Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ha! Bored at home, but too lazy to blog!

Alright, first up was my godbrother Chris' Birthday. =) He turns 23 on 24th July and we had the celebration over at Dbl O. Didn't feel like going but he was so nice cuz he turned up at my birthday celebration over at Movida by himself =) Dan accompanied me and we had fun =)

Reached only at about eleven. A couple of his close friends also turned up.

His girlfriends and i.

Here's us trying to take off his shirt to reveal his singlet.. hmmmm`

And in this shot, Chris' friend was trying to take off the jacket of this guy and i was just posing hehe` =))

I've also ordered 2 flaming Lamborghini since it was 1 for 1. ^^ And of course i drank with Chris cuz he was so whiny about it. Bah`

The waitress lighting the alcohol.

Haha happy to see ppl getting drunk.

Drinking together with a friend i've known since we were prolly 5 yrs old cuz we used to be neighbours =)


haha Still the same face after 5 seconds -.- I actually find it nice cuz of the milky taste.

Alot more pictures with Chris who refuses to upload onto his com -.- The above shots were all taken from his friend. ^^

Nothing much happened on 25th and 26th cuz i was busy working. Except that i've gotten my fix of chilli cheese beef fries from Carl's Jr =) And also portobello mushroom burger.

Sunday night (26th), i finished work at about 10pm and dan came to fetch me at the airport. He brought for me a whole tub of hot soup as well, with udon and various ingredients inside =) Cuz he had steamboat dinner with his family at home. ^^ Sweet. hehe` Brought it home to eat and he passed me the flowers as well, which i've gotten for JY's convo. ^^


Jingyun's Convocation

Reached Pioneer Station control at 11am and waited for the 2 latecomers to reach. haha` Managed to find our way to the Nanyang Auditorium in NTU, all thanks to asking people and not following the directions cuz we've chosen to follow those ppl carrying bouquet of flowers instead!

^^ Jingyun receiving the degree from the Chancellor ^^

Waited for her to come out of the auditorium =))

JY & Sandy

Yixian & JY. You'll be seeing more of YX cuz she's back from down under, the aussie land!

Me & JY

Sandy hiding her face with the tulips. hehe`

After this shot, sandy thinks tt her face is too big, as compared to JY and YX who's got smaller faces -.-

Thus, she did this... hehe`

The 4 good girlfriends! =) Congrats JY!

Jy and her proud parents.

So for the whole afternoon, We followed JY all around in our killer heels, carried her bags and Sandy was her photographer. hehe` =)) Was funny being her personal assistant especially when her dad called and i was the one with the HP.. Almost wanted to pick it up and answer 'Daddy' lol`

JY & her tutorial group?

Poor mortarboard which had gotten soft at the corners hehe`.

Took off killer heels, ready to jump!

Took numerous shots as u can see hehe` Crazy us, in front of so many ppl.. but we don't care!

Back to the reception area which was raided all of its food -.- WTH` YX and i acting chummy =))


Dementa! Back to the school of Hogwarts.

Sandy's fetish.

And me being unglam cuz my feet was totally sore.

Only at special occasions will Sandy be willing to take pictures hehe`

Taking off her robe at the end of camwhoring!

10 stalks of White Tulips.

After which we proceeded to JY's place for her to drop her stuff. Had a long chat there and we finally made our way to Jurong Point at about 5pm. Had lunch/dinner at New York New York and it was not too bad. haha` JY always attracts waiters =X

Had our individual main course and shared a serving of Buffalo Wings ^^

Pretty Jy =)

My Penne pasta with roasted chicken.

YX's taglatelle pasta with ribs asked to be served separately.

JY's Carborana.

Lastly, Sandy's Latino Chicken Chop. =)

Enjoyed the booth seats and stayed there for more than 2 hrs. hehe`

Sandy looks so nice here! hehe with her smile =) really rare.

Mudpie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Like the scoop of ice cream alot but the mudpie was rather average. ^^

Fried Mars Bars. Really lousy cuz it reeks of overused oil (prolly with the taste of our buffalo wings too) and the strawberry ice cream is really sucky too cuz it's full of preservertives' taste.

Caught up with each other and only left at 7+pm. Headed to Tiger's Staff Party after that. Shall post about it soon.

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