Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think I'm rather strict.

Maybe i should go be a police officer. hehehe` Suddenly this thought came across my mind when i was in Shenzhen last night. Shenzhen really isn't for me. My last 'happening' flight also happened to be SZX (Shenzhen) and last night, a Singaporean pax smoked onboard in the lavatory.

Please lar, don't be stupid. How many announcement have been made in English and Mandarin to tell u that this is a (bloody) non-smoking flight. And inside all of the lavatories, there's English and Mandarin words to tell you that you'll be prosecuted under Singapore law if caught smoking. There's even the sign of a ciggie with the red strike across it for GOONDOOS to see... -.-

And so i caught a pax smoking onboard and gotten his passport. Didn't give him face at all and gotten captain to issue warning letter which will bar him from the rest of his flights left in his itinerary and for the next 2 yrs. Whooooooo hoooooooooo, oh how i love to do it. Karma karma. =) That's the price to pay for endangering the lives of the people onboard huh.

And so, when he disembarked the aircraft, he said to me in Mandarin "You're really the most merciless person i've ever seen". Yes i am sir, this is the bloody 8th time in my entire 4 yrs in TR i've caught a person smoking onboard. So yup, i do wish this was Singapore and not China, else the police will meet with u on ground. stupid sonofabitch.

I hate SZX.


Weekend was great! Had dinner at Dan's place on Friday and Saturday after my flight. On Saturday afternoon, dan brought me to the Carl's Jr in East Coast and settled his craving for their beef burger. And on Sunday, Dan and i settled my craving of mee hoon kway at Toa Payoh. hee` Headed down to AMK central to shop after that. This is the first time after almost 4 yrs that i actually see baby getting something for himself. YES, it's true. He totally doesn't shop. And he's just gotten a pair of nice sandals for himself. =) lalala im feeling happy hehe`


Been on a demoralized mood to go to work lately. Not exactly to the point of dragging myself to work, cuz i'm still happy go lucky. But kept thinking of taking mc before the next flight. I think im really gonna take mc for tomorrow's flight. Don't like to work with tt captain and just don't feel like working. Hai....

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And so....

It made the front page of Xin Min Ri Bao... Stupid Singaporean. Does it caused u so much distress that you're traumatized and your wife couldn't sleep because of it? FYL!

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It's not everyday that one tries to kill you.

I'm feeling really angry now, after i've woken up and im well rested. I'm so angry i cried because how could someone, after inhumanely opened an aircraft door when it's still cruising, be in the right mind to fucking write in to the press? So what you're a managing director of some company? You're a NUTCASE fullstop

Now, i do not care if i might get implicated at all, i'm gonna just publish all of my details regarding the flight. And do take note, since i'm a CIC (crew in-charge), i'm the one who's the most involved.

Details of the scenario all true. Here goes:

Flight TR 2953 took off from Shenzhen Baoan Intl Airport at 0010 HRS. Boarding was completely normal.

One hour into the flight, the pax walked to AFT Galley after we're done with F & B Service and approached us. He asked me where his friend was as he/she was supposed to sit at 18F. So i told him he could look around in the cabin as his friend must have definitely take a change of seats. He then was jittery and asked me the same question again. After which I told the pax not to worry as we'll not leave any passenger behind in Shenzhen.

I then advised the rest of my crew and told them to keep an eye on the passenger, who has a big build body. My colleague then sat in FWD Galley till about 2:30AM, meanwhile taking turns to check on the passengers in the cabin. At 2:30 AM FA1 and myself were in the AFT Galley, preparing to count the carts and also serving random passengers' drinks' orders.

At 2:45 AM, we were alerted by the call bell at Row 4 left, and my colleague was the first to attend to the call bell. Subsequently, there were more call bells pressed from the same row and also row 6. So I ran all the way to the forward upon hearing people called for help. And in the forward zone of the cabin, i've heard passengers shouting for help again and telling me that somebody has opened the door. I quickly rushed to my door and found that the door control handle was fully in the open position and door was disarmed as well.

My first reaction was to quickly move the lever to the close position and armed my slide, meanwhile I checked the FAP as well for the 'armed' indication. Almost immediately, Captain called me in the FWD Galley and asked me to fill him in on the details regarding their signal on the door opening and disarming.

I then confronted the above mentioned passenger, who was pointed out to me by the rest of passengers (About 10 of them standing up) and gotten hold of his passport. He was standing in front of his own seat and appeared to be very calm and not violent. He then passed me his passport after saying 'Why should i give you my passport?"

All the conversations with him were in Mandarin. And by that time, all the passengers in Row 1 namely Seats A, D, E and F have all shifted somewhere else. I did not take down any passenger's names who could be the witness for this case, but I remember this passenger who was travelling with his family and was seated at 2 D, E and F. He was on my flight on 19th NOV 2011 TR 2952 and seated at the same row. He would be able to illustrate the scenario.

After which my colleague stood by in fwd galley and kept an eye on the pax while I headed into the cockpit to talk to the Captain. Told captain everything and was ensured that my door is in good working order. Captain issued pax FINAL WARNING LETTER, kept his passport and informed the authorities and meet the pax on ground.

The pax was calm throughout the rest of the flight and was seated down but he kept mumbling to himself, and sometimes got rather loud but we couldn't hear what he was saying. When the seat belt sign was on and we're conducting the cabin check, i told him that he needs to be fastened for landing. And he replied "We're landing already? But we haven't even take off!" And he appeared to be very very restless and was jittery again.

Our eyes were on him during landing, just in case he were to attempt to open any of our doors again. And he seemed really restless and nervous as he kept swallowing his saliva and his eyes kept looking everywhere. Finally when we've landed and the aircraft was parked, I passed him the Final Warning Letter. Reason is that I was afraid he would become unruly if I were to issue him the letter immediately while cruising.

Pax was then escorted down by the policeman and first to disembark the aircraft. His passport was also handed over to the policeman. I feel that the pax might be claustrophobic and might not be fit to fly. He was talking to the policemen and mentioned that he's driven by alot of stress from his work and his family.

And so, that's the end of my report. I've actually been woken up at 11am from my sleep (got home at 6:30am) by a call from the office. Telling me to submit a report immediately via email as the passenger who was mentioned in this report, wrote in to the press. Can you fucking believe it?

Let's talk about the consequences of his actions. Firstly, it's taken very seriously as he's endangering the safety of aircraft. Luckily we're still cruising at 35 000 feet above sea level, therefore the pressure difference is too big. Even if he used his full strength he still wouldn't be able to open it. BUT if we're at lower altitude when we're descending, the door would be able to open and we'll definitely undergo DECOMPRESSION. That'll be when the cabin temperature will be very cold as the air will seep in, and that the oxygen levels will become very very thin. Of course not forgetting he'll be the first to say bye to the world.

AND.... Should the door be disarmed, it's poses ANOTHER problem. One main door will be down and cannot be used for evacuation on ground. Our 4 main doors are used for evacuation as it actually has got slide rafts fixed onto it, and it must be armed all the way after door close to before normal door opening.

After the aircraft touched down and was parked, I made the policeman come into the cabin to get him. Yes, call me mean but I want to embarrass him. As simple as that. You shouldn't feel shameful at all since u're macho enough to attempt to open the door? Really, sonofabitch. I hope the other worried passengers will write in to the press as well.

Meanwhile, no matter what, it's a Singapore registered aircraft, so definitely we'll follow Singapore Law. So hey Malaysian, enjoy your time in Singapore.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hari Raya Haji

Last wednesday, I was off on a PH again!! =) Made reservations at Carousel for High Tea for dan and i. Been wanting to bring him there cuz i want him to try the food. We really did have fun. Spent 2 hours there for high tea.

Walked around the place for a while before we went back to his place for the rest of the night. Watched a couple of movies, relaxed and headed back home. Nice nice day off. ^^

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Liqin's 26th Birthday celebration

Last Saturday, the group met up for dinner together at Vivo's Bosses Restaurant. People present were total 4 couples, ron and rach, me and dan, liqin and bam and also mx and maureen. None of us drove down cuz we wanna enjoy ourselves and drink after that.

Supposed to start dinner at 7.30 PM, ended up we only started at about 8pm. While waiting for Ronald and Rachel, we ordered some drinks and starters..

Very amused by the light stick/stirrer thingy hehe`

Rather nice calamari

Kailan on ice... o.O Saw the waitress carrying it out from the kitchen and was like omg who ordered this? Ended up it was served to our table... DOTS..... Served with Wasabi soyu dip. haha

Sadly i've only taken these couple of pictures during dinner cuz all of us were hungry and i didn't wanna make them wait while i take some shots.. Paiseh... Ordered alot of dishes like seafood tofu, lobster soup, steamed prawns, fried prawns with wasabi and salted egg yolk sauce, black pepper beef, honeyed pork ribs and xiao long bao. I'm sure there are a couple of others i've missed out lol`

Had dessert after tt too. =) Totally enjoyed the dinner. Bill came up to about 400 for the 8 of us. Foot by ah bam, liqin's boyfriend.

So for the rest of the night, we went down to St James Boiler Room to drink. Cuz of that, i became a member of St James. Paid 225 bucks for the membership, consists of a bot of Henessy and a champagne. So in total technically only 6 of us cuz maureen doesn't drink and ah bam didn't drink much. We finished 2 bottles of hennesy, 1 bot of martell and a champagne. -.- Crazy people..

Liqin and Ah bam

Opened the champagne when the clock struck 12. =) Happy birthday girl!


Fatty bom boms

And so we really did have fun! Been a long time since we went out for dinner and drinks in a big group. Dan came over to my place to sleep after that. Was quite emo when we woke back up at 6+am cuz he found that i had a giant bruise on my right knee... And he was so sure i hurt myself because of him as he was totally gone. Partly true, the bruise came from me plopping my body on my knees to sooth him while he was throwing up by the roadside heh`

Never ever had a guy who cried for me, in front of me. It really did touched me. It meant that he's comfortable showing his weakness in front of me cuz we're so close together. =) And the main reason is cuz he's having a heartache cuz im hurt because of him. Sweet.

And so the rest of the day was spent nua-ing at home, getting lunch and dinner. haha`

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Close friends gathering.

Collection of all of the meet-ups..

First up was on Thursday 11th November.. Met up with Winnie and walked all thru Orchard. =) Had lunch first at Ippudo in Mandarin Gallery, my first time there and i really love their miso stock!!! Super flavorful.

My miso ramen



Been a long time since we last met up with each other.. Think since chinese new year this year? haha` Passed her the birthday presents which i've gotten for her. Hope she likes them.

Ended the night with a milkshake from OUAM at Scape. Can't remember which flavor i tried.. haha`

See how small the mini size is.. really must emphasize hehe it's the height of my n97 mini.


Next day i operated a flight and dan picked me up from the airport. Headed for supper at our favorite Yong Tau Foo place!!!

It looks really small here, but it's super huge a bowl!!! This time again, we ordered 15 bucks worth of Yong Tau Foo.. Crazy =))))) hahahahah` Along with the minced meat noodles, it's really superb!



Dinner with the girls on Tuesday 16th November. Sandy suggested long time ago for us to try having the Korean food at this restaurant opposite Haw Par Villa, in YESS Centre.

FINALLY, we've decided to give it a try hehehe` Met up with 3 of them in Vivo at about 6:30pm and took a bus down to the restaurant. Very authentic i must say, waitresses speaking fluent Korean and we've spotted a couple of Korean families having dinner there too. hmmmmmm`

Very nice BBQ meat, but rather pricey, totally shouldn't order the sides like seafood pancake, ginseng chicken soup and Japchae, rather average and totally filled us up.

Was served an array of Baan Chan.. Here goes:

Fresh kimchi..

Very nice tofu!!

See, the whole table's full..... And these are just the side dishes... o.O

We've ordered 3 different marinades of meat - Honey Pork Belly, Chicken and pork =) They're really really good, especially the pork belly and the tender chicken.. omg...

Japchae which was rather boring... Vermicelli all stuck together and the beef super super hard..
Wasn't even half finished at the end of the dinner..

Not too bad seafood pancake, i personally love the dip.

Ginseng chicken soup, find it so so, didn't finish as well....

Made in Korea wet towels. Supposed to pour water over them so they'll expand.

Totally enjoyed the BBQ meat, wanna go back and try again... Should just order the meat and maybe cold noodles or something hee` and my favorite kimchi soup!

Stayed in the restaurant till 10pm before we head out and went to Coffeebean @ Vivo to sit down and chat..

=) Stayed there for quite a while and grilled our bestie before we left for the next venue - Mac at Harbourfront centre.

Chatted all the way till 3+am and finally decided to head back home. hehehe` Total total fun!

A week has passed now, i'm still very happy for Jingyun. =))) She's attached with her first boyfriend, for about 2 wks now. ^^ Truly excited for her. Cuz my girls all deserve someone to dote on them!


Randomly took this shot when i was at home couple of days ago. Cute lexuan carrying her first stuff toy...

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I feel grateful

For everything. =)

Felt really happy, the gush of happiness while talking to one of my colleague just now on FB. She's a sister whom i look up to, ex crew of SQ, very motherly. Introduced me to Proactiv, the bestselling acne skincare in US.

Been motivating me much with regards to it. Not many people whom i can talk to who has had the same problem. Naturally they'd understand the best.

This was a message she left me with towards the end of our convo:

"you are a GREAT friend....i always hope you can get your sweet complexion again.......i know the feeling....btw...you are sweet with or without pimples.....hehebye for now. "

She's such a nice person with a great character, haha can be my momma too. =)

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween party at Universal Studios Singapore

Went to Sentosa on 28th OCT for Halloween Party at USS. Only starting at 8pm and we were early, therefore we laid down outside the sitting area and played Sudoku. haha` Dan has this folder in his iphone which he named 'Miss Tan Games', and so he downloads games tt he knows i'll like and place them in there. lol`

Went to Candylicious to while our time away.

Huge huge fake candy bar.. hmmmmm

Queued outside USS. Tics cost 38 per person for us who's got Annual Funpass. ^^

Dubious witch/hantu standing at each booth before 8pm.

In charge of scanning our tickets ^^ We were actually given a free souvenir bottle as well as a combo meal per pax. Which wasn't too bad, since it cost $38 per pax.

Dark all the way thru except for a teeny weeny bit of light. As we walk towards the Hollywood area, we were served finger food like fried spring roll, cheese balls and cotton candy =) Quickly went to claim our free souvenir bottle which comes with coke before the queue gets any longer.

The gate of Hollywood was transformed into a very mysterious abandoned town for the night. So different ha! This is a lady on stilts

Very cool predator on stilts too..

Men dragging along spades on the floor.. creating a rather disturbing sound.

Booths selling Tiger Beer. Looks creepy with those hands and cobwebs all over.. hehe`

Beautiful dysfunctional ballerina. Rather spooky the way she walks, and she's real good at it. hehe`

Another person on stilts

I believe he's from Stephen King's IT

Holding a chopper waiting to spring its attack on the next target.

Super tall manly guys holding electric drills. After they 'fall out', they actually ran all around the area and scare people with their drills and electric saws..

Deceased bride

and the groom...

Another much prettier bride.

Makeshift graveyard with 16 graves. Rather real though.

Claimed the combo meal which consists of a slice of huge pizza with yet another drink.

There was this night walk which wasn't so fun... in fact the whole thing wasn't tt fun, but it's the experience tt counts and of course the company was superb ^^

Lastly we went for the Monsters Rock Live Show.

This guy is good. He can play the guitar with his teeth and also with the guitar at the back of his head.

The female lead singer who can't really heightened the mood, but nevertheless she can sing quite well.

The male lead singer who's really cute and wears a scottish skirt. Apparently he showed off his boxers when he sat down on the stage hehe`

ROCK ON!!!!!!!! =D

The party lasted till 11pm and we took the monorail back to Vivo, walked over to Seah Im Hawker where we parked dan's lorry ^^ Great great fun!

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