Thursday, May 28, 2009

The world's coming to an end soon..

Cuz the weather's soooo hot... Sweetheart, let's not have any children, cuz the world's gonna end soon... hmmmmmmm` Let's not bring pain to our future generation..

Haha.. Shall stop being melodramatic. =)

Nothing much happened these few days. Everything's the same. Work, slacking at home.

Had my day off today. But i woke up early and headed to the office at T1 to collect my SEP card which i needed in order to fly. hmmmm` Went the other day but they were all out for lunch and i've only collected one card but missed the other.

Talked to my instructor and my manager asked me how were my flights as an acting cic. Bah` Supposed to go find the guy from commercial department which i'll be meeting on 3rd June but didn't see him around. Excited about it cuz i dunno what's in store for us. =) I think im quite lucky.

Was feeling bored so i headed to city hall for lunch myself cuz im sick of the food sold near my place. Had very nice hainanese pork chop rice. The soup really tastes so good. haha i'm such a sucker for soup. Went back home after that and played with my dogs, chatted with my mum.

Took a nap and went out again to meet dan. We had dinner at the AMK Aston's coffeeshop. He had very nice zi char's fish soup and i had chargrilled chicken from Aston. Really absolutely love the corn on the cob by Aston. ^^ Though they make me wait for a long while.

Chatted with love for a while before i made him send me home instead of going for a movie cuz he's been stressed up at work lately and really needs alot of rest.

Having my day off tomorrow as well. Will be going out with my godbrother Jinwei. =) Been months since i've last seen him. Can't remember. hehe`

Footnote: I think my complexion's getting a little bit better. =) haha all those masks every 2 days are working. yay!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My boyfriend said he's gonna go get engagement ring come GSS. o.O This year or next year or the year after? muahahahaha`

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

i wanna watch night at the museum 2!

Wanted to catch it yesterday and today, but both days when we wanted to watch was fully booked. Argh` School holidays -.-

Gotten the shots we took during the lunch with my colleagues in Sakura. =)

Yixin and Kaili.

Me & Kaili. Like this shot but it's too fuzzy.

Totally had fun cuz we spent time catching up with each other and went shopping after. =)

Bought them each a fake Agnes B pouch from Bangkok =) Love the colors. hehe`

On Saturday i reported for Bangalore flight and it was retimed cuz of late inbound of aircraft. =( We were all totally shagged and it was a relief when the flight was finally over. Cuz i was in the airport at 6:45PM all the way to 9am when the flight touched down in SG.

Dan came and picked me up and we were planning to have breakfast in the HK cafe in East Coast Marine Cove cuz we really dig their chilli which includes very fragrant fried garlic =)) But but.. it wasn't open yet and i was much too tired thus we went to Subway.. It was great too and i told him the story of how an indian tried to hook up with me -.- again...

Apparently i think indians really like me, young or old, male or female. lol` Indian aunty squeezed my cheek when she disembarked, small kids smiled widely and shaked hands with me. The last time, an indian man who's the same age as me took train with me and i totally hated tt mere 45 min.

And this time, when i was in bangalore, the ground staff asked me if i've got any flights to Bangalore next month cuz he'll be visiting SG. Asked me to bring him around -.- And kept talking to me until i totally can't be bothered with him. Asked me for my number, if im a vegetarian, if im married. And i told him i'm engaged. lol` Told him i don't wanna go out with him right in his face -.- Dots.

After the breakfast, dan came over to my place to accompany me =) hee` I got myself well rested and he took a nap too and completed 'Professor Layton' on my DS and playing Texas Hold'em using my account -.- Commented that alot of guys gave me free chips lol`

Headed down for western food at about 8pm =) And he went back home thereafter.

Today, which is Sunday, i woke up at 10am. Dan came and picked me up and we headed to my ex colleague's wedding lunch. It's a malay ceremony. We ate and waited for quite some time before my colleague came down. Was too warm and couldn't take it any longer. lol`

i like the above shot. ^^

this was taken when i wanted to take a shot of myself and dan was driving yet he shifted his head over -.-

Headed to Junction 8 wanting to catch The night at the museum 2. But it was selling fast and the next time slot was quite late.

Visited Watsons and i spent more than 50 bucks inside. Gotten the new ZA Pore smoother (i found the last bot, thus it got me feeling high), ZA concealer, Garnier brighten eye roll on, Sally Hansen Base and Top coat 1 each. Love GSS muahahahha` Cuz i can get grooming goodies at cheaper prices! Think i must go buy more to stock up heheh`

Walked around and spent some time in the arcade. Felt bored le and went to LJS to have their 2 piece chicken meal. Went to dan's place after that cuz we've got nothing to do. And i've brought my Shiseido mask for him to try hehe`

haha Didn't do a proper job for him for there wasn't enuff to go around.. His face is bigger than mine =X hehe` Time spent with him is so precious and fun. ^^ Can't wait for our flat to be built!

I'm striving to do 1 mask every 2 days to improve my face complexion. hehe` =) Work hard!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good morning Singapore! =)

What am i doing, being up so early o.O

Dan came over for dinner last night and he bunked over. Watched 'Taken' and 'Game Plan' together. And dan commented that taken was much better than Angels and Demons lol` Cuz it's really exciting. So do go to the cinema to catch k, it's a good action flick which keeps u on your butt.

Game Plan was funny as well, didn't catch it b4 so thought i'd load it. And Taken was on dvd which my bro brought back frm KL =))

Just walked dan out cuz he gotta get to work. And as for me, i'll be working at 2+pm all the way till almost midnight.

Wheeeeeeee im craving for breakfast again now.. Should i go downstairs to buy?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is why i can never be slim. muahahaha`

On the 18th, which was Monday, i stayed home whole day to relax. haha` Started watching this Taiwanese series - 爱就宅一起. It's not too bad lar. hehe` =) Since i've ran out of HK drama series to watch. Bah`

Unpacked more of my stuff and did the laundry by handwashing all my clothes. =) Finally evening came and dan picked me up. We settled for dinner in the food court in AMK Hub. Must save money for our future hee`

Walked around the place and stayed in the arcade before our show started at 9 pm. We bought a large popcorn combo but it wasn't tt nice tt day. Wonder why hehe` Watched Angels And Demons. Found it not too bad. But 100% if i've read the book before i wouldn't have find it nice. hehe And so, im gonna go read the book =)) Should be super intriguing.

Talking about novels, i've finally finished reading the 2nd book "New Moon" of the twilight saga. -.- Cuz it's huge and i can't bring it out on the long long journeys to the airport. That explains my slow speed... Bah` And i've still got 3 more new novels to read.. Hurray`

And so, movie date was great, so was the company. =) Headed back home after that.

19th May (Tuesday)

Which was also yesterday, met up with my colleagues Kaili and Yixin in Somerset station control at about 12:30pm. We decided to choose Sakura Lunch buffet (Orchard Shopping Centre) and it was a total flop. Hmmmmm` I guess the dinner at YCK stadium was much much better.

We had a great time catching up with each other, gossip and all. hehe` Love the stories told over the table. =))

Was so busy chatting that we didn't have much time to eat =( bah` Sad sad.

Pretty Kaili =)

Breaded & Baked Oysters which was passable only.

Black pepper crabs were way too small they make me sad.... =(

Went shopping after that! Yay` lol girls rock. Yixin bought clothes from Zara. And we all bought stuff from Sasa. Got a steal cuz the kawaii tokyo facial cleanser i've been using was always at 24 bucks per bot. And now it's 1 dollar for the 2nd bot. =)) Makes me happy heheheh` Bought alot of masks back home as well. Really need to start taking care of my skin le. Only lazy woman are available on this earth, not ugly woman ^^ Headed home for dinner and spent time again in front of the laptop. Haha` Finished the novel too.

And as for today, i've stayed home the whole day. Watched series, swept and mopped the floor and bathed Jacky too =) Lalalalala

Dan's coming over now for dinner. Miss him heaps! Signing off. =)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Land of Smiles Day 3 + 4

Woke up early to go to The Weekend Chatuchak Market =)) It was scorching hot and after a couple of hours, Sandy and i couldn't take it any longer. So we cabbed back to Platinum where we seek shelter in an air conditioned shopping centre hehe`

Ate quite abit of snacks in Chatuchak. Really love their pork on toast hmmmmmmm`

We rested for a while in this cheap jap restaurant in Platinum.

Ordered Pineapple frost (Sandy's) and Coconut Frost for me.

I had their Curry Katsu set which tasted not too bad.

haha very candid shot of Sandy.. she really should go try those circle lens.

Shared this very limp Ebi Tempura.

Grilled sotong which we both love. ^^

Big bowl of Tamago Wakame soup. ^^

Sandy had her substandard soyu ramen.

Enjoying the food and of course the company =))

And so, she was too thirsty she ordered another drink - Watermelon Frost.

lol another candid shot hehe` =)) keke don't get angry at me.
After early dinner, we cabbed back to our hotel to rest and relax.

And here's my stuff for Day 3..

Bought 3 faux leather bags. yay` Totally what i was looking for. Love them =)) hee`

2 vintage belts.

Sandy's stuff.. hehe crazeeeeee... And she bought 60 pairs of flip flops for her mum to sell in her shop. They cost only $1.70 per pair!

And so, that's the end of our shopping frenzy and impulsive buys. Not really for me cuz i've bought yet another novel at the airport hehe`

Bought supper from downstairs roadside stalls a little while later. Sandy had wanton noodles while i had seafood fried rice. hee`

Waited until about 11pm local time before i decided i should get myself another bowl of really good tom yam soup, before i regret. hehe` And i did, cuz with most of the ingredients sold out, i chose to only have squid and mushrooms inside. hehe` Suggested to this uncle to open a shop in SG. Sure good business. =))

The next day, we checked out at 10am and waited for our cab to pick us up. Caught the flight TR105 back to SG and Sandy's parents came to pick her up while dan picked me up as well.

Great great travelling companion! hee`

Really good to see him and it reminded me how much i've missed him, and he said he does misses me alot as well =) Sweet. hehe` Helped me carried my stuff back home and slacked for a while before he went back home for steamboat dinner with his family while i had mine at home with my mum.

Spent 600+ on food and shopping while i was there. Now it's time to nurse the wounds. But still i won't cut back on entertainment wahahhahaha` Gonna blog about my recent outings soon.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Land of Smiles Day 2

The tuktuk which belongs to the hotel.

Forgot to wipe the condensation vapour off the lens hehe`

Day 2 kicked off quite early. We woke up and wanted to head to Erawan Shrine at about 9am local time. But ended up taking a cab down and wanting to go to Central Mall since it was raining.

And so the cabby uncle told us that Central Mall was only gonna open at about 10:30am. As usual, he needed stamps to get free gasoline. And so he brought us to Gems Galleria near Central Mall.

Didn't wanna get anything at first cuz we thought they might be ex. Well they are but we've managed to get to the silver section which is more affordable for an impulsive buy lol` In the end, Sandy and i got 2 rings each, 1 for our mum and 1 for ourselves. heheh` She got the pink sapphire and moonstone and i've gotten both moonstones.

Top for mum and bottom's mine. =) Coupled with Thai white crystals, they look really good. ^^ Total cost of both rings - About 75 SGD. Of course the pics doesn't do them justice. hee`

We've gotten necklace too for Yixian and ourselves.

Don't they look pretty in these bottles? hehe`

After the Gems Galleria, we headed down to Central Mall. Was drenched in the rain so as soon we got into the Central Mall, we were freezing even with our cardigans on, especially so cuz we were both wearing shorts -.-

Thus we desperately needed to find a good place to sit down and have our meal, preferably ramen. Went into this place and kinda regret. -.- bah` Cuz after this we saw alot of other nice restaurants.

Went into this casual ramen restaurant.

They do serve piping hot gyoza, which was not too bad.

And followed by fried prawns.. Nice but lol 2 were quite miserable.

After which was followed by the very lousy ramen -.-

This was b4 i had the ramen tt's why i was still smiling and cold -.-

But the stock has got no taste, and it's not piping hot. =(

Walked around Central Mall and got bored cuz we see all the branded stuff..

Went into Baskin Robbins to take shelter. =) Actually i dragged Sandy there. First time she wasn't too keen on ice cream but i was madly in love with Baskin Robbin's ice cream hehehe`

We've ordered 2 scoops each and really enjoyed them so much =)

Why why why... why doesn't Singapore have it..

After which we headed to the only reason why we were there in Central Mall - Naraya. Bought loads of stuff there. haha I spent about 50 bucks whereas Sandy spent about 90 SGD.

Rain finally stopped and we walked over to MBK shopping centre. This was taken outside Central Mall in front of the colosseum made out of Heneiken Beer cans.

Went to MBK and we walked around. Sat down in BK for a while to rest our feets before we continue again. We didn't do much shopping there cuz i told Sandy that it's definitely much cheaper to shop in Platinum. But we did get a few pillow and cushion covers on the way to finding the Thai food stuff for our family. Found a place to do our nails as well. Sandy did Gel extension and french manicure and normal pedicure while i did a pedicure. Fell asleep on the comfy recliner seat while waiting for her. Hmmmmm` Watched series on my itouch as well.

Cabbed back to our hotel to leave the things.

In the cab with our tired legs and the stuff we've bought.

Sandy and her Gel extensive plus french manicure. hehe` Spent like 1300 Baht on these nails. o.O Which is still of course cheaper than in SG.

And she has to pose a bimbo shot with these nails -.-

Went downstairs again to buy dinner and i've finally tried the Tom Yam Soup which cost only 60 Baht. I chose to put prawns, sotong and mushrooms inside. Besides those, he's got chicken and fish too. Slurps. =)) Totally shiok and huge portion enough for 3 people! But i've got it all to myself cuz Sandy's not interested in it.

Soup + Rice

And Sandy had the braised pork with rice which tasted good as well ! ^^

Laid out stuff bought on 2nd day and here's what i've got!

Cute envelopes, card and stickers, good for me cuz i love to write love letters.

BB cream, Vitamin C effervescent tablets and Winnie the Pooh Honey Hand cream. =)

Eclipse novel from the twilight series. It's a steal!

Here are Sandy's stuff.

And her love for Super Junior.

Pamper her nails...

And a funky glasses frame which i shaked my head when she showed me her purchase while i was choosing the foodstuff to bring home -.- hehe

All in all, 2nd day was really fun. And we went to the same place for another massage hmmmm` This time a full body one. But didn't quite enjoy the experience cuz they cut corners.. Bah`

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