Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I cleaned my room today!

=)) Wheeeeeee` The whole day i've been at home. Cleaned out the mess in a part of my room, changed my bedsheets to new ones i've bought the other day. Did the laundry and swept and mopped the whole house. Now i just need to clear out my wardrobe and wiped the celing fan when im free =) hee`

I was so bored today i played with my itouch and decided to get a couple of games on itunes store. lol` Spent abt 3 bucks only i think. hehe`

Finished watching the lastest episode of a HK series. Bah` Wondering what to do now. =( I can't wait for next friday to come. Will be working on my birthday, followed by clubbing, and then leaving for Phuket with dan early morning the next day =) Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` And come friday, we're gonna go to HDB to sign the agreement of lease for our flat. ^^

I'm hoping tomorrow's flight will be smooth cuz we'll be having the new POS system onboard. Im determined to make it work! hiak hiak hiak`

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

And so.... the already long india flight was delayed...

Due to late inbound of aircraft from Macau. AND.... They had to have a suspected case of H1N1 onboard -.- Therefore it took super long to disembark the passengers from Macau. bah` Ended up it was only a hoax. Just another pax with flu virus.

And thus we finally finished boarding the passengers. In came this bloody Indian passenger who delayed the flight, yet again for another 20 minutes. He created a scene outside the aircraft, refusing to show the boarding pass. And kept swearing which means obviously he's totally drunk. He just laid sprawled on the aircraft exit and refused to get out of the aircraft cuz we do not want him to create trouble onboard thus wanna offload him.

And he laid there for a long time refusing to get out. Thus we waited for the police to come to drag him away. -.- Sparstic passenger who thinks the whole world stops for him.

Finally touched down in SG close to 7am. Dan came and picked me up and we had breakfast at the hawker centre near my place. Bought breakfast home for my family and he stayed at my place till 7pm when we headed out to amk hub for dinner. Had the lovely chicken rice at S-11 beside amk hub again.

And he went to cut his hair while i bought bubble bath and 2 very delicious cream body baths (White chocolate and strawberry flavor) from O2 skin! Gotten a bot of body scrub from The Face Shop as well cuz mine is running out. hehe` =) Bought a set of super single sheets as well from the roadshow. lol` Total spending almost 100 bucks today. hmmmmm`

I miss dearest again. Tentatively we'll be getting registered next year. =)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good food every other day. =)

Therefore how can i be determine to cut down on food? !!!!! =(

Operated Bangalore flight followed by Perth flight straight on Thursday. Was quite shagged but still managed to take train home after the long long flight. =) hehe`

Went back home to rest and didn't managed to sleep alot i wonder why. Suddenly remembered i had to go for dinner with dan's family. Forgot it was 25th.. hmmmmm` They've made a reservation for 2 tables at The Cathay Chinese restaurant, of course located at Handy Road.

Went down earlier to walk around the mall with dan. A couple of very artsy and fatsy shops which sells very cute gifts. ^^ Totally tempted to buy them hehe`

Dinner was in a private room with 2 tables to celebrate dan's mum's birthday. =) Invited his relatives too and there were a total of 15 of us. Food was great, especially the shark's fins cuz the stock was perfect hehe` =) Very enjoyable meal which ended off with a lovely nourishing dessert and also ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry's. =) Dan and his brothers splitted the bill, which cost a whooping 900+ after 30% discount. hmmmmm`

As for yesterday, i went out for dinner too with him again. This time, only the 2 of us and we headed to Tian Wai Tian Teochew Fish Head Hotpot. We ordered the pomfret hotpot, cuttlefish kangkong and also hae chor (prawn roll). ^^ Stuffed ourselves silly and had to da bao the remaining hae chor home cuz we were too full. hee`

Decided to go United Square to shop. Walked around and stopped for a nice relaxing chat in Starbucks.

My green tea latte and dan's mocha frappe.

=) Love the nice relaxing chat we've had and he bunked over at my place for the night.

=(( activated for Chennai flight tonight. Sianz. Sick of india flights. But i want moolah! bah`

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dinner with Wing b4 she heads off to HK

My last day off which was Monday was spent at home. And in the evening i went out to meet winnie earlier in PS. I reached at about 6.10pm and she wasn't here yet. So i went to get some lingerie in Cotton On Body. Panties on sale! hehe`

Went to Etude House.. Very princessy place. Love their dressing tables. And got pink furry pens as a welcome gift. It's like The Face Shop and Missha. Nothing too fancy.

After which we met up with Wing and Mei zhu. Such a pity that Jiating couldn't join us. I was looking forward to seeing her too. And so we headed to Cafe Cartel for dinner. Ordered our main courses and enjoyed the warm cuts of bread.

Wing acting wu liao heheh` Miss her lar.. And she's lost weight since i met her 2 yrs ago on my 21st birthday. =)

Wing's fingers appeared just as winnie was taking this self shot lol`

And finally, after so many Winnie's so called failed shots of her hair -.- This is the best shot.

Candid shot which i took.

Lousy group shot which the server took. We kept gossiping about her behind her back hehe`

Modified the shot to become Sepia.

And into dreamy mode. ^^

It was great to meet up with them, especially wing before she leaves for HK ytd to be interviewed by her Prof to see if she's able to carry on doing PHD. =) Really feeling hopeful for her. I think she can do it hehe`

After dinner we carried on catching up with each other and at 9pm we realised it's time for for snacks! hehe` Since it's 50% off for all snackers and coffee, we ordered a drink each and shared a seafood combo. =) Went home at about 10+ and took the train with Winnie.

Some nice shots from Winnie..

haha we played with the furry pink pen.
Wing looks so cute and hua chi here..

Just did perth flight last night and we had a minor medical case. hehe This ang moh guy went unconscious but we were totally cool rofl~ Hmmmmm the whole scenario was quite funny come think of it. Cuz we were all rather slow mo when he came over and said he's feeling faint..

And we opened our crew seat for him to sit. And i told my colleagues his face was super pale shall i administer oxygen? heheh` Super cool and not panicking at all. LOL

Have got Bangalore flight tonight.. Bah`

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flat updates.

=)) First timer grant of 20 k has been given to us =)

And we'll be signing the agreement of lease on 3rd July. ^^ yay! hehe We're one step closer to our future.

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I had a great weekend! Which is even rare to begin with..

Cuz it's sooo extremely rare to get a whole weekend off! yay` =) It's been a long time since i've last blogged, cuz i can barely get enuff sleep. Much less blog. =(

On 15th, which in monday, i met up with Jingyun and Sandy at City Hall at 11am. We head to Excelsior hotel for dim sum buffet. ^^ Somehow the food wasn't as nice as before, but still, the company was great =) Had some great laughs, especially when i only wanted 1 prawn paste chicken wing cuz they didn't want any.. hmmmm`

We went to Suntec's Kbox and sang from about 3 all the way till 7pm. It was great cuz we totally enjoyed ourselves especially when we sang the high and happy songs. hehe` Sandy fell asleep and so we were tired of singing.... and we took pictures hehe`

JY looks nice here but im crap.. =)

We've even sang the famous Hokkien song which all mothers love. hehe` From a popular taiwan drama.

Wa meng teeen wa meng teeeen.. lol

And so after my day of on monday, i operated 3 straight morning flights. All thanks to dan for sending me to work even when he's got a course to attend in the night. Crazy crazy hours. Until Friday which is my 4th straight flight, i was totally wiped out. But at least it's an evening one. =) Dan picked me up from work at 2am and we had supper in Punggol Nasi Lemak's coffeeshop. hee`

I spent the whole day at home yesterday and just simply get enough rest before dan's brother came to pick me up and he drove dan and me to orchard. (Must not drink and drive hehe) We had dinner at Waraku in Starhub Centre. ^^ They have reopening discount of 50% for the whole menu =) hehe` And so we kinda stuffed ourselves silly. We had my favourite tonkotsu ramen, his champon udon, saba mackeral, shimeki mushrooms in bacon and also soft shell crab tempura. Total for only 27 bucks after discount. =) I'm glad i saw the ad in the newspaper.

We then cabbed down to Boiler's Room in St James and met up with Rachel and Ronald first. Started off by opening a bottle of Martell. Purpose is to celebrate Ailing's birthday =)

I think the live band's much more entertaining than the previous one. Cuz they have each of them come out to sing different ballads =)

Ronald and Rachel =)

Dan and me. The cyan colored shirt looks totally fresh on him. =) This is the one which i've bought from FCUK.

My man hehe` =)

haha lousy camera technique.. =X i mean me.. lol` Such a huge space above.

Wings and martell. Inclusive free mixers cuz Rachel ordered another bottle. hehe` In the end the 5 of us finished drinking the 2 bottles.

My macho man =)

Ailing and her bf finally turned up at about 12am. And she's finally gained weight! hehe im happy for her. Ah.... the power of love. ^^

It was great coming out to club with them after so long. hehe` Especially with ailing, really missed it. hehe`

Rachel was getting so tipsy tt she knocked off my glass with cranberry juice inside =X hmmmm` Well at least this time i wasn't the one who gets drunk first. hee`

=) It was truly a fun night. Ailing and bf head home first cuz he was tired. And Rachel and ron followed after tt. I dragged dan to meet my collegues for a while before we cabbed back to my place.

From left, Waty, me, Hery and Fizah

Very very nice colleagues =) Met up with Waty's hubby too, who works as a bouncer at St James.Went back to my place shortly after cuz we were both tired le.

Dan stayed over at my place and left home in the evening today. We spent quality time with each other and i must say it's truly a lazy Sunday afternoon. hehe`

Had dinner with chris in amk central at Sumo house, followed by grocery shopping in AMK Hub. Coincidentally i saw Ailing there too hehe ^^ I love my brother hehe` I'm still having my day off tomorrow. And meeting my poly mates for dinner in Cafe Cartel! yay` hehe

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Sunday, June 14, 2009


=)) Have been working hard these couple of days. And only had my day off yesterday, today and tomorrow. ^^ Phew. Sales was good too so we were rather tired. hehe` Had my flu jab on Thursday after my flight as well. Went to T3's Raffles together with 3 of my colleagues and we had fun along the way.

Met up with my insurance agent too who's the same age as me last week. Signed yet another insurance plan with him, but this time for AXA instead of Prudential. this plan will mature in 15 yrs and i'll get to have a lump sum of money which will definitely come to good use in the future. I believe in ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ ^^

On Saturday morning after my Bangalore flight, dan came to pick me up for breakfast at about 7am. We ate in the hawker centre located at AMK Avenue 10. Not too bad a breakfast ^^ We had raw fish and porridge, and also lor mee. Bought home some you tiao for my mum =) And dan stayed for a couple of hours to accompany me before he went to send his vehicle for servicing.

We met up again in the evening to head to Suntec, not for PC show, but for the bridal fair. hehe`
Wanted to only look around and ask about the packages. Ended up we only managed to go to the 2nd place before we sat down for a long long time. And signed a bridal package with Bridal de Couture. Hmmmmm` It's really attractive and very meticulous. The lady is also very candid and passionate about her job. So yup, i think our collaboration will be very exciting. ^^

The package will be valid for 5 yrs. But we have to get registered anyway within 3 yrs b4 we get the key to our flat.

Really excited about it cuz i feel that it's yet another big step into our future together. The first one was getting the flat in Yishun.

Very very excited us. hehe` And then we mellowed down to this..

We then have our late dinner at BK. I tried their 7 inch burger and totally in love with it. Am gonna have it again b4 the promo ends and it disappears! hehe`

As for today, i stayed home the whole day and entertained myself by playing time management games, reading magazine and watching slumdog millionaire. Haven't finish watching it though but find it really funny. Especially when the Jamal jumped into the pool of dung just to see his idol. hmmmm`

Played with my dogs too, resulting in these..

Close-up shot of brown brown and tt's me with the brown shirt

Close-up of mao mao..

I headed over to dan's place for popiah galore, as described by Rachel hehe cuz she tried to ask me out to dinner.

I had fun wrapping my own popiah and we had kueh pie tee too hehe` His mum cooked some bee hoon as well. Had fun having dinner with his family ^^ Well my family used to be fun too.. But somehow somewhere the fun and laughter all got lost. Oh well... Life works in different ways but it still goes on.

Watched a couple episodes of 'How i met your mother' and it was really funny. And now im back home. Wanna go play game for a while before i turn in. It's girls' day out tomorrow and i can't wait! Must go pack my bag now before i forget to bring some stuff for Sandy.

Footnote: Chris bought yet another LCD tv from the PC show. o.O He got a laptop too for our relatives in indonesia. hmmmm`

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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Monday, June 08, 2009

Random family dinner

3 morning flights in a row were indeed very tiring for me. Especially when the reporting time gets earlier each time -.- And having to wake up at 3.30am was easy, but when you woke up feeling that u haven't even slept much was terrible. Luckily there's always such lovely colleagues around to occupy my time i don't ever feel sleepy onboard. hehe`

And much appreciation and thanks to love who sent me to work every morning. ^^ The last flight i've had yesterday, which was Guangzhou was really busy. We worked throughout the flight and sales was good. hehe` =)

Dan picked me up and we didn't know what to have for late lunch/early dinner. And so, we parked in Jalan Kayu and have already tore the parking coupon when ray called me and suggested dinner with family at amk. Thus we headed back to our place and watched 'confessions of a shopaholic' for a while before we headed out again, to AMK block 232's Mellben Seafood for dinner.

Heard that it's a very famous place for crabs. Never been there and i was indeed excited cuz it was my very first time having crabs outside of homes. Been having it either takeout from zi char places or mum cooking it. So yup, first for me. ^^ People present was my whole family, dan and ray's gf, total 7 of us.

Waited for a long while and was drooling while looking at other ppl's dishes hehe` =X My brothers didn't order the crab and thick bee hoon in soup which i feel was quite a pity. hehe` Wanna go back and try tt next time =)

Was busy eating already and everyone was hungry by the time the dishes were here. Thus i've only managed to take pictures of them after. But the crabs were untouched, YET.

Yam basket, my mum's favourite.

Bamboo clams in garlic. First time having it, tastes alright but the garlic was really too much hehe`

Stir-fried sambal sweet potato leaves (my family have always love this)

Huge red grouper. This pictures doesn't do justice cuz the fish is really huge and tasted very very delicious =)

A whole Chilli crab. Very overrated. Not nice at all cuz there's no punch. The sauce was neither here nor there, not spicy, not sour/sweet. So yup, mum can cook much better ones.

A whole crab stir fried with salt and pepper.

My utmost favourite out of the 3 crab dishes. =) a whole crab in butter sauce. hee` They threw in some chilli padi and curry leaves thus it tasted totally perfect for me. I think i was the only one who love this the most. hehe`

The crabs were huge in the dishes. And we even needed to da bao a whole claw and a section home cuz they were too much even for 7 gluttons! hee` =X In the salt and pepper crab dish, the claw was even the size of my fist.. amazing. o.O hehe` The 3 crabs cost a total of 178 dollars and the whole dinner cost us 330, split among me and my 2 brothers. =)

Very satiated after the dinner. ^^ Told dan to go back home while we took the bus back home. I miss him so much now. Bah` Just wrote another card for him the day before. Times passes so fast. hee`

Alright, im gonna go relax and then sleep well before my next flight tomorrow. ^^

Footnote: I'm excited!!! and happy hahah cuz yixian's coming back on the 15th July! Gawd.. i miss her so much.. hee` She called me and we chatted over the phone for half an hour hehe` yay can't wait for her to come back and celebrate my birthday =)

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Exciting day i've ever had! =)

=) On Tuesday i was supposed to catch a movie with dan in the evening after he knocked off. But he was down with a bad tummy so we went back to his place for dinner instead. =) Watched this silly chinese flick until 9pm before he sent me back home. HDB sent us letter already, notifying us that they're going to go ahead and build the flats! Yay` Hopefully our love nest will be ready earliest 2012. ^^

Good good news! yay` And when i was over at dan's place, my manager called me to ask me to bring along an extra sash for the managing director. And mentioned that it's gonna be a press conference o.O... Told her i know it's a promo event, but have no idea the press would be present.. hmmmm`

And so the next day, i cabbed down to the Singapore Flyer for the event. Met up with another of my colleague Mengyu and roamed around cuz we didn't know where to meet up with the others -.- Bah` Luckily we met this very helpful staff who brought us to the VIP Lounge. Wahahahaha must brag cuz everyone can take the Singapore Flyer, but might not have a chance to get into the VIP Lounge =P

They served us drinks while the both of us chatted with our MD, Rosalynn Tay. Waited for the press to come and we headed up to our very specially decorated Tiger capsule at 11.15am. ^^ The deco will be up for the whole of June and it's really so pretty we love it haha`

The both of us didn't talk much, just stand there like vases and chatted amongst ourselves and with our MD. hehe` And they just kept snapping away. hmmmmm` And so, this morning it appeared in Lianhe Zaobao. =)

Well this pose was directed by the photographer. haha`

My 1st virgin trip on the Singapore Flyer. =) And it's really cool. Wanna try boarding it at night though. ^^

It was a great experience ^^ to be ambassadors of tiger. Really enjoyed ourselves at this event and one of the few times i'm proud to be from Tiger. hehe`

After the event, i got changed and headed to Marina Square on my own to have lunch and shop around for a while. Bad bad decision i've made. Cuz i spent over 160 bucks in Sasa. Bought the Oxymask which i've just tried just now. Totally miraculous. muahahahhaha` My skin has brightened up! hee`

Went back home and headed out again for 'Night at the Museum 2" at AMK hub with dan. Caught the 7.10pm show. Really enjoyed the show but somehow find part one much more witty. hmmmm` Absolutely adore the garbage monster lol` We then had very nice chicken rice from S-11 for our dinner as i was craving for it.

After the date, dan sent me home. And i spent quite abit of time thinking about whether i should join Winnie to go Dbl O. And i did. Lol` Been almost 7 mths since i last went club hehe` So was really itching to go le. Cabbed home to Dbl O and only reached almost 12. Went down to O bar first and then back up to Dbl O.

Met my colleagues in O bar. Fizah & Katie. Well i know im fat, but they're pretty so ya.. still must post. hehe`

Dearest Winnie & me. =))

They were all super high already by the time i was there -.- And so i drank by myself the shots and vodka cranberry/redbull. Bah` And Winnie had to make me find a hole to hide cuz she gave me number to the bartender... Super paiseh. But doesn't matter since i only have dan in my heart. hehe`

It's another crazy night where the girls really kissed each other on their lips, do some boobs touching and danced the night away. hmmmm` Managed to drag Winnie into the cab and glad we're all safely back home -.- I must say, it's really not easy to take care of almost gone people.. ^^

Today was all about visiting doctors with mum. Got her mammogram check up report and everything's good. =) Gonna try to turn in early cuz i've got to wake up early for flight tml. My 1st flight this mth hehe`

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

let's drink and be merry ^^

I wanna go drink! it's been a long time since we get wasted together dearest hehe`

On 29th which was last friday, i met up with Jinwei for lunch and movie. ^^ Didn't know what to have, we walked into Suki Sushi in the end for their buffet cuz i felt like having sushi. hmmmm` Stuffed ourselves silly and spent almost 2 hours there. Went to watch Monsters Vs Aliens after that at 5pm.

It was not bad and we laughed like small little kids. hehe` Great show to pass time and of course easy to understand plot for kids. =) Love the green blob lol`

And so, we shopping after and walked around cine, taka and wisma. Bought Famous Amos cookies for dan. They've got 2 new additional flavours! Visited the Apple products store in cine and i find the DJ there really cute =)) And no doubt cool of course. hehe`

We went to shop in French Connection in Wisma and Jinwei bought himself 2 tees while i've gotten a shirt for dan =) Toally cheap and additional 10% off with CITIBank card. =) yay` Took train back to amk with Jinwei and along the way i got him to pose like this..

His iphone back design totally resembles him. =))

hehe` Met up with dan the man in AMK and we had mac. Tried their milo mcflurry and it was a disappointment. Still in love with their strawberry shortcake and mudpie mcflurry but they're gone. He came over to my place to bunk over and we watched Pink Panther 2.

Went for the Clark flight on Saturday and we had breakfast at Mac in BT. First time i tried the macgriddles and i love it! heheh `The explosive tastes of salty and sweet all together =) hee`

Excited to finish the flight and off to Ah Bam's condo in west coast for BBQ dinner. We had really good satays, chicken wings, prawns and squid. Chatted under the stars and had a great time just chilling out for a while. The place is really nice too, with which the 1st storey ppl has got a private pool right outside each of their condo units which is locked up. And the topmost 5th floor's tenants had got their own individual rooftop patio =) Just like Ah Bam's one had. Omg. It was crazeeee....

We finished watching Balls of Fury in his room after which Ah Bam and gf, dan and me played daidee at the huge rooftop patio. =) Really really cool place. They played Texas hold'em for a while too b4 dan sent me home at 1+am cuz i was totally shagged from work.

He slept over tt night as well and brought me to work the next day for Perth flight. It was ok, still a very tiring one. Especially after working for almost 13 hours straight. I felt like i've walked to Perth! Cuz didn't have time to sit at all.

Hope i won't get activated for any flights today. Gonna be going to Singapore flyers on Wednesday morning for promotional work. =)

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