Friday, April 23, 2010

i'm so happy i'm so happy!

i could just stand up in the middle of my room and dance around!!!! I can't wait to go out with my girls tonight! hee` Bestest friends of my life - dearest sandy, yixian and jingyun. ^^ muacks!

Dan said he's gonna stay home to take care of the kids again. So yup. let's have fun tonight! hee` Kidding, there are no kids to begin with. But he did say tt. hmmmm`

I'm plugged into my ipod now, blasting David Cook's voice so that i can't hear the thunder roar =( Hate it when the thunder gets a tad too loud, cuz it'll give me a fright as my back is facing my room's window and can't see the lightning.

Stayed the whole day at home today and did my drama serial marathon. heheh` Watched like more than 10 episodes of 'jiu xiang lai zhe ni'. Cooked instant noodles for myself while my mum and chris went out to jalan. Having sensitive tooth now =( Hurts when i drink soup or cold drinks. Really sad cuz it's so uncomfortable.

I think my tummy's flatter now. But these couple of days i couldn't really stick to my one main meal per day cuz of my night flights. Tend to feel more peckish and kept wanting to eat. argh. And before my chennai flight dan had to force me to eat mac. BAH`

ladida i wanna go out now now now.. i can't wait, not another few more hours!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

i feel motivated to work.

and i really wanna go out and have fun! with my girlfriends, with my boyfriend. ^^

Went to amk central last week and shopped around with my mum. Bought these 2 sets of clothes for my niece who will be due next month!

Super cute right? but they're for 2 yrs old kids hehe` bought them from FOX for $29 bucks.

Feeling really bored now that i'm at home and not working. Been really treating my place like hotel recently, and sometimes i won't even get enough sleep before my next flight. Think i can hit 2.7k this month haha!

Finally having 2 days off in a row tml and day after yay! ^^

Slept the whole day until 4pm and i feel tired again now. Will be turning in soon.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love for shopping.


it's a bad idea,

to paint my nails in my room when the air con's on. o.O cuz my dogs ended up sneezing straight away when they come in. lol` it was truly a funny sight.

Met up with Jingyun at Orchard mrt station at 6.30pm just now. And i've forgotten to bring my TANGS and marks and spencer vouchers. -.- omg. The TANGS one is gonna expire come June. And sandy, don't forget ur TAKA voucher as well.

Walked around in Isetan supermarket cuz JY wanted to get 2 bottles of ATAS orange juice.. lol` Freaking 30+ i think for 2 bottles of it.. hahaha` Bought my favorite Lotus caramelized biscuits as well. Headed to Far East and gotten cheap belts for ourselves.

Had our dinner in level one - Chippy's fried curry chicken and battered fish and fries ^^ Sat down to relax with fruit juices as well before we walked out of Far east. Wanted to leave already when we came across this shop call Future State and they were having 50 and 70% discount. omg. hehe` In the end JY bought 3 tops and i've gotten a dress and 3 tops for myself. =P Totally worth it! wheeeeeeeeee` Mine cost a total of 79 bucks.

Super happy that we've stumbled upon this shop just before they close for the night. ^^

Gonna turn in soon. Sleep tight and sweetest dreams tonight!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Night out with the ladies

Went out with Jingyun and Yixian last wednesday night. (7th Apr) First off, i met up with JY in ION. And within 5 minutes i bought this pair of lovely earrings from Rubi and put them on straight away =X Women and impulsive buys hai`

We then went for dinner at ION Food hall. Spoilt for choice, we finally settled on this Ramen eatery. hee` Well we've laid our eyes on it the other time when we passed by the place with Sandy. =)))

This is JY's White miso ramen with our 2 servings of seasoned eggs.

And this is mine - red miso ramen which tasted stronger than white miso ramen. ^^

Enjoyed our food alot and we absolutely love the food!!! hehe` The eggs tasted super good except they were a tad too salty for me even though i adore salty food. I couldn't finish half of the egg. hehe`

Went shopping after our dinner in ION and JY bought earrings for herself too! from a shop which i strongly believe is affiliated to ZARA. hmmmmmmm` Bought lip balm for myself too from Kiehl's. Been always wanting to get it only waited till now. lol`

Walked around the place and gotten stumbled upon this bakery which we both love! Love everything they have there. Bought a strawberry cream cheese bread to share and also a custard pie for yixian to try. Absolute love this place so much hehehe` Definitely heading back there again later when im going to orchard.

Yixian was done with her course and met up with us at Vivocity. Accompanied her to have dinner at BK. Shared a drink with JY and we caught up with each other over our strawberry cream cheese bread.

I got Yx to pose like this cuz i caught her in a candid one previously and it wasn't tt nice hehe`

haha the girls love me cuz i managed to take really slim pictures of them muahahahha`

After yixian's dinner, we went to St James which was a stone's throw away. Reached at 11 plus and we queued for an hour for our ladies' drinks. crazy. By the time we were done we didn't feel like dancing anymore cuz totally killed our mood. Stayed in Powerhouse for a while before we went to the other places and stopped at Boiler's Room for our last stop.

Covering yixian to prevent her from exposing flesh hehe`

Sat down w/o drinks and listened to the live band sing. After which we stared at these 2 malay ladies' boobies cuz one of them had hers squeezed together until they looked so miserable and shaking vigorously when dancing. Poor boobies. I swear they couldn't breathe heheh`

And then we realized that they were accompanied by 3 chinese guys who doesn't seemed to be interested in them. double yucks hehehe` One of them came over and talked to me asking me if we'd like some drinks and they'll treat us. o.O And so the only main conclusion was the girls didn't like them, and that they sucks at socializing. So yup. Never gonna see them again. haha`

Horror of horrors we discovered that the boobies girl referred to one of the guys as her husband. hehehehhehehehhe` And it was her bday therefore she wanted to drag us to go dance with them in Powerhouse. But nope we're so not interested. hahah` Dan said it's always the guys' idea and not the girls' one when the girls' are the ones who're asking other girls to join. hmmmmmm`

Anyhow it was a fun night nevertheless. ^^

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Universal Studios - 27th March 2010

Decided to head out to the Universal Studios Singapore on 27th March 2010 which was a Saturday. =)) haha not able to upload pictures on Blogger until now cuz my internet is so slow. I met up with dan at AMK station control cuz i told him not to drive into sentosa. Not gonna be cheap for parking especially if it's the whole day..

We had breakfast at Toast Box first in vivo before we head over to taking the monorail into Sentosa. ^^ Totally excited i must say, for the 2 of us. hee`

Contemplating on getting the annual pass for universal studios or not. And decided to just go in and enjoy ourselves. Before we head out then we'll decide if it's worth it or not. =)) Reached there at 9am when they just opened. =)

haha we've mastered our camwhore action when we needed to take loads of pictures of ourselves in Hong Kong. ^^ Was super excited when i went in. Cuz it reminded me so much of Disneyland. Where the whole place is so queer and pretty! Totally got me giggling like a little girl.

With woody the woodpecker!

He must be gawking at my cleavage. hmph.

Kung-fu panda!!!!!!! Super non agile and fat one hee`

Selling snacks and drinks.

We're in Africa!

On board the Madagascar carousel

Totally love this shot so much and liked by many in Facebook as well. hehehe`

Wearing the 3D glasses and watching a 4D Shrek show which we both totally adore! Alas the last D means we could feel the mucus from the Donkey when he sneezed and also when the spiders dropped to the ground.

The ride below totally got us wet. hehehe` But of course our clothes dried in no time in the park. o.O Saw ppl buying poncho -.- aiya. Must get wet mah. haha if not where got fun?

Not so fun ride.


This above shot is so funny. Showed how amused dan was when i told him he looks like he was tickling the baby dino. -.-

Scary pharoah

Entrance to the super duper fun roller coaster!!!! The only highlight cuz battlestar galatica was down.

The tracks of the roller coasters which were both down.

Not so nice entrance tickets.

Teacup rides would be better than this.

Bunch of cute people

Our lunch at Casa de Wild. Dan's rendang beef.

My roasted chicken set.

Expensive tom yam soup which i was craving for. cost $4.80 for such a small bowl. The meals came with dessert which tasted super weird. Like Lebanese or Middle Eastern kinda food.

Love this shot. Shrek was super shocked when we did this. But of cuz we didn't pull his ear. Just touched it hehe`

Betty Boop looked alike standing outside the hotel.

Like this show alot!!! It's the Steven Spielberg show which stars a hurricane in a dock house. Super loads of effect!! Love it so much hehe Of course we got wet again from this cuz we were standing in the first row. -.-

Wipe my shoes!

With charlie chaplin. Looks so girly -.-

Bought the annual fun pass in the end!

Consists of a lanyard with 2 pins. ^^

Had dinner in Vivocity before we cabbed home after the long and tiring day. It's good fun!!!

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