Monday, March 28, 2011

It's been a long time coming.

Started on my new job. Though i have plenty of time on my hands during work to use my laptop, i merely just played plenty of games and also watched series on it instead of blogging. Alot of events which i wanna record down in this blog but haven't gotten down to doing it. Sorry... no feel haha`

Last Saturday, Dan and i had plenty of fun the whole freaking day! Basically Saturday's my only day off. And apart from that, i work 6 days per week, either 9 am to 6pm slot or 12pm to 9pm slot. And so my last day off, Dan and i woke up early and went down to Ubi to visit the wedding invitation cards manufacturer.

Finished off the appointment in a short timing of 15 minutes. Thus they gonna be doing our layout, and printing it after we've approve. =) Sweet and we can just keep it aside to collect dust hehe` At least a task has been checked.

We then met up with the rest of my family at Marina Bay Sands for buffet lunch at Rise. My second sister in-law's mother and also my mum's best friend also joined us, so there was total 8 of us. Lovely company, great food ^^

Walked around the mall after lunch and they headed back home while i went to dan's place to rest for a couple of hours. Decided to go prawning at 9pm, this time to Bishan instead of east coast. Ronald and Rachel joined us too an hour after we started prawning. Felt amazing and super happy to hear that she's preggie! =)))))))) Hit our record breaking high of 1kg of prawns! =)))) With 4 prawns complimentary from this guy who didn't want them. hee` Super shiok this time cuz we just kept getting them hooked all the time.

Finally went back home at about 1+ am with dan coming over to bunk at my place for the night. Great day, but ended on a bad note cuz i found mum crying.


Apparently Chris is selling the flat that we're currently staying in. Reason is that he's gotten quite sick of the condition our flat is in cuz it's rather old, like the pipes and all. And so, he has decided to sell it now before July. And from July onwards, HDB will have a new scheme whereby COV (cash over valuation) is eliminated, and the owners of the flat will just sell their flat according to the quotation given and cannot ask for extra cash.

So Chris' plan is to sell the flat now, then we'll rent a place for a couple of months followed by either getting a brand new flat (balance of those ballots) or just simply getting a resale flat. We'll also stand to gain at least 50k from this change as well.

And therefore, on Saturday morning, a potential buyer came over to check out our place and she really liked it and even offered a very high price for it. So mum was rather sad. Which definitely cuz she's very reluctant to leave this place as she had alot of friends in this area.

And one more thing is that she's also very apprehensive. Cuz she doesn't know where we're heading to after this. Where is the rented flat gonna be, and also where is our future home gonna be? Which is rather sad as it wouldn't be easy for her, as an elderly person to adapt to a new environment all over again. =( Well i didn't know how to console her on Saturday after i reached home and just left her to calm herself down.

And when i was prawning, she called me and told me that she really miss me. But we've only left each other's company for like half a day. And that made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside but i also wondered how come she's feeling lonely suddenly.

Last night Chris and i sat down to talk to her for a couple of hours, not really about this change, but about some other matters. And im truly glad, tt she's able to smile and speak freely again. instead of pulling a long face. Mummy i love u, and i really treasure you.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's so funny, i just have to post it =)

A friend of mine drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in :-)

LOL. Stolen this from a status update of a First Officer from TR. LMAO

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