Sunday, June 20, 2010

i feel good.

It's sunday today and i'm on standby. Already got activated for a flight later =( Blah` Must motivate myself to work, all for the sake of money. Truthfully, money means power!

Last thursday, i've asked the girls out for clubbing. Gotten invites for 4 to the grand opening party of SILK located at Orchard Hotel. =) Met up with Yixian first outside SILK at 10.30pm. We downed a couple of beers in the club and didn't enjoy the music at all cuz it was all trance. Boring. Crowd was good though cuz minimum age requirement for guys is 28 and ladies 23.

Enjoyed the performance before we head out at 11.30pm to meet up with Jingyun. Decided not to go back in and went to Mac to chill out. Nice catch-up session till 2am before we headed back home. ^^

I was having my day off on Friday. Helped my mum dyed her hair and washed the dye off as well. =) I feel good just to wait on her. Went out with Jinwei at about 2pm. Shopped in Far East for a while and didn't managed to get anything. Went over to Ion, wisma, taka, cine and lastly Somerset 313. Managed to a bag for myself from Charles & Keith. =))

Bought a belt from Fred Perry for dan as well. Am glad he really likes it alot! hehe` Never bought anything from Fred Perry before. HA`

Went for fathers' day dinner with dan's family in the evening. Dined at this zi char restaurant at Tiong Bahru, heard tt it's rather famous. But i don't find it too fantastic except for their homemade tofu.

Yesterday came the dinner i was really anticipating ever since dan popped the question. It was a dinner where both of our families meet. Rather scary i feel, but it went on well. And no we didn't mention anything about the wedding or anything close to tt. Just relaxing and having dinner together. ^^ Rather nice.

We had it in The Cathay restaurant, which really costs a bomb, courtesy of dan's parents. Appreciate it alot. Dan and i was fighting to pay for it but it didn't work out. Cost $669 in total for the 11 of us. And Cathay organization let us redeemed 12 movie tickets hahahahha` The food was really really good. Never fails to impress me each time i go there for dinner. ^^ Last night we had fried scallop with salted egg sauce, shark's fins, prawns with veggie, stir fry pork, seafood noodles, and some others i couldn't remember. Had mango sauce with sago and diced mango as well as black sesame muah chee for dessert. =)

Enjoyed ourselves alot. =)

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Kenji's Big 3 Birthday Chalet @ NSRCC

Went for Kenji's big 3 chalet @ NSRCC few weeks ago. Here's our crazy pictures.

Birthday boy and me.

Preparing for Tequila shots.

Feeling happy cuz it's only the starting.

Me & Farhana

Countless number of shots.

Kik & me.. she went onto Cathay Pacific Singapore based.

Kelvin, kik and me

Martell shots, and beer shots. both taken together.

Crazy bunch of people.

This is what i've gotten for kenji for his bday present:

Fedora from River Island.

Bracelet from Aldo.

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Monday, June 07, 2010


Oh yah before i forget and throw it at the back of my head. This is something worth blogging abt so tt i could still read my blog when i grow older and smile.

Dan was really sweet last friday. Texted me at night and told me tt he would not be bunking in at my place on tt night (normally he'd bunk in so tt he could send me to work the next ultra morning) cuz he needs to do something. He then said tt he hadn't make breakfast for me in a long time.

Therefore he actually went to the supermart after work on Friday and did some shopping. Made huge breakfast for me for my flight on Saturday morning - Ham & Lettuce Pita bread and also Honey glazed chicken pita bread.

I'm so touched! ^^


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Winnie's big day

Yesterday, some of the best Tiger crew got together and celebrated the union of Mr and Mrs Henry Sim. And of course we rallied together for Winnie Yam, our great colleague. ^^

The solemnization and banquet took place in Mandarin Orchard, 35th Floor. It was a grand venue with very innovative setting i feel. And i kinda like it ^^

See, it's 3 storeys with a total of about 20 tables. ^^ Not too bad and the view of the stage was great from all of the tables! Only hiccups was tt it took like forever to get drinks during cocktail timing outside the hall =(

Wedding favors. =) Chopsticks and coaster.

Tiger crew has got 2 tables with a total of 18 of us. 2 of the strangers got arranged onto the other 'Tiger' table. Hmmmmm must have been rather unpleasant and boring for them.

Seated beside Calvin & Steph.

Sometimes blurry shots are nice. ^^

Those who turned up are actually the bestest colleagues around in Tiger. So it was definitely fun!! =))

Our table.


^^ Blissful couple

Picture taken of the couple with members from our table. ^^

The other table, with the last 2 person from the right in the standing row odd ones who weren't from Tiger.


The ladies

Show some power!

The guys, whom some were still drooling over her... =P

drama mama

Nice color for the couple's suit and gown!

Made him drink a mix of red wine and white wine. Nth big cuz there weren't hard liquor, boring. And.... groom was throwing a tantrum in front of everyone, really. So we didn't carry it too far.

Bride and me ^^ Younger than me by a year and married! lol` Bleah` So happy for her and she's so pretty =)) broke so many hearts just by getting married awwww

Went down to S Club at Purvis Street to continue our round 2. =) Drank only a barrel of beer before we round it up and headed back home at 1.30am.

Slept for only 3 hours before i woke up again today and head to Tanglin Shopping Centre for CSP (Certified Service Professional) Course. Free for us cuz tiger's paying, and we get to have a good cert at the end of the 5 days course.

Instructor was really cool and im totally loving it. ^^ Had Pepper lunch for dinner with love at AMK hub. Absolutely cherish the time i spend with him! And tml i'll be meeting lonely yixian. muacks` Gonna turn in now to return my sleep debt. Good night world.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dinner with family

Had dinner with family a while ago. Hmmmmm not really the whole family, but those who were present were my 2 brothers and their wives and me. Ray drove us over to Chong Pang Thai restaurant beside KFC which i recommended.

Very nice and cheap zi char dishes. And that they serve pretty fast, great for empty growling tummies =)

Ordered a fish maw soup, cereal prawns, sambal kangkong, fried sotong and also gong bao chicken cubes and pineapple rice, costing us 50 bucks for the 5 of us. Nice. =) Stuffed ourselves silly before we headed for a drive over to see if my future home has been built. (Still i have no idea where it's at love..OMGPLSKILLME) hahaha` Drove over to yishun dam before we head home.

Oh yah, ray doesn't own a car, this was a rented one, dunno what's the reason, prolly he's a show off =X

Anyway, i spent the whole day at home relaxing, taking care of the baby, chatting with my mum and got lunch for my family. Bought half a roast chicken for my family for lunch cuz i was craving for it from tt particular stall at the market. Gotten 2 cans of milk powder for my niece as well, to celebrate her first month. =))

She's being so naughty this whole week, crying every hour and wanting something. I think the weather's much too hot. So she can't get to sleep and has gotten really hot cuz she's just been lying on her back. And she's so strong now!! Kept moving her head on her own and boxing us. hmph` People say that it's not supposed to be like that when she's barely a month old. Blah`

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