Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

January - Got LG viewty and a new pair of specs. New Year's eve party was at BEDS in Mohamed Sultan hehe` Totally a blast when we welcomed the new year. =)

February - Did an airbrush tattoo with Sandy hehe Absolute waste of money -.- Though it was rather cool. Romantic valentine's day at holiday chalet ^^ Bought a red suede massage chair =) 1st time i've spent CNY with dan and met his relatives over at his place.

March - 2nd overseas trip - Phuket with dan. Brought along our first adult board game hehe`More outings with the gurls. Went for BA and CX interview but didn't get it. Dan and i turned 1 together.

April - The last time i've visited St. Marg's with Sandy and Yixian. Watched my 1st and only time of St. Elmo's Fire in cockpit. AOG (Aircraft on Ground) in Clark and we stayed a night there. o.O

May - Perth Trip for a week with Sandy and Jingyun. Stayed over at Yenching's place over the period. =) Attended foundation course and somemore clubbing. BBQ Dinner with poly friends over at Junjie's place.

June - First time to Zouk and Ubin.

July - Yixian left for Sydney on my birthday. Was sick during my birthday so i didn't get to eat the chocolate cake dan prepared for me =( Went for Yixian's convocation before she left. Attended CIC course and TR gathering in Eastvale. Genting trip with Sandy for 2 days 1 night. Attended Eugene's Dad's wake service. Jojo gave birth to 4 puppies of which we're still keeping 2 now =)

August - Attended Watinni's wedding. 1 night BKK shopping trip with Nooraini. Acting CIC for the whole month. 1st time we've visited shin kushiya and in love with it.

September - Siem Reap sightseeing trip to Angkor Wat with Chris and friends. 1st time to Ichiban Sushi and quite a good impression. Gathering with primary 6 classmates and teachers. Gotten my 1st branded bags - An LV speedy bag and a patent long wallet using my own money.

October - Saw Thomas Wong onboard my flight ^^ 1st time i've tried beef tongue in Shin Kushiya.

November - 1st time to Dempsey. Finally tried the korean BBQ again yay~ Extreme goodness =)) Celebrated Siti's birthday in St James. Got suspended from work for a week. Gotten life insurance and also upgraded Medishield Prudential insurance for wards up to Class A.

December - Rachel's solemnization at Equinox. 1st time to New Asia Bar @ members area. Bangkok 1 day shopping trip with Winnie. Refurnish home. Celebrated dan's birthday with romantic dinner. Went for CIC interview but didn't get it. Applied for 2 BTO (Build to Order) flats =) Changye sis gave birth to a baby boy name Keefe on 30th =)


2008 was filled with ups and downs, with family problems, and towards the end money problems.. But still, im as positive as ever, cuz im fortunate and rather happy. ^^

Resolutions for 2008
Not too bad. I've tried my best to fulfil these 3 resolutions. So do not be too ambitious to set unrealistic goalds for urself =X hehe` For the last resolution, i've used body scrub conscientiously and moisturize my body. =)) So yup, i did good.

Rather happy cuz i've went overseas quite a couple of times in 2008, fulfilling a resolution which i've set in the beginning of 2008. Visited phuket, perth, bangkok twice, genting and also Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Yay` =)) Send away 2008 and welcome the year 2009 with an open heart! I'll remain as receptive as ever and cheers to another year of great fun!

Of course as expected, the new resolutions of 2009:

(Includes resolutions of 2008 as well.)
As you can see, the resolutions for 2009 are more on the financial side. So i really do hope i'll be able to fulfil them by controlling more of my spending habits. Less restaurants trip, more delicious hawker food.

Treasure my friendships with various people alot. =) So i wanna keep it that way. Enjoying dan's company alot and hope it'll be the same in time to come.

Happy New Year! =)

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Yesterday.. all my troubles seem so far away......

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` was rather bored yesterday. Stayed home to play game, baked blueberry muffins and watched tv too. Absolutely love Cable's Demand TV where i can just scroll thru which movies/series i wanna watch and finish watching all the episodes for the latter =))

The blueberry muffins ^^ Rather nice but too sweet for my liking hmmmmmmm`

Went to Tangs Orchard with mum to shop in the afternoon for only a couple of hours before heading home empty handed cuz not in the mood to shop.. o.O Waste time and my money for cab fare! Argh`

Slacked for a while at home before my godbro Jinwei asked me out for dinner and chat-up session. We had biryani in amk hub before we headed to McCafe for a cuppa coffee. Talked about alot of stuff like dogs, secondary and poly school days, and also o levels exams. Chatted until 11:30pm before we decided to head home. ^^

The day ended with a nice closure ^^ I do cherish our friendships alot =)

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today's just one of the days which i really felt like getting out of home desperately =(

Hai` So so extremely bored.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Lunch ^^

Had a very fulfilling christmas this year! Just taking the opportunity to enjoy ourselves even though we're not celebrating the true meaning of this day ^^ On christmas eve i was called up for Bangalore night flight. Ended up partying 35,000 feet above the ground. Countdown 2 times and totally enjoyed ourselves. hee`

I had christmas eve dinner with dan in Changi Village before my flight. We devoured rice, extremely nice sambal kangkung, dumplings soup and also lala. =) After which i packed the famous nasi lemak for my colleague and also bought Subway sandwich and cookies.

It was a truly fun flight with a good set of crew. And we did make good money too =) After the flight when we touched down at about 7am, dearest came to fetch me home to sleep.

Dan came over when i was still sleeping. =)) Totally gave me a surprise and women LURVES surprises *wink* He brought over this....

My christmas present contained in a box! =)

When opened up it contains.......

Surprise surprise! I've seen my present before but it didn't have this plush couple in it. hee` ^^
Nice moderation baby.

In the box it contains a huge jug of saga seeds which dearest picked up painstakingly from that one tree in Newton..

See? It's 2 and a half times the size of my digicam ^^

Totally appreciate his effort for absolute everything he's done for me. And this gift is by far the one which made an impact in my heart. Cuz he put in so much effort. ^^ Truly very touched.

After i woke up from my nap, i realised that Chris had whipped up a table of feast! ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeee` hehe` And since i wasn't around for dinner the day before (eve) thus he had it all prepared for lunch the next day.

And Dan brought a huge chicken pie which we all had a slice each before late lunch.

DON's pie. VERY VERY nice. It cost 18 bucks for this huge delicious treasure which dan specially went to China Square to get.

Left with only 3 slices which were all snatched away after this.

Totally love it soooo much. Definitely getting it again. Contains tender potatoes, chicken, corn, button mushrooms and eggs. =) Thanks dearest for bringing us such great treasure!

I've only taken the leftover of food after chris and his gf, mum, dan and me had eaten =X hehe Above is chicken sausages and honey baked ham. =) We've gotten the whole slab of ham.

Pork Chop

Roasted Potatoes & Carrots

Roasted Chicken with veggie stuffing. (Wanted to get turkey but our oven's too small and even this chicken is too much for us.


Cold cut cucumber and Tomatoes

Love then stayed over at my place on Christmas day all the way till yesterday when i was activated again for Bangkok flight reporting 11:45am. o.O

Really love his company alot. ^^ We watched TVB dramas - Moonlight Resonance and Forensic Heroes 2 while he was here. He took me to work yesterday and then from work for dinner in Jalan Kayu. ^^ Had our fix of kambing soup yay` hehe`

We're awaiting this daddy who's gonna adopt our dear brown brown today =( Cuz we really can't handle 5 jack russells.

Under dearest' arms.

Rather sad cuz we've developed feelings for her le... =(

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And a partridge in a pear tree

=)) Merry X'mas! =))

Hope everyone's having good holidays! hee` =)) But not me though cuz i just got activated for the Bangalore flight tonight =( And i'll have to report at 8:15pm and only touching down in SG at 6:30am tml. =( bah` Oh well, but i get to countdown twice! Cuz one SG time and one is India GMT 5 and a half. wheeeeeeeeeeee`

Anyhow, i shan't brood over it. Wanna have a good time onboard with my colleagues. Whoever im replacing shall get a freaking warning letter cuz it's eve of PH -.- damn it` Made me miss my wonderful sumptuous dinner with my family and lover. ARGH`

Still gonna have dinner with dan later though, before my flight. Definitely can't get enuff of him. And no, no baking of muffins today, cuz i wanna take a nap later o.O

Happy holidays!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Been working hard these days. hehe` And i totally deserve the weekend off Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` =)) Especially when i can spend it with dearest dan.

Yesterday he had to send his van for inspection. He finished in time when i told him that i wanted to go to HDB Hub to take a look at the showflats for Yishun's BTO (Build-to-order). He then fetched me there and we got punked. hehe` Apparently they're the same as those of Punggol's -.- Cheat our feelings. hehe` In the end due to the much difference in price, we still applied for this Yishun 4 room flat. hehe` And we've decided to give up the Punggol one. Hope we can get it =X

We then had Sarawak's Kolo mee for lunch.. First time we've both tried it, it's nothing special and i still prefer normal bak chor mee since i like my dry noodles with more sauce =)

Walked around and got Ice Blended drinks from Coffeebean cuz we were both craving for it especially me. hehe` Got cookies from Subway too. With nothing much to do, we headed over to his place to watch movies.. Chill out all the way until 10pm when he sent me home. I just love to talk to him but sometimes he pisses me off.. hmmmmmm`


Today, we went out for breakfast in Whampoa market at 10am. =) Not too bad, we had a great time. Headed to Marina Square after that. Shopped around and bought tics to Twilight at 1:10pm.

It was a rather draggy show. But with a heartthrob like Edward Cullen. OMG who'll fall asleep? =) He reminds me so much of Chuck Bass in Gossip girls cuz he doesn't talk much and looks totally cool except for the red lippie. hehe` Not too bad all in all though i felt that it was more suited for a series instead of a movie ^^

We went to catch masak again and this time we only used 4 bucks to catch 2 HUGE christmas stitch! =)) Damn good hehe` YAY~ Walked around and had my favourite beef chilli cheese fries in Carl's Jr. Bought 1A curry puffs cuz i was craving for it for the past few days. And we headed home separately for dinner =) Some ppl are gonna be spending the whole day over at our place tomorrow to fix the system 3 aircon.. =) cheers!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

i believe in treating everyone with my utmost sincerity, but why do i get hurt sometimes? It's rather unbearable, but i can take it =)

Bought christmas cards long ago but i'm not in the mood to write them now.. Somebody please make me feel blessed and happy again...

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bangkok 1 day trip 15th December

On last Sunday, i had a very fun night! =) Dinner with dan's family over at his place. We had steamboat and totally enjoyed it ^^ hehe` Spent a great deal of time chatting with love too. hee`

And on Monday, i broke Winnie's virgin for sitting in an airplane! hehe` Gotten staff travel tics to Bangkok just for a day to shop. Totally enjoyed myself, other than feeling lethargic cuz we need to catch the early morning flight.

Thanks to KL who fetched us to the airport. Winnie and i then had breakfast at Hans and headed to catch our flight to BKK.

Firstly, we cabbed down to Erawan Shrine where i brought Winnie to pray to the famous 4 faced buddha. Hmmmm Can't pray with incense cuz i was having my period. Rather wasted =) Headed to Platinum Fashion Mall where the stuff all goes at wholesale prices. ^^

And then to the food court to have our lunch, when we had Tom Yum Soup with Rice Vermicelli, Fry mama noodles with dark sauce and seafood, as well as mango sticky rice and some goodies.. =)

Went to Naraya at Central World Plaza to shop after that.

All in all i've bought a pair of earrings, a vest, a kimono dress, a pair of satin shorts, polo tees for dan and chris and 2 pouches from Naraya (didn't wanna buy too many cuz i've bought alot the last time and didn't use them o.O). And of cuz most importantly and most worthy item i've bought is the whole set of lingerie which was totally cheap hehe` =X

Nua abit in Central World Plaza before we cabbed down to the airport. Shopped around but didn't find anything to our fancy cuz hmmm wasn't really interested in getting cosmetics then.

Had dinner at this restaurant which doesn't really serve good food and the waiter was busy flirting with other gurls he forgot to serve us. -.- Too bad tt the favourite restaurant i like had closed down =( Touched down in Singapore at 11:30pm when winnie and kl waited with me for Dan. hee thanks! =) And poor Winnie had a bad ear block.


Yesterday, i took MC cuz i can't possibly operate the early morning flight =X hee` Stayed home and the NOVA people came with the sofa yay!

Well i chose the color combi myself! yay` hee It's super comfy until just now i reached home from flight. Showered and had very early dinner. Slumped myself on the sofa and napped right away for an hour. o.O

Am gonna go back to bed soon after blogging. Totally shagged. Really appreciate dan's effort for fetching me to work so early in the morning. ^^ I'm soooo in love with u baby.

My instructor/assistant manager was on our flight from SIN--> Macau. She commented that my announcement was excellent! She said i must go and teach my juniors hehe` Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` hehe =)) Extremely happy lol`

And on the sector back to Singapore, Ah Bam was on my flight. hehe` Treated him to a coke. =) Great great flight. ^^

Shall go turn in already o.O

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rachel's Solemnization @ Equinox Swissotel

Last Saturday the closest of friends attended dear Rachel and Ronald's Solemnization Dinner in Equinox, Swissotel. It's the 1st time i've been there and it was truly an eye opener. Took lift straight to Level 69 to the restaurant. =)

Hung around and chatted with friends while enjoying the cocktail reception and also the very nice view of the skyscrapers and Singapore River. ^^ So excited to see Ailing cuz i missed her alot. Dan and i cabbed down just so we could drink much more and don't have to drive home.

Waited for a while and roamed around the area before the golden couple appeared ^^ Extremely happy to see them! And so excited for my dear sis Rachel. hee`

Went to the restrooms and smoking lounge to slack.. omg. They totally look so posh.. ^^

haha nice huh.. ^^

All these rows of different liquer were found right in the walkway to the washrooms and the smoking lounge, beside it is also this wine cellar.

The dinner area for the solemnization ceremony. It was rather expensive cuz of the location but it was well worth it cuz it was all a gathering of close friends and since they're not doing the customary wedding, the ceremony can be a rather extravagant one ^^

We've really enjoyed the dinner alot cuz there wasn't alot of people at the dinner, just round about 5 or 6 tables? Really enjoyed being on the same table with the rest of the guys we know hehe` Had fun drinking like crazy. Beer, Red Wine, Cordon Bleu, Martell, Champagne, u name it we drank them. hehe` We've depleted all the bottles before the end of the dinner o.O hmmmm` Scary.

Cute couple - Liqin (aka La Jiao) & Ah Bam

Dan & Me. ^^

Ming Xiang & Jane, and no they're not a couple. ^^

Grace & Ace, married with a kid ^^

Hee i love this man ^^

1st time i've tried putting cordon bleu into my shark's fins.. Not bad at all! =)

Ailing, dan and me ^^


Erm... Ming Xiang's drunk -.-

Finally able to take a decent picture..

The whole lot of us, excluding Ricky, wondered where he went to o.O Check out the bride and gromm at the bottom row extreme right. =)

One down after the dinner - Ming xiang. He was rather gone until he laid down at the hallway -.- And even puked and Grace and Ace carried him, wanting to bring him home. o.O Oh well hehe`

Proceeded to 72nd floor after that, to the New Asia Bar. =) They actually had a huge table reserved for us at the members' area. ^^ 1st time there and it's at the members' area. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` totally cool. The rest started leaving one by one and at the end, only dan and me were the last ones standing cuz i wanna accompany Rachel and Ronald. ^^ And they were totally grateful hehe`

The menu..

Whooooo hoooooooooo`

Just imagine clubbing at the club located 72 storeys from the ground! Of course the view was terrific!

The ladies who joined in the fun after the dinner in New Asia Bar =) Rachel's the bride, counting the 3rd from the left ^^

Love this nice couch ^^ And im the youngest in the group hehe` =X

Shot of the night =X hehe` Totally scary huh. But truth is it's the angle Liqin took from. Cuz we only touched each other's cheeks =X We were hugging so close it seemed like we were into it.. hehe`

Met this group of expats who were dressed up in costumes. One guy in a damn good looking Elvis suit and one in astronaut. The rest of the gurls in nurse and cabin crew and whatever else. heh`Damn cool. Totally love tt elvis guy.

The bride and groom with elvis and the cabin crew?

He looked really cool!

Us with elvis and the damn 'hot' astronaut. Hot cuz of his outfit -.-

Dan and me really enjoyed ourselves! ^^

I like this blur pic.. hee`

Me and Rach, the very xinfu gurl ^^

We down our 4th bottle of cordon bleu tt night. 1st time i tried it and im in love with it cuz it's soooooo smooth it can be drunk neat, on the rocks or with hot water =) I trust now tt Jack Daniel's whiskey is really shitty and yucks. hehe` I love Martell and cordon bleu!

Our 4th cordon bottle for tt night..

Last 2 drinks for Rach, Ron, Dan and me cuz we're the last man standing. =)

Ordered another champagne - Moet Chandon.

See? The bouncers, DJs and even the waiters are really smart and cute looking =X I swear the gurls were ogling at him when he was pouring us champagne hee`

totally love the music in New Asia Bar!!

The groom kept wanting to take pics with the gurls hehe`

Ron and his brother and brother's gf ^^

haha super cute.. =) totally love their studio albums... *hint*

It was a very fun Saturday night =)


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