Tuesday, April 28, 2009

=) Dinner with besties..

Was great! =) haha enjoyed ourselves. Met up at Orchard station control at 5+ just now.. Walked all the way to Swensens just opposite Paragon and realized that it's under renovation/vacated! Omg horrors of horror. o.O Totally confused..

Took bus down to PS and dined in the Swensens there cuz Sandy has got 40 bucks voucher. She treated us too cuz she had her bonus last mth =) Yay` Went shopping after that. haha Bought yet another pair of boxer shorts from Cotton On. =)) Very very comfy i love it. Got some nail lacquers as well before we head off to our favourite dessert place.

Ordered mango sherbet and also Mango (SUPER) Thick Toast. Not too bad. Taste exactly like those deep fried hot dog buns. haha` Headed back home a while later. But still i don't think we've chatted until we're shiok cuz the place was closing already.. hmmmm`

16 more days to HK!

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Monday, April 27, 2009


买东西吃东西!买东西吃东西!买东西吃东西!Wahahahaha copied frm sandy.


Another 18 days. =) As usual though i know i'll be broke but it'll be helluva fun. ^^ Thanks to mr gian who will sponsor me the trip first.. And i'll repay you the money asap! Bah`

Stayed home the whole of day cuz i was having a bad headache... Really really bad one due to my period. Did a good amount of housework though. Handwashed my own laundry and swept and mopped the floor.

Streamed and watched Hotel for Dogs with my mum and we really had a great laugh. hehe` Friday the dog is just soooo adorable. And i've let my tears roll down when Bernie had tt great speech.

Love to spend time at home yay`

I wanna cook pasta for lunch tml =P And write down loads of stuff for itinerary for HK.. Erm.. all of them are in my head now.. hehe`

I shall go back to watching 学警狙击 now ^^ wheeeeeeeeeeee`

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the mood to blog..

These couple of days has been great! Though abit sad that 2 of the puppies have been sold. On 22nd itself, which was Wednesday, my godbrother Chris came over with his friends to pick a puppy. It's been a long time since i've met him and we still become very chatty whenever we're with each other.

After which at 7pm, winnie and her friend came over to bring home the one and only brown female puppy. =) Glad i've found a nice home for her cuz they're really sincere and nice people. ^^ Thanks winnie. hehe`

Headed out for dinner with winnie at a coffeshop nearby my place. Had a catch up session and i missed it so much already ^^ haha` Good friends will always be good friends, no matter how long we haven't met. As long as we still do show concern for one another.

The next day, which was Thursday, my mum and i brought the 3 puppies to the vet for their 1st vaccination. Chris' friend Larry then came over a short while after and collected one of the puppies. So now we're still left with 2 of them. Any good owners around? =)

hUH? we're good brothers!

they love to stick their noses out =)

They love to make their dog 'sty' sooo messy.. o.O no wonder they're call Jack Russells puppies.

Aren't i cute? But i belong to emily jie jie and her family already.. =))

Visit to the vet for their 1st vaccination...

Naughty boy! hehe`

Very very warm late morning which even the puppies cannot stand =P

Very extremely cute.. how i wish i could keep somemore.. hmmmmmm`

I wanna come out.. but im afraid =(

They were so brave, didn't even whine at all when they took the jab. But didn't behave when the vet stuffed the 'deworm' tablet into their throat..


'Bao bao' which we caught in marina square. Wasn't used to catching small toys muahahaha` But this really looks cute. Hung it up in dear's macho truck..

Chewing gum from Taipei.. with total of 7 sticks inside and each with different coloured wrapper as well as chinese riddles on them =) Sweet.

Caught this the other day in MArina Square. 2 bucks for 2 small yoshis and we exchanged for this! =)) looks like dearest is hugging his belly =X

The day before yesterday, dan and i met up with my godbrother Chris and his friend for dinner in Marina Square again. Exchanged alot of stories when we were both young and totally wild wahhahahah` Everyone in the block knows our clique and we were really notorious. hmmmmm`

And yesterday, i went over to dearest' place. We packed lunch and watched a chinese show together. Drove down to Suntec's Pearl River Restaurant and had ala-carte buffet dinner there with my family. Purpose was to celebrate mum's belated birthday and also mother's day. ^^ Cost abt 30+ per pax.

Buddha jump over the wall.. hehe didn't take pics of anything else =X too busy eating..

有好多鱼翅哦! 汤也是超有味道的! 而且还加了鲍鱼, 干贝和香菇。但一人只能一盅

Dan then sent my family back home and he stayed overnight just so he could send me to work this morning. =)

Footnote: Super excited about the hong kong trip. Sorry love i gotta abandon u once again =X I wanna plan the itinerary so we'll have fun!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've found my ideal date!

Remember when we (especially ladies) are bored we'll always take some time to take the psychological quizzes? And when they ask u sometimes what's your ideal date? Whether it's a night out with movies, or a stroll along the beach or whatsoever? Well i don't really know what was mine though.


Until last night ^^

I met up with 2 of my colleagues Kelly and Yixin for steamboat dinner in Bugis. I brought them to 'House of Steamboat' and dan joined us too. ^^ We had a great time and stuffed ourselves silly =) Really enjoyed the soup and the crabs. hehe`

After which we headed to Bugis Junction to walk around. Bought stuff from Sasa and headed back to the carpark after bidding bye to the 2 of them. And dan gave me a bracelet from Silver Corner again! =) yay` Cuz i misplaced the previous one when i was doing pool training in STC. Sweet sweet boyfriend! The design's similar to the previous one and it's engraved with my name too hee`

It's such a great surprise for me. Totally in love with it. ^^

Drove down to yishun hahah they haven't even put up the barricades for the building of our future home. hehe` Went down to Yishun Dam which is just 5 min away. Sat down and enjoyed each other's company for a while. Shared some anecdotes and riddles. =) Talk about our future recreational activities after we've move into our new flat.

This is my ideal kinda date. =) Just having ample topics to talk about, enjoying each other's company under the stars.

What's yours?

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can't keep my hands off.......

You! My new/old itouch. ^^ 2nd hand at 100 bucks for 8GB. hehe` yay! Have always wanted to own a video/mp3/games gadget. And yes, this is my 2nd Mac gadget, first was ipod shuffle 1st generation. =) Still dislike using itunes software, but it's manageable. =) I'm a genius.. =X

Thanks for Chris for getting this good lobang and he offered to me for my advance bday present. Double yay`

Went to Marina Square to chill out the day before and today. Managed to use 2 bucks to catch 2 toys and exchange for a huge HAMTARO Wheeeeeeeeeeee` Dan's too skillful. haha` I used 3 bucks to catch this singing/tap dancing vintage mickey mouse figurine. Woot! hehe`

And just now dearest picked me up. We headed to MS again.. Waraku for dinner and as usual their stock for the noodles were sooo good. Walked around and went to the food court for tt very thick iced milk tea from the HK stall. It was totally like teh tarik, just not frothy enuff. hmmmmmm`


Got me thinking the other day. Probably the inside of me is really becoming even more mature now. We used to like accessories from 'Perlini Silver' back in secondary school. After which i started to receive white gold as presents and i really treasured them. So i wasn't so keen on stuff from perlini silver thereafter.

But i realised now, that i actually prefer simplicity so much. I'd be happy and contented enough with a simple designed silver bracelet and not white gold (as long they don't contain nickel.. READ: allergic).

And sometimes i truly wish i could go back in time. When i didn't have to worry about money. When i didn't have to give my parents money, pay home bills/installments, pay tuition fee loan and hp bills. Now i'm earning lesser and lesser but im contented cuz i do know how to manage my finances well now. And yup, earning lesser cuz the sales for the flights are lousy, but we've been increasing flights and having new destinations as everyone wanna do budget travel now..

As the years passed by, i realised too that i really love to stay home and i've got endless stuff to do at home except when i get restless. Only occasionally going out with my girlfriends, dating with my boyfriend and catching up sessions with my guy friends. Else, i'd love to always stay home unless i have to run errands.

Hoping they'll quickly build the blocks of flats. =) #07-738 Muahahhaha` my future love nest.

Gotta go sleep. =)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's almost one now..

And i ought to be in bed. Did morning flights both yesterday and today. Just imagine getting out of bed at 3am yesterday and 4.30am today. o.O Reached home and slept frm 6 to 9pm both days as well cuz i was totally washed out.

Today after i reached home from the airport, i took a real nice shower completed with body salt scrub. Love the kinda relaxing feel it brings to me and also real smooth skin after. =))

Always love to take a shower + body scrub even when im totally shagged and needed my bed so badly. It gets my body to calm down and get to sleep even much more easily. Hate the feeling of getting out of bed after a night's sleep and feeling all yucky as well.

Nothing out of the norm today, except for a chat with an online friend. And soooo he's getting married soon end of this yr and he just spent 20k on their wedding photo album -.- Bloody hell cuz this is sooooo freaking scary. Cuz they went to Hong Kong to take their pictures that's why it cost a bomb. Hmmmmmmm` Save money save money....

I really like the above shot. Taken with James (left and gay) and also Anuar. I really look like a malay, no?

Footnote: Wrote a card for dan and gave it to him this morning when he took me to work. =) He was surprised and i must say, surprises once in a while on normal occasions really works cuz no expectations are present. I do appreciate your effort sweetheart, and u're definitely not taken for granted!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Been so lazy to post =)) hehe` Well i've been working hard lately. And meeting dan alot ever since we came back from taipei for a holiday with my mum and brother. Except for 1 or 2 days we didn't meet, else we've been practically seeing each other every other day.


Met up with Sandy and Jingyun on this day for dinner. Purpose was to exhaust Sandy's Swensen's vouchers.. Apparently, she forgot to bring them hmmmmmm` Ended up we met up in orchard, bought 2 cards for yixian and headed to Crystal Jade our all time favourite place for dinner.

One of the cards we bought for YX... Had fun writing various languages of I love u in the other card =X hmmmmmm`

I forgot what made JY so peeved?

Reading the card to see what the others wrote..

Sandy + Angela

Don't understand why this pic has got the white background at its bottom.. but i can't be bothered to edit it. 1st attempt at taking a shot of the 3 of us in the restroom...

2nd attempt ^^ well i think it shld be the sink which provided tt white space.. o.O

Time spent with the gurls were great and i never fail to have great fun with them. Took train down to amk where dan picked me up and i went over to his place to watch 'Bolt' and have popcorn from Cathay.

Before the meet-up with the girls i headed to Parkview Square (brown stylo building) in Bugis, beside Raffles Hospital to go to my primary classmate's office. Talked to her for a while regarding financial planning before i went down to orchard.

The building looks as majestic as it is from the outside. It's so classy it even has a pub/chill out place in the center of the 1st floor equipped with a very tall wine cellar which the waitress will really climb all the way up to get a bot of wine if requested.


Stayed home until about 1 when i went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to visit grandma again with my family. Had lunch there too and headed home. In the evening, dan came and fetched me at almost 11pm. We went to East Coast Park for a nice relaxing dating session =) As usual he was enticed with the masak catching machines and we caught a few small toys.

Went to Macdonalds to have dinner/supper and really enjoyed myself cuz i love to chat with him. We took a stroll along the beach and spent quality time with each other. Finally felt tired at about 2am and we headed home. Happy monthsary to us!


Woke up 8 hours later. Caught up with my series on demand TV for a couple of hours before dan woke up. Met up with him and headed to hunt for BBQ pit.. Ended up we got those disposable ones from Giant in Turf City.. o.O

BBQ dinner over at his place. His elder brother bought meat from Swiss Butchery. They tasted super good especially the ribeye steak, beef kebabs and also lamb rack. =)) But of course they do not cost cheap as well. He spent 200+ just on meat alone.. Had a hearty dinner with his family after which he bunked over at my place cuz he was afraid he couldn't wake up at 4am the next day to send me to work. =))

Till then, it's time to work very hard and earn loads of moolah so i can enjoy myself next month when i go to BKK! yay`

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

On hiatus!

I'm so lazy to post! Been really busy recently and body's aching from swimming (water evacuation training) yesterday =X

Been out the whole day today with my family too. firstly to Shuang Lin Monastery in Toa Payoh to pay respects to my great grandparents. Then to Bright Hill to pay respects to my 2 uncles. And Lastly to Zhen Fa Live Seafood Steamboat for dinner just now to celebrate mum's birthday which is tomorrow.

Happy 64th birthday mummy!

Oh well here goes a yummylicious pic before i dash off. =))

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