Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yet another shallow pax

Went to Siem Reap, Cambodia via Jet star from 21st Sep to 25th Sep. Flight was at 6am.

The day before, which is a Friday, i met up with Dan, Rachel and Ronald for dinner in Chomp Chomp. ^^ Didn't really enjoy the dinner cuz i was still having a bad throat. Discussed about their plans for marriage - Solemnization dinner in Equinox (Swissotel) in December ^^ Really excited for my dear girlfriend. hee`

And the next day, i went to do a morning flight and love came and took me out to dinner. =) After which he stayed over at my place and we had fun all night which resulted in not sleeping much hehe` Did my last minute packing too and we head out to the airport and reached at about 4.30am.

Met up with the others who joined us in the trip. So total 6 of us - Chris and me, Sherman, Ah qing, Heather and Uncle Tony. All of whom are Chris' buddies but i do know most of them too hehe` They're really awesome travelling buddies i must say wahahha`

Caught our breakfast in transit hall - Prata Sausages before we boarded the plane. Shall elaborate more on the trip when i get the pictures. It was a totally awesome trip ^^

Just a peek on what to expect:


Came back on thursday and did dinner with dan in Chomp Chomp. Too bad my favourite Ah hock hokkien mee is not open =( ARGH sad` Had my day off the next day and worked yesterday followed by dinner with dan again in Jalan Kayu. haha Dinner with dan the man 3 days in a row. Definitely not sick of seeing him cuz he always make me laugh soooo much.

This pax last night in the last sector really pissed me off. Other passengers in row 1 asked me if they can take their bags down cuz it's way down the aisle in the overhead compartments. So i said sure, as long as u can fit them under the seats. Then this bloody fucking shallow barbaric uncle in row 3 also monkey see monkey do and did the same thing. But difference is his bag is a bloody huge trolley bag.

So i told him to put it up in the overhead compartment and my tone was nice and sweet. Yet his tone was angry and said he didn't wanna be the last pax to disembark cuz of his bag in the overhead compartment and it was only at bloody row 4 which is only 1 row behind -.- WTF

Then he carried on to say "Shit, you were the one who said i can get my bag down" I was peeved and told him to mind his language. And that by all means if ur bag can fit under the seat i'd allow u to bring it down, but his is huge. Then he proceeded to stupidly squeeze it under the seat. Fine. And i moved 1 row down, and said to him loudly so that he'll be embarrassed - " AND SIR, PLEASE MIND YOUR LANGUAGE WHEN YOU SPEAK TO OTHER PEOPLE"

Told my CIC about it and guess what she did? She's such a freaking cool bitch in this sense hehe` She's a new CIC and used to fly with SQ, a mother of 4 too. ^^ She actually stood at row 2 and said loudly "Is this the passenger who scolded you?" And proceeded to point at him.. OMGOMGOMG She rawks totally!!! hehe` Of course i told her it's ok, we don't have to stoop to shallow people's level.hehe`

Well just a gentle reminder to monkey pax. I hope ur balding hair continues to drop somemore and u'll become even more ugly (in actual fact u're quite hideous already). We cabin crew are not ur usual waitresses, we do not condone verbal abuses, especially when it comes to safety. Would have most prolly issued him a warning letter and bar him from future TR flights if this incident hadn't happen when we were about to land. WTH`


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in action!

I'm glad to be back!! Cuz i miss my mum and dearest sooooooooooo much! Bought loads of goodies for my girlfriends. haha Hear from me soon!

Am gonna be meeting the boy for dinner tonight. Can't wait =) 5 days 4 nights of trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia's over. I'm rather tan due to swimming in the hotel pool. wahahhaha` Starting work on Saturday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` I miss love i miss love i miss love~ hehe`

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday = workday!

Just woke up not long ago. Yea i know it's 12am now. Hit the sack at 6+pm cuz was so shagged after i reached home from work. Woke up at 3+am to prepare for work and love wasn't spared too cuz he was nice enough to send me to work. Effort's much appreciated sweetie ^^

Guangzhou flight was alright except for the extreme bad turbulence on and off and of course the stench of PRCs in the 2nd sector. Wonder why PRCs always smell. o.O Really.. Think personal hygiene. So glad i sprayed alot of ANNA SUI on me before boarding. *Phew

"cuz it's u in my heart tonight i don't need an imitation~~that is you i'm thinking of i don't need an imitation~~" MELEE - IMITATION
haha listening to this song now, nice and catchy.

There was this tour guide who ordered 36 cup noodles in the 2nd sector. o.O Julie and me did it until we were sick of seeing tom yam cup noodles. wahahhahahha` But sales were great. ^^ I've managed to do my bit for duty free sales, or rather the bulk ^^

Had a nice chat with Julie onboard. Shared cab with her back home too after the flight.

=X I have not packed my bag for Cambodia trip. Shall it after my flight hehe` Can't wait to see love tonight. ^^ Totally miss him already. Love it when he said "I'm head over heels for you Ms tan" ^^

Good to go, gonna play some games before i try to turn in again and wake up at 5.30am ^^

Hee super cute mini jack russell. ^^

We've sold 2 of them last night. =( So yup, we're keeping the long coat one and giving the brown one to my godbrother Jinwei.

Da Jie Da - The eldest one of the bunch. Very well trained too. Goes back to her fenced up area when she wants to pee and poo.


We call this bulldog. hehe` ^^

My favourite. Very playful too hehe` Giving her to Jinwei.

This is the Tiger blanket btw. ^^ Lightweight and keeps u warm. ^^ With lovely pawprints too, at 12 bucks. haha I put it on the footrest of my massage chair.

I miss him =( He's such a gem cuz he's done so much for me. ^^

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

^^ 3 days off!

Today's the last day off before i start work tml again ^^ Another 2 more flights and i'm jetsetting off to Siem Reap, Cambodia ^^ =)) Wheeeeeeeeeee` gonna miss love zillion tonnes but im gonna take loads of pictures and enjoy myself too hee`

On my 1st day off which is Tuesday, i spent the whole day at home playing games, Sudoku, and did some reading too. Yesterday, i met up with Daryl for my belated birthday treat hehe` We had dinner in Suntec's Fish & Co. Saw Beverly too hehe` Nono, daryl's not my boyfriend. I already have a loving boyfriend =)

My favourite Mussels in Lemon & Butter sauce! Wheeeeeee` Served with foccacia bread to soak up the lovely sauce.


Daryl's Sambal Sole fillet. Erm bad choice cuz he didn't finish tt whole slab with sambaL cuz it was too spicy for him.

My Baked SaLMON with rice. erm.. attacked the rice already =P

Cake which wasn't nice at all. Caramel cheesecake. Graham crackers not nice at all cuz it wasn't crumbly. And cheesecake texture was extremely sticky. Picture eating mooncake -.- Argh` no wonder they were clearing stock by offering 20% discount.

Walked around to digest for a while before we head to Dbl O at about 12 midnight. Hate to have to squeeze to get free drinks for the ladies so bought a jug of vodka lime in the end. Boring.. Love retro hits from 80s but there were playing prolly frm the earlier decades! ALOT OF EXPATS too. Lagi boring. -.-

Danced until 1+ before we went out to enjoy the live band outside. Went back in again and they changed the DJ!! Woot` Finally playing good rnb thereafter. Head back home after they close at 2+am.

haha this is a cute picture cuz there's this guy (didn't befriend us at all) just standing behind and smiling at the cam. Cute lol`

2 random shots before i left home.

Rare to have nice Zi pai shots.

Cute aye. ^^

Can't wait can't wait to go to Cambodia, to visit Angkor Wat. To do loads of stuff!!! Of course i'm ready to walk alot to do alot of sightseeing ^^

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Song lyrics | When You Look Me In The Eyes lyrics

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Bad weekend and it's even worst when the whole flight was sooo bumpy today i felt much too nauseous and had a bad headache. The only redeeming fact was that there was at least a set of fun crew onboard.

But the end of the flight was ended with our usual goodbyes and 'thanks for the flight' ARGH actually got kissed on my cheek by the idiotic captain!!!! He had always tried to make his advances towards me and he had to purposely shake everyone else on their hands yet kiss me on my cheek.

I'm so not happy at all =( hai` Yea but i always get thru anything and everything fine anyway.


Went out with Sandy and Jingyun for dinner the other day, bought her the pair of head phones that she really likes. Decided to have dinner in Ichiban Sushi.

Shall let the pictures talk for themselves. Crashing straight to bed after this. Super shagged.

Sandy's lousy chocolate float hehe`

JY's mini cha soba

Sake and Anago Sushi + Chuka Hotate


JY's main - Katsu Don

Unagi Sandwich - Superb pleasure eating it

My main - Curry Rice with Fried Chicken. Not too bad!

Sandy's main - Unagi in scrambled egg.

Happy JY ^^

Behold - Very extremely innocent shot..

of 1 of those 4 puppies ^^ Just gone for their 1st jab yesterday. =)

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's been a couple of days.

Been working hard for the past few days, On last Saturday which is my day off, Dan accompanied me to Town cuz i needed to get Nokia E66 for Chris. Afterwhich we headed to Heeren to walk around and then to Beach Road's Steamboat cuz i was really craving for it!

Love their meat which they had them shaved into very thin slices. Really enjoyed ourselves. Had our dinner and really took our time cuz we took more than 2 hours. muahahah` Drove back to my place and he spent the night here.

Woke up ultra early at 4+am and love sent me to work. Touched down at about 11.30am and he fetched me as well. Had lunch in Changi V and packed nasi lemak for his family. Chatted for quite a while before it was time for dinner. Left shortly after dinner to head home to rest. ^^

Enjoyed myself over the weekend! Times spent with love were crazy. haha`

**My korean colleague gave me a whole box of my favourite corn silk tea! woot! hehe` a whole 100 sachets of them. =)) I'm more than willing to give anyone who wants to try. And i do have very nice cuppucino sachets from BKK too. Anyone? Just ask for it!

Anticipating the episodes of Gossip Girl to come out soon.. Really really sooooo good!

Some random shots:

Hmmmmmm like this pic cuz we're so happy together ^^

The plush toy we both love the most. ^^ The surprise love sprung on me half way thru the dinner i had together with his family in Waraku East Coast. His family was like "Wah" hehe`

Love its butt too!!!! See tt flap of cloth muahaha And the mickey's clothes is made of terry cloth which is adorable!

The 4 puppies lying atop one another for warmth on a raining Monday night.

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Song lyrics | I'm Yours lyrics

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

i heart my life..

=) Really love brief meet-ups with honey these 2 days. hehe` Last night he fetched me home from Junction 8 and today, he dropped by and had lunch at the coffeeshop downstairs. Accompanied him and we chatted for a while before he heads back to work.

And after dinner just now, Chris, dan and me went to AMK Hub cuz Chris has got vouchers to purchase a new phone but the choices were quite limited there thus he didn't get. Bought stuff from the supermart and also some food back home. Dan got his favourite cold cut trio sandwich from subway. =P

-.- Got cheated into buying an adidas watch for myself. Really was an impulse buy!! Cuz Chris said 'u like it huh, get lor' . In the end he only paid 50 bucks for it and i paid 36 bucks. hehe` And i chose the dark blue which was nicer, but =(( Think i can't bring it to work. ARGH` Really kinda regret it lor. lol` Anyone wanna get from me? It's midnight blue ADIDAS CANDY WATCH.

If u're interested, please do contact me!! Well, i've got another white leather Adidas watch from dan's friends last year already, so i don't really fancy another. Just needed a black one for work and thought i can bluff my way thru with this blue one, realised the midnight blue is really rather blue. =( And sooooo..... i feel blue with this impulsive purchase..

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LOL.. And Bryan strikes again..


LOL Spoke to Bryan for another 2 Saturdays. Betty and myself again. I think he's kind of sick of us now. Now, it's him who hung up on us instead of the other way round. Fed up with Betty asking him questions and fed up with me telling him he will be arrested by the police if he rapes me. LOL

From Sandy's blog.

Sandy.. i know u're too stressed up over work, now stop playing around with him. He might just stop calling altogether and maybe direct his attention to other call centres =X

Background : Bryan is a guy whom always call Sandy and her colleagues cuz she works in a "The World's Local Bank" (LOL, think everyone knows what it is) Call centre. His purpose is just to find some entertainment out of it. And he loves to ask Sandy what clothes she's wearing and if she swims -.- hehe`


Just woke up not long ago.. omg.. at 8am, on a day which i'm not working... Well technically.. On standby today and not activated yet. Prolly will go downstairs to get breakfast later, and for mum too ^^ Really miss 杨老师 now.. She stays just a road away from my place. And last night she was telling the others how dangerous she thought flying is and i should really quit.. =( Yea i will, in prolly some time to come. Wanna have a 5 days job too. hehe`

Gonna enjoy my day at home today, playing sudoku and watching Gossip Girl!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

OMG just look at us.

Can't believe it. ^^ A primary school gathering after a decade. Thanks to facebook who brought all of us together. =)) This is a smaller scale gathering as compared to the last one.. Didn't attend cuz was flying tt time. Tonight, 9 of us turned up, inclusive of 2 chinese teachers. =))

Held at Ding tai feng in Junction 8 at 7pm. Really enjoyed chatting with each other. =)

Treated the teachers to dinner of cuz. hehe` Chatted all the way till 10pm before we finally left the restaurant.

Huang Lao Shi, Terrence Lin & Yang Lao Shi.


Oi Peng


Zhi Ying

Really enjoyed ourselves!! Dan came and fetched me home after the gathering. Bought Issey Miyaki 125ml fragrance for him cuz he has finished using his and he really liked it. =) Hope u like this anni gift, even though it's still 6 days away dearest.

He kept asking me if i want a proposal ring with a bigger diamond or the wedding bands with bigger diamonds.. wahahaha` Faint. I don't want diamonds, i just wanna have a life together with u. *giggle


Some exciting pictures..

Back in the old campus. Simple motto - Do Our Best

The naughty boys.. hehe omg Classic..

Class photo at the quadrangle. I'm erm.. the 4th from the left in the 1st row. omgomgomg!!

Xinyi posted this on facebook which got us laughing like mad!!!!!! hehe` wth. I'm 3rd frm the left in the 1st row, the one smiling very widely. hmmmmmmmm` Used to be really tan cuz i was in netball school team.. o.O

It's sooo cool how we can still be in contact with so many of our pri sch friends. hehe` Really miss the times back then.


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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I love to stay at home on my days off!

=) Had 2 days off after Bangalore night flight on Sunday. Stayed home and watched Gossip Girl, really got hooked onto it!! =) Very relaxing plot but eventful like that of Desperate Housewives. hee` Played alot of sudoku as well and had plenty of rest.

Today i woke up early to go down to AMK Central. Bought stuff for mum's operation wound dressing. Got home and cleaned and changed her wound dressing. =)) I'm good at it cuz i've watched the nurse do it. muahahah`Gotten my mum's favourite korean drama too...

Stayed home and watched Gossip Girl and played Sudoku again. Having morning flight tml and gotta wake up at 3.15am! bah` Really need to sleep now but don't feel like it ^^ hehe`

Missing love alot and gonna see him tml morning cuz he'll be taking me to work. ^^ Hmmmmmm my macho man =P

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