Friday, July 23, 2010

Double dates are....

Really fun!! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Just came back from 2nd double date in 2 weeks with Ronald and Rachel.

Met up last Saturday as well. Had dinner at Dan's place and Ron and Rach came to pick us up. Headed to Sentosa Siloso Beach's Sand Bar. It's a really nice relaxing place which is not even crowded to begin with! Superb on a saturday night when u just wanna get away from the crowd. =)

Thanks for the recommendation, we've had an awesome night relaxing by the beach, drinking bottles of beer and enjoying nice satay as well.

Wanted to go catch Inception at 2am at Cathay but was too tired after drinking. Went out of Sentosa only at 12 plus and we went for supper at Lee Guang Ji in River Valley cuz i was craving for their fish slices soup. =))) Still as superb as i remembered couple of yrs ago. ^^ Went back home instead of catching the movie.

Just now, i met up with dan in amk hub at 5.30pm. Had dinner with ron and rach and caught The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Wanted to watch Inception but it was too popular, therefore tickets were selling like hot cakes. But the sorcerer's apprentice is one movie im planning on catching as well.

Very very funny show and nicholas cage never fails to crack viewers up during crucial moments, as in National Treasure. Truly worthy movie to watch and i'll give it 5 popcorns out of 5! =)

It's time to relax now and catch up on my drama series ^^

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

24th birthday celebration at Waraku, Starhub Centre

Met up with the girlfriends at orchard on 4th July evening. First was with Jingyun where we walked around in town and shopped abit. Then with Sandy when we grabbed some bites at Taka before heading down to Starhub Centre's Waraku. Yixian joined us only at 9pm after she knocked off from work.

Jy and i shared a sashimi platter which was really good. ^^

Sandy persuaded us into ordering sochu which tasted horrible. Wrong choice cuz dunno what to order lol`

Sandy's set which consists of unagi don and this thick soup udon. Both tasted really horrid cuz udon's soup was too sweet and weird and the unagi was really bitter we wonder why.

Jy's udon in a soup similar to sandy's except that hers comes with crab legs, so it tasted abit better.

My champon udon! My favorite udon in Waraku. ^^ Hot pot udon with totally savory soup.

Jy sms-ing yixian the different sashimi menu... which was in fact, a scam! After everything i got to know that she was actually texting yx her idea of a surprise for me.

Sandy never like to take pictures, erm, normal pictures.

get what i meant? We told her to go set up a photo album with all of the 'cover-eyes' pictures.

Fooling around while waiting for yx to make her way there.

And yx said she lost her way and jy went out to fetch her. Therefore 5 minutes later coming in with a cheesecake from TCC. o.O

I'm grateful for these bunch of BFFs.

Did u notice something in the above picture? look carefully.

Even more closer...

The girls actually know that i've been wanting to get an atas wallet. Therefore since they can't fully pay for it, they'll have to gimme cash. And normally giving cash is rather insincere and nt much of a surprise. Since i want the surprise element. This was how they gave me the cash, sliding them into the serviette and leave it under the cake. lol`

Really cute!

Yixian finishing up the horrid sochu.

Yixian's set of soba noodles and beef hotplate.


Thanks girls for the great great birthday surprise. And again another surprise thrown for me this yr. Love last yr's one the most though. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeee`

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I can't wait.

To get one week away from work. Though i haven't really been working very hard lately. =X haha`

I can't wait to escape to Krabi with the boyfriend. Take a cab to Ao Nang beach and then the long tail boat to Railay Beach. ^^ Wade thru the sea water to get to our resort. ^^

It's gonna be awesome! And 6 days being in paradise will be so worth the money. Doing nothing but enjoying each other's company and just slack. ahhhh... i can't wait.

I can't sleep now. And i need to wake up at 4.40 later on for flight. Blah` Holiday mood now.

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Friday, July 02, 2010

CSP Course

CSP (Certified Service Professional) Course which is a 5 days course was held in the past 2 weeks in Tanglin Shopping Centre. ^^ It ended 16th of last month. It was also the day where it rained heavily caused a flood in Orchard Road junction.

We were having our 3 hrs lunch when we took bus to Tangs and witnessed the flooded shops beside Wheelock. hmmmmm Wendy's, Dutti, Starbucks and even Hermes were completely gone. The water level was up to the steps. o.O Left us all in shock.

CSP course was really fun. And with an amazing instructor call MARSH, it's even better! He's really an experience guy so yup, learnt alot from him.

During 1st day tea time break.

Really funny candid pictures.

Soon kueh

kueh kueh

Small boys who're enlisting for NS soon - Nicholas and Jel.
Joined TR as interns from Temasek poly and went onto becoming full time staff.

Members in my group - Stacy, Abby, Weina and myself.

Presenting group work in class using mahjong paper.

On our way for lunch.

Went shopping everytime we've taken our lunch. Too much free time lol

My group was the service host for the 2nd day's morning tea break. SNEF provides refreshments twice a day, for our tea breaks. ^^

We laid the picnic cloth out on the table and gave ultra good service to our fellow colleagues. ^^
Taking down the drinks order from our customers.

Carrot cake and chicken ham croissant

Anuar and this filipino new girl call Mary Grace from the latest batch. She's not the hottest topic in TR cuz she's such a bao to person! We invited the big bosses over to our grad party on the 5th day, and had a feedback session with them. And she actually said everything she was not supposed to say to the big bosses, regarding the stuff we do onboard. Well. What to do. Think everyone 'anti' her now. o.O

Preparing for our big graduation party on the 5th day of our course.

Bought sushi and strawberries from Cold Storage Taka for our party food! Ordered 2 large Pizza as well.

A card we all wrote for Mr Marsh.

Cake bought by our instructor.

Pic taken with our 5 big bosses.

With our instructor.

Getting ready to sing our big bosses a song by David Archuleta. o.O

Digging in!

I'm a Certified Service Professional!

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