Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why am i on hiatus?

Been a long time since i've last updated my blog. Busy enjoying life and working.. hmmmm`And most of the time, lazy to blog cuz i've been playing Farmville.

Just had a sumptuous dinner with my family just now. Thanks to the zi char promotion downstairs, we get to enjoy cheap dishes. Ordered Cereal Prawns, a steamed fish, a deep fried fish with sauce and also Butter crabs. ^^ Enjoyed ourselves but really, why does my body get so heaty easily? I really should go get those herbal tea in sachet packs to drink onboard. =(

I'm now number one in Farmville! haha on and off dropping to number 2 position lol` But tt's not important. I'm gonna try to earn more mastery signs now.

Had a great dinner with dan on friday! Really really love 天外天鱼头炉 ^^ We've also ordered their cuttlefish with kang kung in Sambal sauce. Didn't order my favorite hae chor cuz we know we won't be able to finish it. This time we had a 2nd round of soup and managed to make it taste just as good as the 1st round! *pats on our back heheheh

Went to amk hub to walk around and explored Singtelshop for some of the phones which i've shortlisted. Stopped for a round of dessert at My Dessert House. =) First time i've tried their stuff and i must say tt i wouldn't really go back again cuz their desserts ain't tt nice. =(

I ordered the Azuki blended topped with azuki and also honey balls. Not sweet enuff! Just imagine me saying tt, it means it really isn't sweet hehe` Dan had waffle with chocolate ice cream and it was average too. Had small talk over big topics like having how many tables for our banquet dinner. I wanna save up, save up!

Yesterday i needed to report for flight at 5pm. So dan and i headed down to Expo at about 2pm to get my new phone! Recontracted Chris' starhub line and bought N97 mini for myself. =) Really didn't know what to buy so i got this cuz my brothers recommended me this phone. We were done at about 4pm and sat down in Budget Terminal's Mac to relax before my flight.

I'm rather pleased with this phone after fiddling with it for a while hehe` And it has a QWERTY keyboard. hehe` I've chosen a lovely copper black color. yay` So now, i wanna convert my contract into a SuperSim so that my talktime and sms will double! wheeeeeeee` And i can save more money too.

I can see my salary increasing these couple of months due to increase of workload. And i really do hope that commission will be better so i can save up. Jia you!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Buffalo wings galore =)))

Pictures taken weren't good at all cuz both the restaurants we've visited were very dimly lit and cozy.

Couple of weeks ago, dan and i visited this bistro at Jalan Kayu call Jerry's Bar and Grill. They were almost closed but we were in time for their last order =)

Deep fried button mushrooms. Definitely filled up the whole plate but i've only remembered to take a shot of it after we down a few =X Not too bad.

Ordered half a dozen of the middle level of buffalo wings (Intensi-fire). It was alright but it wasn't crispy enuff.

Caesar Salad which was my idea. hehe` Really delicious cuz they used the right lettuce and also a lovely amount of dressing ^^

All in all it was a great dinner =) And we really did enjoy ourselves. Would definitely visit it again.

2 days back (Saturday), dan bunked in the night before and we went down to TTSH for lunch cuz we wanted to visit his granddad. Ended up they didn't allow us to visit him cuz it wasn't visiting hours. Really strict due to the influenza precaution =( And so we headed down to Mustafa to shop and i've finally gotten Nandos sauce WHEEEEEEEEEEE`

After which we went back to dan's place so that he can bath and headed to Rach and Ron's place in khatib, which is very close to our future home as well. ^^ It's newly renovated by them and dan and i love it! hehe` Rach and i slacked around and admired the place while the boys went to shop for groceries for hotpot dinner.

Really enjoyed the dinner on their new dining table and it was filled with loads of laughter. Hang out at their place till about midnight before we head down to Yishun Safra's Party World for a room which we've reserved. Sang till our throats were hoarse till 3am before we headed back home. Great great weekend!

Stayed home whole of sunday and did tonnes of household chores. Managed to clear our my wardrobe too and found loads of unworn dresses =x hehe` Now it's not bursting anymore yay` Went out in the evening for dinner cuz dan was really bored lol` We decided to go find that buffalo wings place in Seletar Camp. As most of the people know, it's a rather huge place and we drove all over, hitting some dead ends at some parts.. lol`

Finally asked a resident and found the place - Sunset Grill. So friends, im gonna introduce u guys to the holy grail of buffalo wings. It's really rather nice but i think i can withstand a higher level of spiciness ^^

Beer battered button mushrooms

A whole dozen of level 3 (maximum level is 10) buffalo wings.

And dan also ordered a pork chop for himself. Of course we've packed home the wings and yup, the dinner's pricey. lol` He then bunked over at my place and went to work straight this morning.

Enjoying my last day of AL =( Bah`

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