Saturday, May 21, 2011

I don't wanna emo too....

But i can't help it.

I don't like to be the one wearing pants in our relationship when making decisions regarding the wedding. But if you'd be more initiative and able to take care of the both of us. Then i can just be the small woman whom i've always wanted to be.

Your reaction makes me really wanna give up. Last night after tt post, i was still rather stressed up. Yet i love working under pressure cuz it spurs me on. Therefore this morning as soon as i got out of bed, i went to read up somemore in the forum.

But i really really hate it. It's as much as ur big day as it is mine. Not expecting u to put in more effort but at least give me some ideas when im raising some questions and accepting my views on certain things as well.

And now, i just wanna take some time off it.. Cuz i really feel like giving up on planning it now. So it's back to the old days now isn't it, upset over small matters.

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/21/2011 11:13:00 PM

I'm feeling so upset. And when i got home there's not a single soul at home. =( Makes me even more sad. Shouldn't even have dolled up to go out. hai` What's the point...

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/21/2011 07:03:00 PM

The big day.

Not feeling so good towards the end of today. Was still feeling fine the whole day until i finally start to stop procrastinating and dive into the researching of the various topics with regards to the big day at about 6pm.

And 1 hour later, i realized one of the air condition units in the shop has water leaking from it. Argh. Total shame. Spent a long time mopping up the floor and moving the goods. Was rather frustrated with it cuz it's been barely half a year since they've renovated the place.

Suddenly overwhelmed with so many tasks to prepare for the wedding. Shoes and nu-bra to get before the fitting. And to even find the perfect one wouldn't be easy. Researching of the special outdoor photoshoot locations. Not that the bridal studio do not cater to, but it'd be better for myself to have mindset on which locations i want first hand.

=( I'll be living like a nomad too for the next couple of mths.. Except that i'll have a concrete roof over my head. Oh well. Gonna get busy soon with the packing of stuff and moving. Totally ongoing with the fitting and the photoshoot as well. Great.

Not really feeling super stressed but rather a 'take one step at a time' kinda pace. Not too panicky, yet cannot afford to be laid-back. =( I'm just not exactly feeling really happy right now. Though i'm really excited and really looking forward to seeing my engraved wedding bands.

Oh well. Resigned? Jaded? Or simply just sian? I've no idea what to feel.....

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/21/2011 12:10:00 AM