Monday, February 28, 2011


My Gucci is $1500 richer! =))) lol Gotten my first salary with my new company today and it's in cold hard cash. I don't care if i'm announcing to the whole world how much im getting for my meager salary. muahaha but next month, i'm gonna have the full sum next mth which is 2k hahaha =))))))

ohmegod..... that's it. signing off now muahahaha

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saturday's Date

Started on my new job last Tuesday. And having only a day off in a week which is currently Saturday, it's very precious to me. =) Since i've been nua-ing in the shop the whole week and did nothing except reading novel and newspaper, sleep and watch series, i've decided to head out in my day off!!

Hung out at Epicurious and had brunch under the tree hehe` Ordered the usuals.

Dan's egg benedict.

Cheese baked eggs with mushrooms served with toast soldiers.

Sauteed mushrooms

After the very full brunch, we headed to Cineleisure to catch a movie - Just go with it. Extremely great relaxing movie on a weekend! Totally worth it. Had milkshake from OUAM before heading down to ION to get our wedding bands.

Did browsing of weddings bands since half a year ago, therefore we know what we want exactly. Walked around Love n Co and decided to still get the pair of wedding bands that we first had our eyes on and have so much feel for it even until now. It's their signature bands =) Wheeeeeeee` Paid up and now only waiting to collect it come April before we can send it for engraving. So excited!

The next day, i went to the shop and stayed in alone from 9am till 6pm. Firstly dan dropped by with breakfast from coffee bean and chatted with me for a while. After which my mum came and sat in the shop for a couple of hours. =)) Thanks for their company!! Totally didn't feel lonely at all hehe` But of course i have my trusty laptop with me.

Dan went back home to avoid the hefty carpark fees and came back to pick me after from work. He surprised me with a bouquet of red roses when he dropped by the shop again. =) Cute. Didn't expect it cuz it's been a long time since i've told him not to give me any flowers. But, a pleasant surprise =)

3 stalks of red roses representing 'I Love You', of course, wrapped by his mum. =)

Gotten yusheng from Tang Court (which i learnt that it's a very expensive restaurant) and also chilli crab and headed back to dan's place for dinner with his family ^^ Time well spent. =)

V day yesterday was nothing much. Had Yong Tau Foo for dinner with dan at our favorite place in Jalan Besar. Packed some home for my parents as well so yup, was home at 7.30pm.

Feeling rather appreciated and happy right now. =) And after nuaing for the whole day, im knocking off in 15 min time!

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