Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ahhh it's my day off tml. =))

I'm feeling tipsy now. Just bought chicken from downstairs zi char and it's really good i tell u. Had Hoegaarden too and it's gonna be good to get me to sleep soon. hee` Feeling high now though hee`

Bored and never got called up for flight today, on my 2nd standby day. Bah boring. And it's my day off tml so i deserve a nice ice cold beer, or 2 =P hee`

Had dinner with my family last night at downstairs zi char coffeeshop as well. Dad's treat. I can say it has never happened before cuz dad's not a generous man. Always been my mum's treat when we were younger, and now chris' or my treat usually. hee But dad's won 4k from 4d recently therefore it's his treat ^^

It was a great dinner, ordered my favorite fish steamboat, butter crabs and mushroom kailan.

Big tummy of baby and big tummy of daddy during dinner.

I've just gotten my wallet lately!!!! My first branded wallet is a Gucci one. =)) Don't count my speedy LV bag and LV wallet. dunno real or not. =(

Love it!!!!! ^^ Hope to take good care of it. hee`


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Free on Standby day

Continuation from the last random short post. Yes now i definitely feel that it's true. Originally, it says tt there's no ugly women in the world except lazy women. But then again, if women doesn't have money, they wouldn't be able to afford skincare/make-up products or clothes or whatsoever for packaging.

Well it all comes with age i guess. Once u're rather financially independent u take care of ur packaging as well. Bullshit about 'what matters is the inside and not the outside' saying. If someone looks like a beggar off the streets, would u consider going out with him/her? I believe someone must be at least an average and clean look before you'd go out with him/her to get to know his/her heart. Fair enough? Therefore first impressions DO matter.

Have paid off the rest of my facial sessions and as well as 2 bots of skincare products. I would like to think i'm not cheated hahahhaha so please don't tell me otherwise lol` Total spent is about $1170. Blah` Please, let it work. After my 2nd session last friday, i've endured so much pain cuz of the detoxing process using their products. But i must endure!!! Still detoxing process now, so all the impurities are out of my skin. But i feel that the pimples are not as big and swollen anymore as before i went for facial session.

I think im a little bit happier now as well. ^^


The weekend 2 weeks back was damn awesome! (21st & 22nd Aug) Went down to dan's place for dinner on saturday night cuz it was his dad's birthday. Had a great feast and everyone was happy. ^^ I like dinners with his family, cuz dinner with my family all together just got rarer and not so fun and happy anymore.

The next day, we went to Sentosa at about 2pm via Vivocity. Parked the van beside Seah Im Food centre. Had lunch there and proceeded to Vivo to jalan jalan. Headed to Universal studios after that and spent 2 hours there. Very warm weather but we totally enjoyed ourselves cuz there weren't too many people.

Went to see the Voyage de la Vie next and it was breathtaking! One act after another just got better and even more exciting. Dan and i both agreed the girl on the bike was the not so exciting one. Really a not to be missed show! Feels like watching the Cirque du Soleil so much! There's something about these whimsical acts that enthralls me, alot! =))))))))

Decided to head down to Marina Square for dinner after the show so that i could change some coins for flight as well. =) Had dinner at Imperial Treasure and dan enjoyed his hot and sour la mian alot! My all time favorite too. Caught my favorite character cinamonroll! muahahhahah`Suddenly we're quite good at catching masak again.


Last wednesday 25th Aug, i met up with a couple of ex colleagues for dinner in Orchard. We used to be meet out for good food last time but after Yixin went back to China and Kaili resigned and start flying with Silkair now, we haven't met out together. Now that Yixin's back in SG to study, we've got plenty of time!

Met up with the 2 of them in Orchard and decided to go to Fish n Co at Paragon cuz i've heard many people raved about tt particular outlet. And turned out omg, i love their prawns!!! GIRLFRIENDS, let's go there one day. ^^

Me & Yixin.

Yixin & Kaili

3 foodies get-together ^^

Meal is on Yixin cuz she won 800 plus at MBS hahahaha` Such good luck she's got.

Ordered Scallops to share. REALLY REALLY GOOD.

Seafood Chowder

Seafood platter for 2. Never ending supply of sotong...... And really superb huge prawns.

Very very good miso pasta with crunchy prawns.

Shopped in Somerset 313 for a while and headed back home after that. ^^

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

世界上没有丑女, 就只有没钱的女入。

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Land of Smiles - Krabi 5th to 10th July 2010

Boarded TR 2182 to Krabi on 5th July. Started our 5 nights holiday. Numerous times to Phuket but it's our first trip to Krabi. Dan and i were both super excited. Especially when i've specially found a nice place for our lodging thru special recommendations by some of the tech crew.

We had lunch first at Mac before heading into terminal for shopping.

Dan's mega mac consists of 5 beef patties lol` Quite gross cuz the beef can be rather tasteless and boring..

Onboard TR 2182 with one of the team leaders who's my batch mate as well =)

With Naquiah

Hayati, Zila and me.

Very excited!

White wine in a can.

Well lined up long tail boats.

We didn't take transfer to our hotel cuz it's super ex. Costing 1500 THB which is more than 60 bucks. Therefore we saved it for going to the airport and catching the plane on our last day. Had to take the bus from the airport to Ao Nang Beach which cost only 150 THB and then a short longtail boat ride which cost only 100 THB. Total journey only took us about an hour.

This place call Railay Beach, totally recommended by all the ang moh pilots we have was awesome. It's cut off from the rest of the krabi island due to its limestone cliffs. Therefore it can only be reached by boat. It's a perfect getaway. Definitely quiet and peaceful.

Managed to find our resort and felt rather welcomed by this. =))) Though they've spelt my surname wrongly. hahaha`

We've booked their Tropical Villa Plus Suite, which is a standalone villa by itself. Cool or what.

Nice sitting area where we had our drinks and some of our take away meals.

Very nice 4 poster bed

Dressing area with a nice wardrobe.

Superb spacious bathroom with an outdoor shower and bigger than normal tub.

Private outdoor shower

Railay West Beach, the nicer end of the beach.

First dinner which was damn expensive.

Deep fried cuttlefish.

Tom Yam Soup.

Basil leave with beef.

Chips bought from the supermart. Dan and i bought a bot of martell from the airport. =)))

2nd day

Outside Diamond Cave. 2nd day was for exploring the beach and vicinity. =)


The inside of the cave

Plenty of monkeys all over

Deep fried prawn cakes

Basil Pork

On the 2nd night.

3rd day
Outside our villa.

Sitting inside the long tail boat on our way for the tour.

Started off with elephant trekking. The seat which we had to climb onto. I really hate the elephant ride. =( cuz i feel tt it's super inhumane.

Stepping on the ele's back.

See? Making the ele walk thru these kinda places. Super inhumane. Really don't like it.

Got this opportunity to sit on the ele's back. Only servants sit on ele's back. The Master will sit on the seat.

Feeding the baby ele banana.

After elephant trekking, our program was followed by 5km of white water rafting. Super great adrenaline rush. Love it so much totally. Would kill to go for it again.

Had lunch at the tour place after that. Awesome!

Walking into the rainforest to see the waterfall =)

Dinner at a place full of mozzies.

4th day

Started off the day with our full day tour! Met up with rest of the tour group people and boarded the speedboat. Set off on our Phi Phi Island Tour.

This is the Viking Cave where the native inside will kill any intruders cuz they rear birds' nest inside.

inside the speedboat after snorkeling at our first stop.


Going into the lagoon with super deep waters. And here it's still rather shallow as u can see the seabed

Anchored in the lagoon to do some snorkeling. I think this place is call Pi Leh Bay

Getting all ready!!!

Super funny. The crew on the boat kept throwing bread near this small boy, making all the fish gather at his side hahaha CUTE.. they were even nibbling him hehehe`

enjoying the very clear sea!!

At Maya Bay!

Absolutely clear water.

Ha taken by a paparazzi!

Lunch at Ph Phi Don, which is filled with loads of koreans. o.O


I'll only wear like tt overseas hehehhehe`

Monkey Beach

Open sea snorkeling which i had to try! Even though there were plenty of HUGEASS jellyfish.
Still i'll never give up this chance! Dan and i got stung by jellyfish at the first snorkeling site as did plenty of others. Damn painful and the pain won't go away but it's not fatal.

The experience crew holding up a jellyfish and showing us. hmmmmmmm totally not scared at all -.-

Truly enjoyable cuz it's my first time trying snorkeling! =)))))))

5th Day

Last full day on the island and we wanna take it slow after 2 days of damn fun but strenuous activities. =)) Decided to go kayaking around and relaxing. Borrowed squid bait from our resort's tour office hehehehheeh Didn't manage to catch any though =((((

Found this part of Railay and really had fun!!! Spent hours there before we kayak back to Railay West.

haha Love to play with this rope.

Dan found this crab amongst the sand. I think it's really old and huge. hmmmmm`


Ha was turning it over...

Dan was trying to find baby crabs..

Can u spot??

LOL Super small...

Very very pretty place. Totally like paradise.

Dedicated to my girlfriends =)

Had lunch after that at Railay West. Very quaint restaurant tt's totally scenic.

Dan's cheeseburger. Superb!

My tom yam soup with rice. Overloaded with prawns.

Spent the night relaxing in our villa, Packed food from all over to celebrate my bday. =)))) Thai fish cakes, minced pork on toast, pizza, ham and cheese pancake and superb fries. =)

Dan thrown me a surprise. He was away for a long time. And came running back with an ice cream cake!

totally appreciate his effort cuz he was drenched in sweat. hee ^^ Baby u never fail to make me happy, always.

The next day, we woke up very early and headed to the airport to catch our flight back. =)

I'm a first timer in many of the things we've done in Krabi, including ele trekking, snorkeling and white water rafting. They've all been great fun and I've totally enjoyed the 6 days holiday i've had in Krabi with dan. Would definitely wanna go back and do all these again!

Doesn't this malay girl looks like Zeng Shi Mei?? =))))

Love to fly with this chinese crew alot!

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