Monday, September 28, 2009

23rd September '09 - Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts High Tea with Kaili

Met up with my colleague Kaili at Orchard MRT station at about 3pm. Before that i went shopping for some stuff. Walked over to Royal Plaza on Scotts for our high tea buffet! I've always love Carousel and their buffets hehe`

Kaili's starters.

Mine. Love all these cold entrees. =) And their soba is terrific!

My soba dipping sauce before i start to add wasabi ^^

Yummy! =)

My 2nd plate of soba and superb sake sashimi!

I want food......... Gimme more food................................

Anti-clockwise from left - Kaya Waffle with coconut shavings, mango prawn roll, kueh pie tee, carrot cake, stir fried tang hoon, wanton and dragonball. ^^

Kaili's plate of nasi lemak and some dishes.

This lor mee actually tastes not too bad at all ^^

Me with durian waffle =)

Very sucky no taste seafood soup with scallops o.O

Was on the phone chatting with another colleague.

Popiah and durian waffle. The popiah's not as nice as the ones that kaili's mum makes haha`

chicken congee

kaili's first round of fondue treats lol`

Hahahha i went to bring another round. Caught in the act lol`

strawberry ice cream with cookie and fudge topping!

My plate of delectable desserts. =) with my favorite Carousel's bread and butter pudding!


Angela + Kaili

My very small portion of nasi lemak with minced mutton rendang and cheng tng before the buffet line closes ^^

Went outside to take pictures after that

racing car made of bread!

Went to explore ion to see what's inside hehe`

W/o flash

with flash ^^

kaili looks so cute in these pictures lol

^^ Great outing.

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16th September '09 - Yixian's Convocation @ Marriot Hotel

It was Yixian's special day today. ^^ Celebrating the completion of her degree in Marriot Hotel, specially for Singapore students from University of Sydney.

While waiting for JY at orchard station control. Sandy got bored..

And then, the OL showed up =)

Huge bouquet of 'white' orchids.. lol Got me fuming mad at dan. hmmmm` Long story.

YX and her friends.

Me & JY

With the happy graduand (or graduate? Winnie, pls teach me eng teacher) ^^

BFFs! xoxo

The canapes served at the reception were fantastic ^^ The prawns were scooped up almost immediately. =(


Traditional jump shot. Getting ready.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` Apparently this is one of the nicest shots.

And of course, the hoodie... haha` We're gonna make u do this the year after too Sandy!! ^^

And i held up the dumbaldore's headgear ^^ hehe

Proud aunt and mother who attended the convo.


She just had to ruin her mortarboard but i wasn't hit at all this time round muahahha`

Jump shot getting ready.


Buck-toothed legacy ^^

Caught her when she was coming out of the toilet cubicle


Self shot first attempt.

2nd and perfect attempt!

Sitting at Lucky Plaza's macdonalds to chill out till quite late we had to cab home.

Women piling up on calories when they meet.

As usual, Sandy's fetish.

Congrats Yixian! muacks love ya! Time really passes by really fast ^^

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