Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of cute guy..

Pic taken from

This is Adam Lambert top 11 of the latest season of American Idol. Isn't he so gorgeous looking?
And his singing is perfect as well *smitten..

Totally won over by his good looks and great performances.

Woke up early this morning and reach HDB hub with dan at 8am. Got our queue number and waited for our appointment. Selected our flat unit and paid option fee of 2k which is refundable in the future. Yay! excited. So yup, we'll need to get registered within 3 yrs before we get our key. So yup. Im waiting =P

And dearest, i won't propose to u with a watch, dream on!

Need to go prepare for a flight now, will be working till about 2am. Im feeling rather lethargic le cuz i didn't sleep enough. We'll be off to Taipei tomorrow! yay`

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dyeing of hair by her daughter will definitely superseed the salon's services.

wheeeeeeeeee` I just dyed my mum's hair from gray to brown for her. Cuz she's vain lar.. say tt she'll look nicer with brown hair. hee` =X muahaha` Such a nice service, dyed her hair all the way to washing off the dye, shampooed and conditioning her hair =)) hehe`

Stayed home today and caught new episodes of America's next top model Cycle 12, Making of a supermodel, ugly betty and survivor. Dan dropped by for lunch today and we discussed about choosing the flat unit cuz apparently the choices which we wanted were all scooped up cuz our queue number's 306 our of 504. =(

So we'll go down extra early to HDB hub tomorrow to pick our unit! yay` After which i'll head home to rest for a while before my flight in the afternoon all the way till 2am. o.O And we'll be off to Taipei the next day whoooo hooooooooo`

Here are some shots taken when i flew with Anuar on different occasions.

From left: James (a gay who sometimes cross-dresses), Grace (Korean who's totally fair and scold Kanasai) and also Nicholas Olsen who's a flirt.

Anuar, me and Shaan, who's also another gay.

James, me and Anuar ^^ haha love these colleagues of mine.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

4 more days!

To Taipei trip! =) Wheeeeeeeeeeee Totally can't wait for them to deduct my basic salary cuz i took unpaid leave! yay! =X Bah`

Been slacking as well as working for the couple of days. Emylia, who's my ex colleague to left for Etihad (Abu Dhabi) left me a present in the briefing room. She passed the stuff to my colleague to leave it in there ^^ How sweet of her.

Well i actually cut off the 'LOVE ' word from the phrase 'From Abu Dhabi with LOVE' =)) And inside, it contains...........

Chocolates from the middle east! =)) erm.. we actually polished off 3 quarter of the box cuz i did a flight with 2 of her batch mates. =X And they were both jealous she didn't get any present for them so they turned to my chocolates as a revenge. But it was fun sharing these jewels with them while we unearth those little wrappers..

After the above mentioned morning flight on the 12th, i headed home to rest for awhile and freshen up before heading out again to meet up with Jingyun and Sandy to celebrate JY's 23rd Birthday!

And now i've got 3 photo albums of her 21st/22nd and 23rd birthday celebrations in my laptop. hee` We met up in Orchard at 7pm. Went to Wheelock place cuz we actually wanted to try out Cedele but didn't in the end cuz we're not too keen on Western food. Went next door to try out Sun With Moon Japanese Restaurant.

3 of our virgin trips there cuz we've never tried their food before. And it was really good, just that i feel they serve small portions and rather pricey hmmmm`

2 of them shared this dinner set which consists of chicken cutlet with egg and onions on hotplate, lovely tofu salad, miso soup, fried stuff which i suspected was salmon skin and also pickles and fruits. =)

While i ordered this cuz i was kinda craving for salmon sashimi.. Ended up it wasn't raw lol and in a metal hotplate somemore o.O

I had to wait until the hourglass' time is up before i open it up.

It's not too bad though for the salmon, but the flavoured rice was average.

While i was writing the card for JY. =)

Very fair and pretty Sandy & JY.. Envious.. hmmmmmm`

We've ordered some side dishes to share too ^^

Deep fried soft shell crab. Lousy cam and it didn't do justice to the food at all. It tasted heavenly ^^

Grilled squid which is accompanied with a very tart sauce. Nice but too pricey

We've ordered sake to try too.. The cold one though.. And we didn't like it.. Was trying to finish it asap lol`

Sandy-san serving her wonderful playmates.

A toast to JY's birthday and to our decade of friendship =)

After dinner, we wanted to just chill and relax. So we headed to TCC around the area and left home only close to 11 cuz i need to catch the last feeder bus in YCK.
Each of us ordered a dessert and also a drink to get us thru our catching up time.

Sandy's Choco Mosaic, which was not bad.

Plus an oreo blended? with half an oreo as a deco =X

My 'Almond Robust' which tasted really good. ^^

I had Berry Oreo which tastes rather good ^^

JY's marble cheesecake which was only passable.... Hmmmm` Now we know what's not so nice in TCC.

She had mango yoghurt drink as well.

The happy birthday gurl with her cake ^^

Very gay Sandy with her designer dessert hee`

And lastly me with my pastry. ^^ Lol fat face. See me put on alot of weight after i come back from Taipei. hmmmmmmm`

Here's sandy feeling bored and playing with her straw and blended drink..

A shot she took of the coaster that we were using. ^^

Cut my hair the next day and didn't get activated for any flights. =) Finally chopped off my very thick hair -.-

Yesterday i operated a morning flight and took train back home with my colleague Ellen (Korean). Hope she'll solve her problem soon and glad she's a little bit happier after confiding in me. Went back home and was shagged so i slept for less than 2 hours and showered before love took me out to dinner.

We had nice dinner in the temporary market near my place. Went to his place to bunk overnight while we watched american idol season 8 on my laptop. =)

Woke up early this morning at 8.30am and drove down to yishun where they gonna build the BTO flats for Yishun Dew Spring. ^^ Discussed which units we gonna choose so that we'll only get the morning sun and not the afternoon sun ^^ wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` Drove round and round to check out the stuff around the area and found this place which is really cool!!

The long road's like the causeway, with 2 sides surrounded by water, 1 side reservoir and the other sea water =) Dan will prolly do alot of fishing next time after we get married and move into our new place hehe` Really lovely and relaxing place which i like as well and we're both so excited.

Headed to khatib for breakfast before he sent me home cuz he has to head to Bugis to help out in his parents' shops.

Great weekend and it's gonna be a great week ahead! yay`

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy birthday to us!

Nothing much happened over the past weekend cuz i was busy working. Let's start from last Sunday then..

8th March (Sunday)

Woke up early morning to discover that Jojo has given birth to 3 healthy babies! Her habit was so to always find a comfy and hidden place to give birth. And this time which was her 4th birth, she chose to do it in my dad's wardrobe amongst the clothes o.O Cuz the wardrobe's sliding doors were open for easy access to the clothes. Hmmmmmmmmm`

And so we've missed the birth of the 3 babies. (Yixian, don't be sad that i couldn't take a video for u) =( After which we transferred them into this small box with a towel in it. And in the afternoon we found the towel bloody and another baby was born! Wheeeeeeee` Total of 4 babies this time.

This time the babies were pretty small as compared to the last birth haha` ^^

But then again, they were super healthy cuz their cries were soooo loud!

Proud and protective mama`

The youngest baby is the one which has the most black spots. Ain't it cute?

Total of 3 males and 1 female. =)

In the evening, i head out for a night flight, feeling ultra happy and excited =)

9th March (Monday)

Came back home from night flight and slept the whole day from 11am till 5pm. Felt rejuvenated and then went out with mum and her friend for steamboat dinner in AMK central ontop of This Fashion. Waited for Chris to join us too. Treated mum's friend cuz it's her birthday tml (12th).

Walked over to amk hub with chris and had the new Mango Green Tea Latte coffee bean is having now. Not too bad, but mango taste isn't there o.O Tried to change New Taiwan dollars but the rate was rather low. Yup, i did manage to apply for unpaid leave to go to Taipei cuz i ran out of Annual Leave ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeee` Thanks to my manager for helping me. Yay`

10th March (Tuesday)
Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!

Time passes by sooo fast. We turn 2 today! Yay`

Stayed home whole day, did laundry, watched Korean Variety Show 'We got married', read novel and slacked. In the evening, love came and picked me up at about 7pm. Gave him his present, made him a care too and he was quite happy hee`

Loads of snacks. Wasn't only meant to be these stuff cuz was planning some other stuff too but didn't managed to get them. haha`

Went down to Taka cuz i wanted to bring dearest to the Crystal Jade Korean BBQ place. Really had a nice hearty dinner and both of us love the marinated meat ^^ Had Venezia Dark Chocolate and Tiramisu ice cream after.

Spotted Sephora and i really wanted to get stuff from it cuz they have stuff which i really like and it's their flagshop store in SG cuz they only used to have it in DFS Galleria. But im broke... noooo...

Drove back to dan's place and we spent some time with each other before he sent me home before midnight. =) Great date spent with love. ^^

Taken outside his place. This is my buddy/lover/best friend/boyfriend. *grins*

11th March (Today)

Happy Birthday to Lee Jing Yun!

Muacks gurl. Hope the year will be great for u and u'll find an awesome job after u graduate ^^
Best wishes to u~

Spent the day at home again and nua... Completed the Nanny Mania 2 game.. Watched 'We got married' and it's getting more exciting with the return of Alex and Sinae. Wahhahahah`Thanks Sandy, it's a really awesome show.

Let me end off with a nice shot of Maomao.. An extremely likeable long coat Jack Russell ^^

Don't mind my compact foundation right beside her cuz i was doing my make up and getting ready to go out. And there she is looking at me and exploring my make up pouch -.-

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee Can't wait for everything yay`


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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Am really excited! =)

Hmmm dearest im not blogging because u told me to.. argh` But it's just that i'm feeling so comfy in my air con room now wheeeeeeeeee` =)

Today's on standby and didn't get called up... Been watching series, playing DS and also reading novel whilst i was at home ytd and today. Quite a couple of colleagues asked me out ytd but i rejected them cuz it's been a long time since i've last went out with my mum (erm.. actually nt really since the last time was a couple of wks ago when we went to Ikea).

Brought her to Junction 8 cuz i needed to run some errands too. ^^ Brought her to this HK cafe which serves so so food.. But the peanut butter on thick toast was extremely SALTY! hmmmmm`

Gotten 50 bucks worth of groceries back home after that. I simply love to visit the supermart. It really makes me happy. Thanks to dan for taking me to work for the past couple of morning flights. Really appreciate his effort tonnes. And to have to head to Jurong to his office and sleep in his car till he starts work. Sweet guy.

Feeling really excited cuz we've received letter that dan and i can make a selection for our flat on 18th of this month. We're gonna be early birds and reach earlier, haha the kiasu spirit of singaporeans. =)) And after he talked to his friend who's a property agent, we have some considerations on our mind, like whether corner flat or one facing east/west (cuz of the sun) or one facing the reservoir. hmmmmmmmm` ^^

Recently i've also bought 2 perfumes. Was planning on only getting the Chloe one cuz i really love the scent. Saw that they were having 50% off for kylie minogue's scent for more than 100 bucks purchase. so i got 'Darling' for only 20+... Kinda like it too. =))

I think Jojo's giving birth soon cuz he tummy's soooo huge.. wondering when the birth will take place. muahahha`

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