Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm feeling real glad.

Spent the whole of yesterday with Dan. Woke up early and reached the airport at 9.30am, this time at Terminal 1 to pick him up. He went for a company trip to KL for a day to meet up with his KL counterparts and have fun together. Though lodging was at very nice Hilton Hotel, they didn't managed to get any rest cuz was busy playing soccer, singing K and drinking. ha`

And so the flight touched down at 9.41am. With me standing in front of the belt with a cup of hazelnut latte. While waiting for him, strangely enough, i found myself sipping my drink slowly and fidgeting with the cup non stop. I actually felt nervous. But weird that i'd feel this way. And one point of time so nervous about seeing dan that i was almost close to tears. Really not drama mama, but it's strangely true.

I think i'm still very in love with him. =) That's my conclusion. I'm nervous when i'm about to meet him and my heart still beats so fast. ahhhh =D

I think it's nice that i've found someone who can understand so much about my work environment too. We brainstormed on ideas regarding the new retort meals service that we have on board on how to go about doing it so that our service will be much faster and effective. And i'm gonna try our our best and new idea tomorrow. ^^

Back to yesterday. He was real glad i actually did went to the airport to pick him up ^^ Cuz i came back home late from a wedding dinner on saturday night. Headed back to his place while he got some rest. Sent his aunt to his parents' shop before going to Marina Square for brunch at 4am. Ate in Mr Curry but i dislike the leading server/manager's attitude. Really trying to hard sell me some more food when we only wanted 2 main courses. Irritating.

Daniel ordered Hamburg Red Spicy curry which was not bad at all! Have always love jap hamburg ^^

I had Beef Black Spicy curry which looks totally unappetizing, or worst inedible. hehe` But it's not too bad though i'd prefer the other type of curry hee` Dan prefers mine though.

My portion of curry


Walked around the mall and had dessert at Food court as well as sharing a dinner of Beef Chilli Cheese Fries from Carl's Jr. =)

And i've discovered a very ironic yet true analogy. You hold your boyfriend's hand and walked along the streets, he's looking at other women which is a very natural thing. And then other men gaze at you. It's a whole normal cycle yet very ironic. No wonder people say, if someone's not your cup of tea, he/she might be someone's else's treasure. =) But all i can say is that majority of the ladies are normally looking generally at people, and not just men. =) Yet men normally just give their attention to the ladies.

Lovely Sunday!

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

things doesn't always go perfectly well..

Today's flight wasn't delayed at all, but it definitely wasn't fun at all...

Whole set of new crew today which i haven't flown with at all before, and only met 1 out of 3 of them in the briefing room before today. 2 of them from the latest batch who's only into their second and third solo flight. But for me, i do not care if you're senior or not, even if you're slow, as long as your attitude's good, you could go very far.

Other than those 2 new ladies from the latest batches, there was this another guy on my flight today who's only 19 years old, only 2 batches their senior. But... he's still a boy, definitely different from the men that we have in the company. =(( Not so gentlemen, rather slow and erm 'soft' in his work and behavior. hai.... I want a 'MAN' man, i don't want a 'gentle' man. =(((

Not so fun flight. And it's not even nice to have to scold crew or point out their mistakes when they're 5 years older than you. But, sorry i have to do this cuz i'm in charge here. Otherwise you might get a worst off treatment with the other fiercer/mood-swingy cabin crew in-charge.

I can only say, some people are just not as initiative and really don't focus much when working.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekends are very precious to me!

Especially when he works only during the weekdays. hehe` Last weekend was spent with Dan as well. Saturday after my flight we headed to AMK central for early dinner at S-11. It was then followed by shopping at this wedding theme shop in Jubilee. Nice that they're a one stop service center where they cater to different 过大礼 packages.

Went to try out dessert at this new place in Jubilee as well and totally regret ordering mine hehe`

Dan's mango pomelo

I ordered this steamed milk pudding with double steamed apple and honey.

The next day we wanted to have brunch on a Sunday morning but ended up turning out into Toa Payoh cuz there was a huge jam and we were really hungry. =(

Had our lunch settled in Crystal Jade where we ordered very very very nice food! But I'm never gonna order their Hot & Sour La mian again cuz they've changed their recipe. Now it's more spicy and not even sour, yucks.

Very nice scallops in soy sauce with garlic, golden mushrooms and tang hoon.

Lovely roast duck

Walked around in Toa Payoh before heading to dan's place and laze around. Had dinner at his house before going back home.

-This week-

And for this weekend it was even more awesome!

Friday night, dan took me out to dinner at The French Stall. It's actually in a coffeeshop but serving french food. Not too bad, but too 'atas' for us. Cuz with the kind of price we should actually be sitting in a restaurant instead.

Dan ordered a Pork Loin set which comes with soup of the day and a dessert.

Carrot soup which totally grossed us out. Not a fan of it.

Half a dozen of escargots which was very nice but surprised that it wasn't served in their shells. hmmmmm =)

Dan's pork Loin with cabbage

I ordered this which was extremely good - Grilled Tuna with pesto mashed potato and asparagus. =))

Finished off with dan's dessert which we topped up money for - Special Chocolate Cake.

Looks lousy but it's actually quite good cuz it's very moist. ^^

Yesterday which was Saturday, I met up with Dan in the train and we headed down to Orchard. Good thing about going to town with the public transport is that we don't need to fret where to park his big van, and we can spend the whole day in town without being shocked at how much the car parking will cost us at the end of the day.

Bought our breakfast at Bread Society and walked over to Orchard Parade Hotel as we devoured our breakfast =))) Met up with Cornelius as he explained to us certain things regarding our banquet package and showed us the ballroom as well. Small but adequate for us. Deco and stage doesn't seem extravagant but foodwise we can be sure that it'll be good since it'll be catered by Tung Lok.

Surprise surprise that they don't charge for service with regards to our package, which is a damn good deal for us. Only thing which i feel is that we can do alot more to the deco of the whole area. And im not really keen on the only ivory colored chair covers that they have. hmmmmmmm` But i'm really glad though. With the amount of money that we've saved from the service charge, it could come to good use elsewhere. ^^

And so, we're gonna wait till the wedding show before we confirm our booking with them to enjoy more perks! ^^

Went to Toys'R'US after that at forum..

Wanted to take a picture of dan and this outfit. But he refuses and so i did heheh`

This is gonna be my Halloween outfit this year. =)))

After which we went down to ION for some bites. Tried to find back the beef noodles which jinwei and i tried but they've closed down? Had some Gindaco octopus balls instead and i love them! ^^ hahaha

Went to Wisma for somemore food after that. Had our all-time favorite 牛肉刀削面 in Food Republic. Very very good and value for money. Shared a bowl cuz it's super huge.

This is my portion. ^^

And also a plate of red bean cake. Superb when it's hot hehe`

Walked around aimlessly for a while.. Bought 2 Adidas jackets from a sale in CentrePoint. It was hilarious. Dan and i found this jacket which we both like alot. Almost wanted to get it but there's only a smaller size left =( It had a few strings to be latched at different sides of the jacket, and i forgot what we were talking about and i said out loud "Bondage!" then he laughed like crazy and so did a couple of random people. Then this salesman said 'oh it's ok i won't tell anyone' hahaha Paiseh.

Ended up watching a movie in PS - I love you Phillip Morris. hahah lovely show but no i wouldn't wanna go catch a movie in GV anymore cuz their popcorn is lousy and expensive. =(

Headed home after that. Great great day!!!

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