Thursday, October 29, 2009

29th September - Dinner with the girls at Tampopo, Taka

Just realised that i haven't posted this set of pictures into FB and neither have i blogged abt it =X So here goes. ^^ We've decided to have dinner in Tampopo cuz i've heard good reviews abt it. It's alright but still rather average to me. hmmmm`

Sandy's Ramen.

Mine... Very big portion...

Black pig dumpling soup which tastes horrendously salty. -.- REALLY.. like 3 times more salty than miso soup -.- Come to think of it, why didn't we bring it up to the waitress' attention lol`

My ramen filled with cabbage cuz Sandy thrown all of hers into mine. =(

Yixian's chicken cutlet curry set which is rather nice..

Very cold grilled squid.. =( Disappointment

Sandy's favourite pose from JY's grad =)

Yixian accidentaly dropped a watermelon seed into her drink o.O

Everyone was dead full to eat the last black pig dumpling.

Excited excited.. =)

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28th August - High Tea @ Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts

My very 1st plate of goodies.

This was Kaili's.

Really indulging in small talks and great food =)

My utmost favourite in Carousel!

Tried to take this picture using the mirror. =)

Tried again and again but it looks fuzzier by the minute.

Yixin left us halfway while shopping in Far East.

Took pictures in level one.

Happy halloween!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally i've got the feeling to blog.

Alot of stuff happened at home lately, both delightful and unpleasant stuff. Shall talk about them later.

Dan brought alot of stuff back from Beijing for me and my family. =) Loads of sweets, cup noodles, chicken sausages which i love and even a whole Peking duck which is sealed in a vacuum pack =)) Amazing hehe` The duck actually tastes good after tossing them into the oven. ^^ I really like it alot. Really grateful for his effort =) Bought a pure silk notebook and also a pen which is made of copper for me. Yay`

I've been working hard recently especially last week, resulting in little sleep every night cuz of 4 consecutive morning flights. I think i can earn quite abit this month though the sales ain't that fantastic. Gotten my employment letter as well and my gold colored name tag =)

And so, my wonderful brother Chris will be getting married on 12th December 2009. He's the younger of the twins and had accomplished quite a good financial stability. Very proud of him cuz he's come thus far. It'll be a shotgun though as his gf is 2 1/2 mths pregnant now. But they were planning for the wedding to be next year anyway. ^^ It's gonna be a wonderful ceremony at Flutes by the Fort. I'm so excited for him! Auntie Angela lalala`

As for the unpleasant stuff at home - My dad has been finding trouble yet again at home and totally disrupting the peace and happiness. By now i'm so used to it i don't even feel a thing, not even angry. It's totally just feeling resigned now and treating him like a stranger. Just that i'll still pack food for him occasionally but normally we don't talk to each other which is rather normal. Told him that i do not treat him as my dad cuz we quarreled with each other. But in my heart, i'll still respect him as a human being cuz i don't wish to go to hell.

I guess in this case, no one can really understand unless u have a similar family like mine. Life's been kind to me so far, and i think God gave me luck when it comes to love and having great friends. Cuz i have a disability in my family =)) So friends, don't be jealous. I've came a long way.

Chris is gonna move into the master bedroom with his wife soon, currently occupied by my dad alone. Soon he'll move into Chris' room to share it with Ray. And latest news from Ray is that he's gonna move out into a rented flat/room next month onwards. Good for him but he's gonna suffer real bad. Truth hurts but it's true. He will have more expenses to pay and won't even be able to save at all for the wedding. It'll be much worst, definitely. Just because he can't stand facing dad in the same room. Whatever, u have the same character as him.

Truthfully im very very excited about Chris getting hitched and even thinking of getting tonic for sister in-law. Somehow i got the vibes that Ray's not happy at all. I felt that it's as if he's a child, wanting all the attention, and now that his twin younger brother is getting all of it, he's unhappy. Really the vibe is strong. Maybe not unhappy, but totally doesn't seem excited or happy, and not helping out in the preparations at all.

I wish i can put in my facebook - Angela is in a family, and it's complicated. -.-

Anyway i'll just take things as it is. ^^


Had my 2 days off (tues and wed). Tuesday i met up with Yixian at Orchard. We had dinner at the Asian Kitchen in ION. Shopped around there as well as in Far East. Only managed to get Sally Hansen top coat and also 2 pots of eyeshadow. =( Boo boo`

As for yesterday, i went to Orchard again, this time meeting my colleagues Kaili and Yixin for High Tea Buffet at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts. Shall upload the pics when im free cuz im lazy. Went to Far East to shop again and finally managed to get a pair of peep-toe wedges! ^^ Shopped for about 4 hours plus and tried on tonnes of dresses but none which i feel is suitable for the wedding lunch. =( Sad

Dan was sweet cuz he dropped by to send us home. =)

Went out with the girls on 21st oct and we had fish n co. Love love love their Swiss fish and chips. haha` Hope that 9 bucks promo never end. hehe`

Always enjoyed myself when im with them.

And sandy went out with Yixian one day and visited Kim Gary Restaurant. As usual she used my particulars to fill out a feedback form, but this time w/o my presence -.- Hmmmm Amazing lol`

Getting sleepy already. Shall turn in soon. =)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gathering and relaxing at home.

Been spending my days at home these few days. On thursday i went for a gathering at one of my colleague's place. Reached at about 5pm to find a couple of them only. Feasted all the way till evening and really had fun chit-chatting.

Took loads of pictures and only went back home at about 9+ when our boss came. hehe`

I've gotten to know the good news on this day as well when my boss sent me a email. I've been promoted to Cabin Crew in-charge! yay` After so long haha` No choice cuz i didn't angkat bola.

And and and... both of my brothers are getting married soon! Good good news hehe` Chris was planning to get married end of next year, but apparently, his gf is 2 mths pregnant now. haha` Oh well. And ray will be getting registered soon as well. =) My mum's really cool with this news. GREAT!

Spent yesterday and today at home, watching movies and series and getting plenty of rest. Last night i went to buy butter crabs for mum and i. She brewed soup too. And the 2 of us really enjoyed each other's company. It's really great to spend some time with family. Really felt like drinking hoegaarden but i couldn't find it anywhere so i couldn't have them with the crabs for dinner. Sad sad...

Gonna go to work later. And i do miss dan alot. ^^ hope he drank alot and got silly and wasted and thoroughly enjoyed himself on this trip hehe` I can only see him on tuesday night cuz though he'll be back on monday night, i'll only touch down from Bangalore flight on tuesday morning =(

i love you baby!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just came back home from a flight not long ago. I've been working everyday recently cuz this month's roster is rather hectic. Thanks to dan for taking the effort to send me to work or fetch me home whenever he can.

2 days back i was rostered for penang evening flight. And in the day, i went to visit my grandma with my mum and her friend, and ray. We ended up settling our lunch at the Founder's Bak Kut Teh in Balestier. =) Great lunch treat by ray and me. Always love the bak kut teh there hehe`

And yesterday, dan bunked over at my place after he picked me up after my flight. I really do miss him already. He just took off for Beijing an hour ago. And i hope he really enjoy himself when he's there and do not think about saving money with every item he wanna shop for. hmmmmmm` =) I love you silly boy. ^^

Just a day off today and i wanna spent it at home relaxing and catching up on my series hehe` Gonna go for a gathering with my colleagues later in the evening. It'll definitely be a photo-taking session cum gossip time.

I wanna eat ice cream.. hmmmm craving for it right now. lol` But we'll see how when i wake up. Still need to harvest my carrots later before i sleep... Active clicking..

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just recovered..

from Viral Pharyngitis, which means viral infection of the throat. Was down with high fever of 38.7 degrees centigrade when i went to AMK Raffles 3 days ago... Rested on the bed the whole day on thursday cuz my body was aching real bad. =( Finally regaining back my strength by yesterday but i really didn't wanna head back to work today. So last night i visited the doctor again to get MC for today.

^^ Dan bunked over at my place last night and he accompanied me the whole day today. It was truly enjoyable. =) Cracked jokes together and really love each other's company. Watched some series and movies, and also played games together.

We finally decided to head out for dinner and off we went to Marina Square cuz i felt like eating pasta. Sat in at Cafe Cartel and i ordered baked macaroni instead. Shared a side order which we couldn't finish so i packed it home. Dan went to queue at Rochor Beancurd and got a total of 10 portions of beancurd for both his and my family =) Truly sweet of him.

Really grateful to him for taking care of me when im sick. I should say it's difficult to get a good boyfriend like him. =X

Happy 2 yrs and 7 months anniversary! It's been a long time ^^

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Angela Tan feels like eating sugary sweet donuts now.

hmmmmmmmmmm` I had a great day! Really enjoyed it totally by staying home, relaxing. Watched 'Good Luck Chuck' and 'The Proposal' on Pipi. And also Desperate Housewives and also Gossip Girl. Played farmville and helped dan managed his farm as well.

Dan picked me and mum up for dinner just now. We headed for Zi Char at the Thai Restaurant in Chong Pang. =) Finally managed to bring my mum there to try their cheap and good food. Super great fast service too. Really enjoyed the dishes. Packed KFC back home for Chris as well.

I'm gonna go to bed pretty soon cuz i woke up at 8am this morning and didn't take any nap in the afternoon.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009


I know my girls are gonna glare at me when i say this.. but.......

i love my boyfriend yay! =))

lol` i miss him already, and we just seen each other 2 hours ago. hmmmmm` Oh yea i've in love with you. He's been really sweet to me, fetching me home from work these couple of days. and to and from the airport this weekend. He bunked over at my place on friday night. And dinner wasn't too pleasant at Hock Lam Beef.. hmmm` Yesterday (Sat), he picked me up from work and we headed to dinner at his place before going back home.

Today, i was activated for a short Bangkok flight but feeling really tired now after 4 days of flying. =( Cuz 3 of them are considered long flights. Went to S-11 at AMK for dinner with dan and it was great! We had the extremely good penang prawn mee soup. =))

Went for the 7pm Phobia 2 show at our favorite cinema - AMK's Cathay. The movie is really good! I love thai horror movies. I ended up screaming at some scenes in the last story -.- But it's really hilarious at the same time as well... hmmmm` Bought 20 mini durian puffs for my family from four seasons =)) Wheeeeeeeeee` Really enjoyed the date alot!

Finally having my day off tomorrow. So i can really relax at home and catch up on my series. Wanna watch the new season of desperate housewives and also Gossip girls =)

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