Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Roster's out and im extremely happy!

Working on both christmas eve and christmas but im off on New Year's eve and new year day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee`

ANDDDDDDDDD i'm granted off on 22nd JAn too!!! I'm heading to Langkawi wheeeeeeeeee`

keke it's time for bed.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meet-up with my godbrother.

Happened on Wednesday, when i was off from work. (Like finally) Went out with my godbrother Jinwei. Met up in Orchard and headed straight for lunch for i was famished. Had beef bowl in Yoshinoya. ^^ After which we went to mail the parcel for a special friend and it was exorbitant! =X

Walked around and shopped and then decided to go to Somerset 313 cuz i hear ppl raving about it. And it's really nice! Like it alot. =)) Will go there after school holidays is over and there're lesser people. Just imagine it's a weekday and it's super crowded -.- Totally no mood to shop. Managed to get a tank top and a pair of shorts from Cotton On though.

Went on to Cineleisure to look at the movie timings and caught Zombieland which was gonna start 15 minutes later =) hee` It's really a funny and very entertaining flick.

Went on to the push cart which Yixian last bought her iphone jacket and i've gotten my matt screen protector from there. ^^ Contented! Walked over to ION from Cineleisure cuz jinwei wanted to get a glimpse of the pair of headphones that he's in love with. It looks really good and sound's super powerful too =)) hee` But he's gonna go get it from Japan if it's cheaper.

Settled dinner at this eatery in Food Hall. Really very decent serving and also rather affordable.
Had beef again -.-

My Taiwan beef noodles. (Soup) Really good! But very beefy hehe`

His Taiwan beef noodles, dry.

We've also shared a portion of salt and pepper chicken. Not bad. ^^

Had a good time catching up with each other, talking about relationship, family and also working life. Good luck bro. ^^

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's been a great great weekend starting from thursday for me. hehe`

Went for short Penang flight last thursday and dan came to pick me up frm the airport. Bought a slice of Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe and sang him a birthday song complete with a lighted candle in his EVO car at Changi Village Carpark! haha a mouthful of words huh =X

Went to have our late dinner/supper at Changi Village hawker center where i met 2 of my colleagues. =)) Had very nice hokkien mee but it wasn't wet enough for our taste hehe` Headed back to my place after supper and i handed dan his presents! Though i've already given him a laptop for his birthday, i've also bought 2 pairs of very nice boxers and a bottle of serum from Biotherm for him. Also made him a card though i'm not a very artsy person hee` And i'm truly proud of it!

He spent the night over at my place until friday afternoon where we headed down to Kallang to collect my uniform. Had lunch there too while waiting for the ppl in-charge to come back from lunch. Enjoyed the very filling lunch cuz of the huge portions of the fish soup. Went to Marina Square to walk around after that and then back home.

Had dinner at dan's place. His mum whipped up some lovely dishes to celebrate his birthday =)) And we had very lovely cake from Lana's =)

Rushed back home to collect the dress which i've sent downstairs to repair the zip. ^^ Put on my fake french manicure tips too and they look real good! Wore that particular dress the next day (12th DEC) for my elder brother, Chris' wedding.

Dan & me

This are the only 2 shots im gonna put up first cuz i haven't collate the rest yet. It's a really nice and cozy event with about 100+ guests. Really enjoyed ourselves except for the al fresco 'hotness' we've encountered hehe` Else the food's great and everything's good too. Thanks to dan for sending my family to and fro and also my sisters for coming over to grace the ceremony. =)) Sorry to dan's family too for having tt small accident when we've barely drove for 5 min -.- Really scared the hell out of me.

All's great! yay`

Went out with dan after the wedding lunch to fix his car's left side mirror but to no avail. Had dinner over at his place again before heading back home.

As for today, i've taken MC cuz i really don't feel like working. Met up with dan and he sent me to see the doctor over at Raffles Medical. Had lunch at Nihon Mura at YCK Stadium cuz i was craving for sushi. After which we went to check out the progress of our new home at Yishun and headed to the Bottle Tree Park. =)) Our first time there and it's really a nice haven for family with children. hee` Watched kids scooped fish, adults prawning, ppl controlling tamiya cars and also fresh seafood.

And it's my first time seeing this!!!

Cuttlefish. its eyes are really huge and staring right at us. Scary. hehe` Its about the length of our forearm. o.O Rather huge. Bought some fresh vegetables back home too at only 2 bucks for a whole big pack, free from pesticides.

Finished off the exciting day with cooling dessert in the market near my place. Had ice kachang gula melaka and also chng teng. =)) Thanks for the day sweetheart ^^ It's been a great weekend.

Received my early christmas present from dan! He bought me a really nice and classy aromatherapy set with my favorite scent Merry Cranberry and also another flower aromatic oil from The Body Shop. Really lovely gift box. ^^ Like them alot!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm so tired..

Just came back from Perth flight not long ago. Really gotta catch up on some rest very very soon. Very tired from walking non-stop and from lack of sleep. =(

Been working hard lately, due to shortage of manpower. Roster's really tight. Bah`

Managed to squeeze a little time for shopping with Chris and my mum last Saturday (5th Dec). Went to PS with them to do a one on one exchange for a new phone cuz mine died on me within a week -.- Argh. Hope it won't give me any problems again. After which we had lunch and shopped in PS a little bit.

Met up with my future sister in-law and went to AMK hub's Fairprice. They've managed to collect their wedding bands as well. Shopped for almost 200 bucks in Fairprice, getting bedsheets, pillows and groceries. Gotten chrismas presents for my polka dotties as well!

Headed back home and went back out again with dan to meet the others for 'New Moon' at Junction 8.. I think about 8 of us turned up. =( Sadly the movie was overrated. It really sucks big time. Was so boring that everyone went to the toilet at one point or another and dan and i were chatting. =( Super draggy and the only highs in the show was when we saw abs. Sad Sad.

I miss dan..............

Before i went for Perth flight yesterday, i headed down to the airport early. Went to the Christmas Sale and gotten presents! yay` hehe` Helped Sandy get the bracelet that she wants as well. And gotten a whole set of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils. Wondering if they're good. 5 50ml bottles at only 30 bucks.

I wanna turn in now... Am thinking about my kimchi cup noodles. Should i should i not?

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