! hehe) and then 'Death Race' in Jubilee. Omg totally worth the money cuz it's soooo heart stopping kinda thriller. Totally awed by their race cars creations and it's like the Mario Kart cuz they have power ups like shield and guns. Love the movie alot! hee had our favourite popcorn too ^^

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally i've had exactly 8 hrs of rest..

Finally i've had enough rest last night. Been working and taking care of my mum for the past few days. On last Saturday, i went to colleague's wedding lunch in Teban Garden. Surprised both me and dan alot. Was expecting traditional malay deco but turned out to be soooooo pretty.

See? It's free from green and yellow colors which most malay weddings have. This is like soooooooooooo nice! We really don't mind doing this in a restaurant next time we have our wedding! Asked love if he minds pink since this is like mostly tt. He replied no cuz this is really very pretty!

Catering was fantastic too! hehe` Went over to her place after that and gave our blessings. =) After which we carried on our date.

dearest driving the lorry. haha see tt's my macho man. Specially wore a shirt =))

Shopped around in Vivocity and finally decided to rest our feets in Shin Kushiya - Treat from love. We were having such a hard time thinking of what to have in the end we just ordered the set meal which consists of ALL of the following.


Salmon roe in Radish. (Superb!)

Forgot what's the white one and maguro. Not too bad but we still prefer sake though.

Eggplant in some kinda sauce with bonito flakes.

Deep fried tofu with mushroom sauce. Very nice. ^^

Poached egg in special broth, specially ordered by love cuz he heard from his bro tt it's nt too bad. Turned out he liked it alot too!

Took his picture yet he doesn't wanna look this way... bah`

Tempura Moriawase. Good too except for the tapioca which was too raw..

Kushiya! hehe` Super nice omgomgomgomgomg... Will definitely come back for this.. From left - chicken, salmon and radish, pork belly with wasabi sauce and bacon roll with enoki mushrooms. SUPER GOOD! Tasted the bacon one first cuz it's our all time favourite and salmon last and was like soooooooo craving for it. The BBQ taste is really there and it's just soooo soooo good. =)) Especially the salmon!

No wonder they specialise in Kushiya. hehe`

Lastly kiwi Cheesecake. Looks very nice but it's average only.. Toooo much like the gelatin texture and not like the normal cheesecake. hehe`

This is only for show dear doesn't really like cheese hehe`

And the shots he took of me are all blur bah` hehe`

The meal was fantastic. Consists of all of the above except the poached egg. Included Cha Soba too but i didn;t take a picture of that. I mean, everyone knows how a cha soba looks like right hehe` And it's alright too, but really not as nice as that of Waraku's.

Sunday i headed to work the whole day and had dinner with love.

And monday, I did Guangzhou flight too. Nothing much happened.. Managed to last minute change flight with Adele on Tuesday. So i accompanied my mum to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for her operation on her right leg to rid of arthritis. She was extremely nervous much more than previous operations cuz she doesn't like to trouble other ppl and it's so inconvenient when she can't walk.

I stayed in the hospital the whole day from 8am to 10+pm. The operation is only 2 hours but it became 4 hours plus recovery and all. Totally faint. Waited for a long time until 2pm before they finally called me. Went to the ward and visited mum, accompanied her the whole day. Ray and Chris dropped by too. She didn't eat anything on Tuesday cuz she still felt groggy and nauseatic from the morphine. And yesterday i stayed in the ward from 9am to 9+pm. She finally ate something. ^^ hehe Really glad.

Helped her with everything yesterday, physiotherapy, changing of diapers, fed her some food. She really deserves it, from all that she's done for me, bearing the arthritis pain in her legs for more than 10 years just to work and bring us all up. Saw how the nurse dress the wound, well it's easy, i can do it too. ^^ Mummy's gonna take a long time to learn how to walk but i believe she can do it. =)

On Tuesday night Chris' gf and church friends dropped by and prayed for mummy. ^^ Sweet of them, And last night dan dropped by too. Really appreciate it sweetheart. On standby today and tml, wondering if i should drop by the hospital for a while or something. =(

Here's a picture to cheer myself up! See how cute these little puppies are becoming? hee`

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

320th date

haha kidding! As if i really do remember this is the how many date that we've had ^^

First things first.. Isn't this cute???

We try to let them freely walk around the living room now so that they can learn to walk better =) then my mum just threw the tatty bear towards my favourite and .... she just laid there and sleep on one of the bear's limbs.. o.O Super adorable hehe`

Dan's a very sweet person ^^ He finished his work very early at 1pm and didn't wanna go back to the office so early. So he brought lunch over to my place for my family and me.

Dan - Are u hungry?
Me - Not really..
Dan - Oh was thinking of getting lunch for u, ur family and myself, since u're nt hungry, i'll get lunch for ur family and myself.
Me - DOTS -.- wth

Oh well, the naughty bf i have. He then went back to the office, and back home to shower before he picked me up. Headed to Suntec cuz we really feel like watching movie in Eng Wah cuz their salty popcorn is sooo shiok =) Caught 4bia. Well it was alright, really laughed like crazy at some of their scenes. Before the movie we had our fill in the arcade hehe` Love those machines.

Getting too hot from all that excitement hehe`

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Dinner with dan's family.

It's been a long time since i last did that.

Flight 2 nights back to darwin and back was great. Nothing much happened, except as usual we became very fatigue due to the long hours.

3 days off starting from yesterday. Slept all the way until 2pm when i woke up and called up to reserve a very nice chocolate from 4 leaves. Luckily they have it so i went down to Thomson Plaza and collected the cake and bought KFC back home. Fish Zinger wasn't so nice cuz i still prefer the good ol' chicken one but the pasta shrimp nuggets were terrific! =)) haha Glad i've gotten an extra serving. muahahaha

Slacked at home for a while, played games and watch hk serial drama. Love came and fetched me at 7+pm after he knocked off from work. Headed to East Coast straight for dinner with his family in Waraku. Purpose was to celebrate his dad's birthday. Ordered loads of food!! Main course for everyone and i had cha soba this time which was extreme goodness... Had alot of side dishes like soft shell crab, geso karaage and also yakitori sticks. Ordered their hotpot, sushi and sashimi and tempura too.

Love surprised me with a mickey plush toy when he came back from his smoke break hehe` =) Sweet. He only used 2 bucks to catch it. wahhahaha` Really enjoyed myself alot. We all headed back home to cut the cake cuz we were all too full. Cake was good cuz i love the crunchy hazelnut flakes in the chocolate cake =)

Was bored while waiting for dearest to come fetch me b4 dinner i camwhored. It's been quite a while since i've last did that. rofl`

Shirt frm BKK! Only 150 baht.

My eyes are soooooooooo round here hehe` Don't mind the mess behind hehe`

My favourite one amongst the 4 puppies. =)) 2 huge black spots on body and 1 on butt. And also the longest coat of fur as compared to the rest. Taken after its mummy.

Sleeping most of the time.

Fat BLOB of meat.

2 puppies with only black and white. Left's my favourite!!!

And the other 2 with brown and white. And a little bit of black near their eyes.

See the contrast of the longer coat of fur? hehe`

Still can't even stand properly. ^^

Above is my brothers' favourite. The one with a brown spot in between the top of the head.

Getting ready to pounce? (MY FAVE)

lol looks like a rag doll or a hand puppet.

Super adorable picture ^^ hehe`

Only 23 days old and they're sooooo fat! hehe` We feed them milk out of a milk bot cuz their mummy is too small size and we're worried about her health too hee`

Shall go to bed soon. ^^

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm positive in life.

I believe in being very optimistic. So nobody can bring you down. I've become so optimistic that i'm not really affected by what people say. In workplaces, in my life.

Well, not that people talk about me in my workplaces. But alot of people are asking why certain people didn't get promoted to CIC yet some who didn't deserve it did. Of course i belong to the 1st group (i.e i'm still an ACTING CIC, not the actual one). And now there's another round of people of got promoted and some seniors didn't. (I didn't apply) So yup.. Another round of displease. Oh well sometimes 'angkat bola' (Carry balls) really makes a difference. ^^

Love takes some time after he finished his work and we had lunch and shopped in AMK hub. Really really do cherish every single moment spent with him cuz it's always so much fun being together.

Was chatting with my ex online just now. Really doesn't affect me as much as it used to. hehe` Started talking about FIR's concert and then it gradually leads to the break-up. Truthfully, i'm sad about how things turned out ugly. But he really isn't as sensitive as what a normal person will be cuz one would actually feel the 'fading out' phase. Anyhow, i didn't regret at all, not even an ounce. If given a chance, i'd do it w/o hesitation, but prolly in a better way if there is.

I believe i've been very soft hearted already, letting it dragged for so long. For once i really have to be selfish and not think about what other might feel. To just let it go cuz he just wasn't my life time partner. Not saying that im right, but he said what goes around comes around. I have a clear conscience thus i'm not afraid of karma. And moreover, i've found the one, the person whom i really do cherish alot and love spending every moment with. You can dwell on it for all i care, and i can't believe u'd even say things like 'She'll break up with me willingly if i wanna patch back with you'. This just proves u do not even deserve love from anybody. haha What a sad story.

^^ Anyhow, lalala i'm very happy with dan the man.

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Mr Bryan

Refer to Sandy's latest post of the mysterious caller hehe` *fyi, Sandy works in a local bank's Call Centre.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

New year resolution?

Have i fulfilled my new year resolutions? Looking back, i've made 3 of them. One is to take good care of my body.. Ermmm still working on it =) hehe` One is to have the people around me happy always. Well it's difficult to change the world. And lastly, to go on holidays as much as possible this year.

February - Phuket trip with Dan (Checked)

May - Perth trip with Sandy & Jingyun (Checked)

July - Genting shopping, chill and relax trip with Sandy (Checked)

August - Bangkok shopping trip with Nooraini (Checked)

September - Cambodia Angkor Wat Sightseeing trip with Chris and friends

4 different countries in a year? Not too bad huh. =) hehe` Can't wait to go to Siem Reap next month. ^^ Reward myself on the good work of a CIC. hehe` (Actually it's just an excuse) lol`

Wanna take annual leave on November as well so love and i could go book chalet and enjoy ourselves with the company of some friends, BBQ food and alcohol. ^^


My day off today, reached home from work quite late and slept only at 10am all the way till 6pm. Woke up to spend some time with my family, played with the puppies too ^^ They've opened their eyes! And soooooo cuddly and fat my god. hehe` Super cute. hee` Watched episode 23 of “命中注定我爱你”. Very very touching, got me thinking quite abit.

一生中能够遇上好几个人 ,但最终就只有一位是和你最有默契。 那个人也就是命中注定要和你在一起的人。

Flashbacks about how i've met Dan, how we've gotten closer to each other and fallen in love. How we've fought for our happiness and right now enjoying life together. How we might even grow old together and share our marriage vows and keeping to it. =)

Cherish the people around u ^^

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another reason more to deslike prcs.

Guess what happened on my Guangzhou flight on Friday morning?

As usual the whole flight was full of PRCs. And after service, i was serving the captain his food. And before that i've folded a white trash bag and held it up at the crew seat in the front of the aircraft for the passengers to throw their rubbish in.

Then when i came out of the cockpit, horrors of horror i saw a Chinese woman holding up her 4 yr old son and peeing right into the trash bag!

Was so horrified i scolded her right there in then in Mandarin. Asking her why she did it and can't she just wait for the person from the toilet to come out. And the toilet's just an arm's away. WTF! And the pee was all over outside the trash bag and on my galley floor!!! Bloody hell.


And so i threw her a bunch of paper hand towels and told her to clean it up.. and after tt i sprayed TONNES of disinfectant. BLOODY FUCK. -.- Even my crew really don't dare to sit on her crew seat except for landing.

Really soooo spastic these people can be sometimes. Prolly wasn't born with brains or something. Really pity them for being so shallow and barbaric. -.-

And somebody smoked in the toilet, yet my set of crew didn't notice at all. Gotten me so angry for the rest of the flight.


Yesterday i was activated for the 3 sectors flight. SIN --> Macau --> CLark --> SIN Not too bad at all. Sales was crazy.. We hit 2k yesterday and was working non stop and only had something to eat in the last sector at 5pm. o.O

After we touched down and finished our work in the briefing room, i went to change my clothes and met up with love. We had Xinghua Lor mee cuz we were craving for it. And i packed them home for my family too. Cuz they were all hungry and mummy just came back from Surabaya ^^ They really love it too! hee` Yesterday's one was especially sweet. I need to go nap soon cuz im doing an india night flight later. Hmmmmmmmmm` Want so badly to spend a whole weekend with love. =(

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Extraordinary stuff that sometimes do happen in life.. ^^

Interesting things to talk about. Firstly, I went to BKK with my colleague Nooraini from Tuesday evening to yesterday morning. Stayed in Swiss Park Hotel for 2 nights in Sukhumvit. Not bad at all! Very clean and affordable ^^

Azrin, me and Nooraini in BKK Airport. Dearest Azrin actually made a key chain written with my name and my staff number as well as his name and staff no when he went to Bali. haha ^^

Was pouring heavily when we touched down in BKK. Took cab back to hotel and then went down to the night market nearby to shop! Had supper in KFC. Super cheap and nice finger food they have there, especially the shrimp donut ^^

The next day, we went to MBK mall first then to Pratunam market and Platinum fashion mall. Had lunch in the huge food court.

Tom Yam & mango sticky rice which i didn't take a shot of. hehe`

Headed to World Trade Centre's Naraya and bought loads of stuff! Gotten a huge black tote bag to carry for short flights, a grocery bag for mum, a set of 2 ponies pouches and also a shoe pouch for myself. Chilled out in Starbucks for a while to rest our feet.

Went back to hotel to put down our very heavy purchases and went back out for dinner and somemore shopping.

Dinner at The Basil. (Halal cuz my colleague's a malay and im like soooo sad cuz i didn't eat pork at all and from the roadside stalls thru'out!!) Totally love their stir fry pork with basil leave but this is chicken.. Hmmmmm`

Will always have the above dish w/o fail everytime i go to Thailand - Deep fried Shrimp Cakes.
OMG Super good....

Rested a while before we got up at 5am thai time to prepare to leave for the airport.

In the 2 nights we've stayed in BKK, we've actually encountered 2 different men who came up and wanted to 'befriend' us. All for the name of sex of course. -.- WTF.. lol` Of course dearest angela's not afraid at all. One of them even stalked us all the way back to our hotel. Just diao them until they're scared hehe`

Adidas check in baggage and red grocery bag for the thai goodies. The adidas bag weighed only 3 kg when i went to bkk and came back weighing 6kg hehe` ONLY...

Lovely polka dotted tote bag i've gotten! ^^ Sweet.

Fake MAC eyeliner/eyebrow pencil/ lipstick and blusher.

Naraya goodies. Purple's the shoe pouch, the blue and yellow ponies printed are for my work to put my documents and money in.. And the lower black one is the grocery bag and the huge black one behind is erm.. quite nice... lol tt's why i bought it.

Showcase of all the stuff i've bought.

Just the clothes.. Bought 2 dresses after these too. =X hehe`

Us waiting in the airport for check-in.



Boarded the A/C (Aircraft) to go back to SG, CIC was Fizah. Door closed for preparation for departure. Already on the runway next to take off. Loud engines sounds as per normal, accelerated very very fast and then sudden jam brake! Captain said "Crew at stations crew at stations"

Nooraini and i were already prepared to evacuate and know our nearest routes already. Then captain made announcement saying that we have to abort take off and return to parking bay for the engineer to inspect. Ben's voice was really shivering.. which freaked us out. Then F/O made announcement saying the A/C has had a birdstrike and it's a regulation for engineer to inspect the A/C before take off.

Took only 45 min and we took off safely. ^^ OMG really hmmmmmmmmm` Scary experience.

Moreover it was a crane who hit the nose of the A/C.. wth -.- What a way to choose for suicide. Stupid and pitiful bird.

Worked today. Another extremely interesting matter but im too tired to blog already. Soon my loves.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boo shagged!

=)) Just came back from flight not long ago. Feeling really tired but extremely happy! Firstly, dan's been very very extra sweet these 2 days. On Sunday, our 17th mth anni, i had to go for a flight reporting 8:20AM. So i woke up at 6am, and received a text from him saying "Breakfast in bed?" And he told me to open the door.

There he was, standing right at the door step holding 2 sets of Mac's hotcakes with sausages. I then carried on prepare for work, put on make up and all. And he fed me hotcakes. ^^ *blissful
hehe` He then sent me for flight fetched me back home as well. He accompanied me for late dinner at Waraku in East Coast. Satisfied myself with their miso ramen and geso karaage.

Went to catch masak and also change coins for my float after which.

And yesterday, love managed to finish his work very fast so he bought lunch over to my place. We watched 'Meet Dave' and had our packed lunch. Slacked until around 4pm before he sent me to Jalan Kayu where i took a bus to work and he went back to his office. =)

Last minute plans to go BKK tonight with 2 of my colleagues ^^ hehe` Wheeeeeeee Going for 2 nights. =) Shall go and sleep soon cuz i haven't caught a wink the whole night.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Much too tired from work.

Worked very hard for yesterday's flight to Guangzhou. Hit 1.2k for sales which was really good cuz i did my best for Duty Free. ^^

Was really tired and im happy i've completed my 1st China flight as a CIC. Cuz China stations are always very troublesome when it comes to paperwork. =) Really am glad. Who's gonna share my happiness with me? Doing 3 sectors later. Really really am shagged.. OJT crews were very good yesterday ^^ Did their appraisal as well. I'm really getting the hang of the roles of the CIC.

Am gonna go sleep soon.. Really bored at home cuz i've finished watching the series. Happy Anni =( But i gotta go hit the sack..

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Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm really supposed to be sleeping actually..

Will upload somemore pictures of the puppies but im lazy.. hehe`

Really heart this picture. ^^ Took it on my birthday this year in Terminal 3 at the ID Photo Booth. Walked over to that machine when yixian was too busy chatting with the other friends who went to send her off. hehe` so evil of us. Hmmmmmmmm` Miss the gurls.

Stayed home whole day today. Finished watching a HK series. Feeling bored now but don't feel like sleeping at all.. how? I've gotta wake up at 3.15 AM.. Bah` Sleeping cycle really gets all mixed. 2 days of sleeping at 7am then suddenly 2 days later need to wake up at 3am.. And I have 2 OJT crew tomorrow as well. Oh well`

Dinner was with a great company! ^^ Over at the hawker centre beside Chomp Chomp. Had hotpot noodles, beef mui fan and also fried oyster ^^Nice! Shared a lovely piece of brownie with honey as well.

I really miss my momma.. But she's gonna coming back on 16th Aug. And erm... Happy National Day!

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Work work work and work..

On tuesday i was called up for Shenzhen flight as a normal crew. Isabelle was also called up as well. We really did have loads of fun for the flight with Amelia and Jeriah. Was laughing like crazeee thru'out and even after the flight's over and we were in the briefing room. Hmmmmmm`Crazeeee bunch of people who gets even more high after flight .. o.O

Went back home at 5am, hit the sack at 7am and woke up in the afternoon to go for another night flight - Darwin. This time im in charge of the flight and there were 2 more crew from the latest batch on OJT. Wrote their appraisal and happened to have very soft spoken crew so i myself have to teach them.. -.- Bao Ka Liao.... In contrary, it was a draggy flight.. Boo`

Went home and felt super shagged again.. Flying's really not good for the body. Hmmmmm` 2 AG (acting CIC) flights down! Muahahha` More smooth flights to come!

Was in slumberland all the way till 3pm when dearest woke me up and i went to play with the puppies until love knocked off from work. Headed to Lavender for herbal mutton soup and also the lovely fare we always have =)) Went to Marina Square and yet spent money at catching masak masak again. Hmmmmmmm` lol Dearest, we really have to kick this habit!

Watched The Art of the Devil 3 instead of the hungry ghosts festival cuz they didn't have it =( Really super gross movie. hehe But the company was great ^^ Gonna go turn in soon.. ^^

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

1st flight as an Acting CIC

Operated KL/BKK yesterday and it was really smooth =) Managed to come back 20 minutes early as well which was quite unusual. hehe` Wheeeeeeeeee` Tech crew were all nice people so yup, i really did good! *clap on the back*

Sales was great too when total sales for this flight were normally less than 300 bucks. But yesterday we managed to hit 945, which the bulk goes to Duty Free! Kudos ^^ Was swapping the credit cards like nobody's business faint` hehe` Really really super cool. =)) haha` And also a great sense of achievement.

Thanks to love who came and we had supper together after my flight. Really appreciate his effort and it's great to talk to him after a long day of work.

On standby today and i've gotten activated as a normal crew for Shenzhen flight =( Boo` Really quite sian but oh well. Work hard work hard, since i'll be going for a spa and massage session with Sandy soon! ^^ Wheeeeeeeeee`

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lonely gurl..

Cuz my mum and Chris are not around at home =( So so lonely at home. =(

Last night after love's dinner at about 11+pm, he came and fetched me over to his place. Bunked in for the night and slept in all the way till 12 plus when we headed to AMK hub for lunch. Really like the korean food in the food court ^^ Bought juice from B1 and also some stuff from the supermart after that.

Bought this frm the supermart, really tastes good. ^^

Dan then headed to meet his friends and i went back home. Decided not to go for the primary school gathering cuz hmmmm just didn't felt like going. Met up with Daryl instead. Had dinner in Shokudo in Raffles City. Treat for his birthday.

Grilled squid tentacles.

Rosti with hamburg and sour cream.

Sake Sashimi - Not really well cut cuz it was against the grain and really can feel the irritating 'chewiness' when u eat..

Not bad pizza cuz it's the 1st time i've tried a japanese pizza.

Grilled bacon wrapped prawns, scallops and beef skewers

Cha soba.

Happy happy.

Shopped in Robinsons and managed to get the stuff i wanted.

Finally used up my vouchers and also got it at 20% off too. ^^ hehe` Cool`

Hmmm this is how aunt angela will looks in future when fetching her daughter from the primary school.

Went shopping and then dessert at Ben & Jerry's cuz Canele's closed =( Shared a banana split and 2 of their new flavours plus choc therapy. ^^

Happy people haha`

hmmmm noooooo don't try to lick the fountain water u pig!

I'm lookin sooo soooo nua on the very comfy couch hmmmmmm`

Really had a great time ^^ And he said the next meal's on him muahahah`

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