Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clubbing on New Year's Day

Was feeling real pissed off by Dan on New Year Day. Had shabu shabu with his friends at Central but it was really feeling not contented cuz his friends ate too fast.. so we ended up being really full, but tak shiok. =( Got ditched shortly after early dinner. -.-

Went out again to meet up with JY outside St James at about 12 midnight. Went into Boiler's and ordered ourselves a jug of vodka redbull (i actually just typed vodbull -.- ) and also 2 jarger bombs. Danced ourselves silly in Powerhouse and got approached by some small boys lol`

Coincidence tt we were both wearing polka dots! =X Really, unintentionally. hmmmmm`

Really enjoyed ourselves as we finished it off with a really mellowed heart to heart talk. Girlfriends unite!

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Monday, January 03, 2011

You can trust a girl to mess up a push cart full of clothes =)

Which is very very true. hehe` Recently (31st DEC 2010) Dan and i went to Orchard for a great shopping trip! =)) Shopping really gets me all excited. haha` Main motive was to get clothes for CNY.

Stayed in ION for a couple of hours. I've gotten 2 pairs of heels, a dress from Stradivarius (dan insisted to pay for it), a pink shirt from G2000 and also 2 pairs of knickers from Topshop hee`

Sweet. And i've also psychoed dan to get 2 pairs of jeans for himself from FOX. wheeeeeeee I'm so proud of myself. Had lunch in one of the restaurants which i can't remember the name or which i don't bother to remember. Had sukiyaki which wasn't to our liking. =( Cuz we didn't like the too-sweet taste of the sauce which was used to cook the meat in.

We had wagyu beef and kurobuta pork, very average =(

After lunch, we bought chocolate from Royce and headed back to his place to relax.

Went back out again for dinner with his family, this time at Lao Beijing at Novena Square. Really had some good food together with his cousin and aunt as well.

Drove over to a friend's place at River Valley and stayed there to countdown along the roadside cuz we didn't know where to go -.- LOL First thing we did after we countdown to the new year was to head down to Yishun to visit our future home. Yay! 2 more storeys up! Can't wait for it to be ready =)

So yup, there goes our new year's countdown.

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Daniel's Big 3

This is the surprise that i've thrown Daniel on his 30th Birthday last month, 11th DEC 2010. Of course not the whole building. But this was the hotel which i've booked a room for on this very special day. =) And of course he doesn't know that i've even prepared a night's stay.

It started off in the morning when i've texted Dan and told him to prepare an overnight bag. Met up with him in AMK train station and headed to orchard for lunch first. He chose to have it at Ippudo, after given a variety of choices.

So we had lunch at Ippudo, which was his first time. And i must say, i never fail to be blown away by their number 14 ramen. =))))))

Birthday boy

Company for the day

Shared gyoza apart from our own bowl of number 14 ramen.


After which we shopped around the vicinity and took bus 123 down to Wangz Hotel, of course Dan didn't know where we were heading to the whole while, except tt we should be going to a hotel. hehe`

Chose Wangz Hotel as it's a boutique hotel, and i'm a sucker for boutique hotels cuz of the quirky designs. hehehe` Checked in at the small hotel and we totally love our room!!!! Rain shower, super comfy bed and a pillow menu, free drinks from the minibar. =)

Minibar with our moscato wine and cake

Molton Brown toiletries

Ipod docking station with additional room's ambience music

Free magazines.


Various Twinings Tea and coffee.

After lazing in the room, we decided to go for dinner at the nearby Tiong Bahru Market. Went straight to the rooftop Bar, Halo for some drinks before heading back to our room.

It's a really nice place to just chill out and drink. Great view too from the rooftop bar. We sat at the bar and ordered 2 cocktails.

Dan's mango something which tasted like cough syrup... hmmmm

My strawberry margarita. =)

Really chilled out and relax at the bar, totally enjoyed ourselves. While dan went to a corner to smoke, i order a waterfall for him. =)

He came back and was greeted by this sight and said 'oh u must be kidding, waterfall?' lol His reaction was super funny!

haha` Oh well, it ended the night with a great note =) Went back to the room and i sang a birthday song for dan.

Bought 2 cakes from orchard.

Mont Blanc (chestnut) and opera cake

Happy 30th Birthday dearest! Sorry to have a publish a pic with ur nipple =X hee` But tt's not the main character, you are!

Woke up for breakfast at Nectar.

Didn't take anymore pics of the breakie hehe`

After checking out of the hotel, we took a 20 minutes walk over to Red Star for their dim sum with the rest of our friends, think a total of 5 of us. Drove down to Orchard Central and shopped around the mall and 313 somerset before heading back to dan's place for dinner with his family. =)

Hope you had a great time baby. ^^

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

After all....

Haven't blogged the whole of December. Filled with quarrels and cold war with boyfriend, or so call fiance. Every time i feel happy and have the mood to blog about our dates/outings, we'd end up quarreling. Hate December so much. Though I really can't wait for it to come in November...

As the saying goes, if you expect too much, disappointments will surely arise. And it sure did. Or if you really love someone so much, it'll prolly hurt alot when an argument is exchanged.

Was looking forward to really enjoying my christmas and new year countdown. yet they ended up being really boring. And i really did waste my AL for these couple of days, if i hadn't tried to salvage it. Yes, i blocked leave since MARCH this year, for disappointment. Please tell me i'm stupid cuz i got ditched for some other last minute plans. Ha, what a joke. Cuz why? I still ended up in hot tears even after i got home. I can only say, i feel rather fucked up. Get me out of the way so that you can carry on what you like to do.

I shall not shall not shall not reserve my non-working weekends solely for you anymore. =(
Nice brilliant new year. One thing to be happy about, at least December is over.

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