Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping trip with godbrother

Went out on either tuesday or wednesday, can't remember and also lazy to check when i took these pictures lol. Met up with my godbrother Jinwei at Somerset mrt station and walked over to Somerset 313. Had lunch first before embarking on our shopping trip! Was actually only supposed to accompany him to shop for his stuff -.-

Ended up i bought a top and a necklace for myself from Forever 21. And also gotten a Braun Buffel wallet for Dan as our 3rd anniversary. =) His wallet is just as old as mine, since July 2007. haha ^^ Must upgrade a little bit le.

He didn't manage to get anything and we went down to Ann Siang Hill where he showed me the Fred Perry boutique. Totally disguised! Lovely place i must say. hee` He managed to get a nice Fred Perry shirt from there. hehe finally. =))))

Headed to this cafe name SHOTS for coffee. It's a rather nice place to chill out with friends over cakes and coffee.

Mocha cheese cake.

Jinwei's LV sling bag and his fred perry shirt.

Wahhahhaa super candid.

His mocha.. with a mini macaroon!!! ^^

My very very small cup of macchiato.

Walked over to People's park complex where dan came to pick me up for dinner. ^^ Had it in Serangoon food centre and passed him the nicely wrapped wallet. He totally love it! Really really glad hehe`

It's my day off today. But i wasn't spared =( Went down to my eldest brother Ray's new place in AMK ave 3 to help him paint the walls. Managed to do a good job and almost finished painting all of the rooms with my dad and Chris. Lovely sense of achievement. hee`

Then we went back home and headed out again for dinner at Ichiban Sushi to celebrate my dad's bday. Mum didn't join cuz she wasn't feeling well. People present were my 2 brothers and wives, dad and myself. Super filling dinner and i absolutely love it as usual hehe` had my favourite dessert as well - Coronet Custard rolls! Bought their signature cheesecake back home for mum.

Working over the weekend that's why i can't enjoy myself much. =( Awaiting for the last week of March where i'll get the whole weekend off! Cannot wait. It's so totally precious to me. hehe` And i'm glad Feb's over cuz i've gotten through another hectic roster! It's gonna be another one next month cuz everyone's clearing leave before the end of the financial year.


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY 2010

Been working really hard for this month's roster. =( Went for morning flights for both chu xi and first day of CNY.

As usual had steamboat for reunion dinner. And stuffed ourselves silly hehe` This year, we had both of my sisters in-law joining us. ^^ Nice addition to our family hee` Definitely like the idea of a nice reunion dinner. Once a chinese, always a chinese. =))

Slept early after reunion dinner cuz was tired from waking up too early for morning flight. On chu yi, i went for flight and finished off from work at about 4.30pm. Headed home to relax before dan came to pick me up to go to his place for dinner with his dad's side of the family. Been a tradition that more than 40 of them will gather over at his place for dinner on chu yi.

And it meant even more to us this year cuz he'll be introducing me as his fiance hee` His aunt brought me around to meet each of them and my cheeks couldn't be redder cuz there were just so many of them o.O Had yu sheng and gambled a little bit.

Was off on the 2nd day of CNY and went out early to meet dan. He brought me to his grand aunt's place for visiting before having lunch at Peach Garden Restaurant at OCBC building. 1st time i've been there and i really love their food ^^ Every dish was impeccable!

Headed to Rach & Ron's place to watch movies and gamble till about 11pm. Got bored cuz was losing money and got really sleepy. =( Derived something - This year is definitely not a good year for dan and i to gamble. =(

Nothing much for the next couple of days. Working hard, fell sick, took mc, got activated on standby days.

Met u with kinpong, yiu yiu and wing on chu san after my morning flight. ^^ Had lunch/dinner at Suki Sushi. haha ` Enjoyed the buffet and the company! Had so much fun talking to them we stayed inside the restaurant from 2pm till 7pm! Totally amazing. haha` Best of luck my 3 friends who's heading overseas again. haha` Do take good care and work hard.

And i've got a perth flight tomorrow. Gonna go turn in now. Love love love my pillow. ^^

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Ray's Solemnization - 2nd Feb 2010

Sacred Solemnization of Ray and my sister in law took place on 2nd Feb 2010 at Yio Chu Kang Community Club. Sounds like a shabby idea cuz the slots at ROM were all taken up. But it turned out to be very nice! ^^

my sister in law loves helly kitty hmmmmmm`

I was waiting outside the CC for my dad to join us. Instead, i met Vivien, my secondary classmate for 4 yrs hehe`

=)))))))))) Can't stop grinning the entire ceremony, actually was more excited to see Vivien than the ceremony itself haha`

A: What are u doing here??
V: My tang jie's getting registered.
A: OMG, to my brother? haha

Then i quickly brought her in. hehe` Really funny episode. The world is so small. ^^ Apparently her mum is my sister in law's aunty, and a very close one at that.

The ceremony was of course very quick.

Witnesses - Sister in law's mum and my mum.

Exchanging rings.

Reading the vows.

And i decided im really gonna write my own vows ^^

Proud mother. ^^ 2nd solemnization in 3 mths. So 'twiny' haha`

In laws

My family. ^^

With dan. ^^

Proud parents.

Newly wedded couple with Vivien's family. Vivien's mum really looks like my god mum alot!!

Went for dinner with everyone else at Gim Tian Restaurant quite near our place at BLK 184. Cost abt 700+ per table o.O for the 14 of us.

CNY ambience. hehe`

Shark's fins. ^^

Shek-kup for dessert ^^

After dinner when we parted our ways. ^^ Wheeeeeeeee` So glad to see Vivien

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