Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life sometimes get a little too crazeee

Well been working for the past few days and enjoying my times at home whenever im off.

CIC reinforcement course on Wednesday was fun. hmmmmm` Forgot how many of us there were but we had lunch in popeyes. The course lasted the whole day from morning 9am to about 6.30pm.

Shot was taken when we were learning how to use the new system to report anything about breaching of security in the aircraft. I know the logistics guy Alvin looks like Ah Lai lao shi in this pic, but he's not =X lol He actually looks more unfriendly and more plump in person.

We all had great fun even though some of the stuff was quite dry. We've even got Jim Duggan (in charge of pilots, but forgot his position) to teach us announcements. hehe`

Above shot was taken 2 days back during flight when we had a delay due to very bad weather and Air traffic control stopped all the aircrafts from taking off at one point. hmmmmmm`

After we came back from the flight on Thursday, the roster finally came out and it definitely wasn't good news for me. I've failed to get leave for my taiwan trip so i guess it's off for me. Dan don't wanna go too cuz i won't be going. So that's only left with chris and mum who'll be going themselves.

Sad sad.. Can't enjoy ourselves. Really felt terribly sorry for baby cuz he was so looking forward to it. Sorry i can't give u the best anniversary present.

Something to cheer me up tremendously cuz i was feeling really down was that we've gotten thru the balloting of the Yishun build to order flats!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Here comes our 4 room flat **does a victory dance** Our queue number is 306 out of 504 for the selection of the flats come March/April. Amazingly we got it cuz there were 1579 applications for only 504 four room flats. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Lalalalala`

And so, we went out to celebrate last night after dearest knocked off. We headed to Bugis and dined at this korean Restaurant name Mario's Kitchen. Ordered their Beef BBQ and steamboat combo.

Anchovies, steam egg and kimchi.

It was really tough for me cuz they gave us real metal thin chopsticks to use.. omg` bah`

The steamboat we've ordered is the korean style bak kut teh with potato and veggie/mushrooms. =) Not too bad cuz the pork ribs were very tender and the portion was huge for 2. o.O Picture is deceiving cuz the pot's huge!

We couldn't finish the soup and the potatoes o.O

Forgot to take picture for the BBQ Beef which was not bad but a tad too sweet for my liking though. Very filling dinner at 46 bucks for 2pax. Great place to go too. And it's just near to the Ah Chew Desserts which the gurls and i always go to. hehe`

Caught "Marley & Me" in Shaw Bugis at 9.30pm. =) Yea i cried when the dog died.. Reminded me of the time when Beethoven passed away at home. argh` Not bad cuz it was rather entertaining and laid back show. No scenes which will make you sit at the edge of your seat, but it's just plain relaxing.

Gotta head out soon with the gurls ^^ Yay`

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6.30 am now..

And im still awake.. Heading to bed soon. Feeling rather tired =)

Just came back from flight not long ago. Had an extremely great time working with Hartini, Amy and Calvin today. =) Calvin's a new crew and it's really fun to work with him. We've really enjoyed ourselves as usual, except for a couple of irritating passengers..

PRC: (pointing to the 'smoke' coming out in the cabin) 小姐,这是什么? (apparently he looks abit flustered too)
me: (Looking uninterested and very very cool) 先生, 这是冷气。。。

Like totally wth lor -.- This is really classic, hehe especially what some of the dumb PRCs can come up with. I believe i said it loud enuff for the other passengers to hear. So prolly other people will be laughing -.- Really one kind..

Check this out >>> Polka dottified

Hilarious latest entry by Sandy. oh my goodness gracious me. o.O

I'm feeling rather bored... =( prolly i'll go play DS before i turn in. And yes, i've downloaded loads of new DS games. ^^ Very nice too muahahhaha` Great day everyone, but im so gonna head to bed soon, don't be jealous cuz i've worked the whole night. =)


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Monday, February 23, 2009

3 more days to pay day!

And 2 more days for dearest' pay as well lol =X
15 more days to our 2nd year anniversary. Time passes by really fast hehe` ^^And we're really glad to have each other. =) wheeeeeee`

Been working for the past few days. Dan came over the weekend and bunked in on Friday night after his work. We headed to Dempsey Hill for supper at DOME again lol` We were both just wanting to drink coffee and chill. Since most of the other outlets in Dempsey has alcoholic beverages so we settled in at DOME hehe` We ordered Fried wings this time and also pepperoni pizza with ice chocolate and gelato for him and Cafe Vienna for myself.

His ice chocolate was awesome and topped off with CHOCOLATE gelato, and not vanilla.. Imagine the double goodness muahahha` Food was alright and we had a great time chilling out and just chatting about some stuff.

Headed back home and watched some movies as well as american idol for the next day (Saturday). Hmmmm` I woke up at 9am to make pancakes plus syrup for breakfast, and tossed some bacon streaks on the pan too. *slurps. hehe` The salty taste of the bacon just made us wanna eat more =) Caught some old movies on cable and he stayed until after dinner before he left home to sleep. ^^

I've recovered from my bad throat and flu! Finally lol` Really must start taking Vitamin C le.. Cuz i'm always suffering from sore throat and flu.

I'll have to take a nap soon cuz i've got a night flight later on. But it'll be a fun one! Cuz the whole set of crew is so nice. hee` =)

Footnote: OMGOMG IRAS letter is in.. And i've got to do e-filing from 1st march.. bah` I really do feel broke. but still rather happy though. And the kitchen bathroom's door has been fixed! My mum got the guy to come and installed a new door that's sliding and white + pastel green in color! ^^

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday the 14th

My beloved 5 years old Jack Russell name Jacky =)

Flight's been rather fun lately and quite busy too as the new crew were all attached to me so i had plenty of work to do. I guess that's why it resulted in me being down with a bad throat it's killing me now. Been downing water like crazeee at home these couple of days.

Shot of Lawrence and me.

Coincidentally i saw them when i was reporting for Clark flight. And it was Lawrence's last day of work =( He's been here for only a couple of months but he used to do sales, forgot whether it's car dealer or real estate agent. So yup, he can't get used to having such a meagre sum for salary.

Anyway, congrats! He just got attached recently =X hahah`

Got called up to do acting cic last night for Chennai flight instead of normal crew. But the flight was smooth sailing and it ended on a nice note with this old mamma pinching my cheek in her sari when she disembarked. o.O Oh well.. And i couldn't understand a word she said cuz she was speaking in Hindi?

Lol` Was sharing ghost stories onboard and it was rather funny cuz this pax suddenly drew the curtain open and scared the hell out of us. o.O

Had dinner with dan in Terminal 1's imperial kitchen before reporting to work at 8pm. He bunked over at my place the night before and we had quality time together, watching american idol and relaxing. Woke him up early cuz he's got to help his mum deliver flowers to those people who ordered for vday... Sending flowers to other women on vday = Yearly event.. =(

Touched down on time at 6:20am, which was quite rare for India flights YAY~ Sometimes i think i do boarding real quick. Wheeeeeeee` And i managed to sell quite abit too for Duty free muahahha`

Dearest picked me up at Budget Terminal and he had his right hand stuck out the wind down window which i didn't realised. o.O And he surprised me with a bouquet of blue roses! Wheeeeeeee` My favourite hee and a dozen of them. He said he's always amused by my surprised expression.. hmmmmmm` Very unexpected and such a sweet gesture. =) Well at least he doesn't have to spend a bomb on these flowers.. haha just the cost price =X

He didn't dye the roses himself this time cuz he's no longer helping out in the shop anymore lol` hehe` How sweet of him, and even sweeter cuz his mum was the one who wrapped this bouquet.

The bear's not from him, it's just sitting on the sofa and it belongs to Chris. hehe`

And so we headed to East Coast Park after that for breakfast. Waited until 8am for the C-nai HK cafe to open cuz i feel like having a piping hot bowl of noodles ^^

We ordered loads of food and i kinda like some of the dishes. We had braised beef noodles, macaroni, char siew chee cheong fun, salt and pepper deep fried squid (very good and huge portion) and also chicken gluttinous rice which we didn't touch at all.. Packed tt home for mum hehe`

I'll definitely go back again to try the other stuff. =)

Really had a great time cracking jokes with dan. We always have a good time whenever we go out. And it feels good. ^^

I really miss the many valentines' day we spent in St. Marg's.. Where we'd get flowers whether real or fake for our besties, and also famous amos cookies. hehe` =) Girls i do miss u...

Just now i had dinner with my family downstairs. Ordered my favourite Fish Head Hotpot. Had other dishes like Herbal Chicken, Fried Baby Sotong and hot plate beancurd hehe (winnie, such a coincidence on tt last dish =) And coincidentally.. we waited super long too. Finished a whole plate of rice with hot plate beancurd cuz we were too hungry -.- WTH` As if we were having western meal, course by course..

Anyhow, it was a great dinner.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a chubby gurl..

And my life revolves around eating, eating, eating and eating =X

Tuesday was dan and my 23rd months anniversary. Time really passed by so quickly =) He picked me up after he knocked off and headed to his place while i waited for him to shower and change. He dated me out soooooo hehe` Must emphasized. lol`I'm a courageous girl, but of course girls just love to be asked out on a date anyway.

We had kway chap for dinner at this hawker centre in AMK Central, haha void off our plans of having dinner in KFC cuz rather boring. The kway chap was rather nice super filling. o.O Drove over to AMK hub and bought tickets for 9pm show - Underworld 3 Rise of Lycans.

Slacked in the arcade and hooray didn't spend money trying to catch masak cuz we know it's only worth it to catch in Marina Square and East Coast. Bought popcorn (which was extremely good... i love cathay popcorn) combo which includes cheese fries too.

Movie was quite average cuz the whole part of the show was draggy with tt stupid love story and consists of very minimal action. The 'war' only shows the lycans getting over the barrier =( Sad sad. And truly smart me predicted that Victor didn't die. DUH Lucian should just pull those chains and let the sun burn him to death -.- And here goes another sequel once again..

Flight today was alright, with the new batch starting their training flights today. =) Gonna operate another flight after i wake up. I wanna go for holiday! Yes dan the man, i really do hope myself that i can get leave to go to Taipei next month.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I think it's a frequency of once every 5 days now =X

Guess it's really a once every 5 days entry now. o.O hehe` Been really lazy these couple of days to blog. hehe` On 7th, which was last Saturday, I met up with the rest of my poly mates for steamboat dinner. =)

Rather glad i went even though i was shagged cuz i've only slept 2 hours before my morning flight. haha How to sleep when i've got a charming boy accompanying me ^^ Nice of him to bring me to work at 4.30am.

People who were present for the dinner was Rayn, Zhiming, Junjie, Yiu yiu, Winnie, Peiting, Peifen, Mei zhu, Jiating & Edmund. Glad to have made a reservation at House of Steamboat @ Tan Quee Lan Street. And the ingredients are not bad at all! =) hehe` We all had fun catching up with each other especially with Rayn's corny jokes.

And such a coincidence that dan actually had ming xiang and guohua over at the same place for dinner. I know he's supposed to have dinner somewhere near here but they came into the same place as us and they were sitting right outside while we were inside the air-con place.

Kinda nice feeling cuz it's like back in school where the guy u like is sitting a few tables away and both of u just kept peeking at each other and texting too. =X hehe`

They ended up cooking the egg using the ladle towards the end. I must say that the soup stock was really good. Especially the tom yam ^^

Yiu yiu, rayn, junjie & peiting

Winnie & peifen

Meizhu & me. hehe i like her top.

After which we hung out at Starbucks in Bugis Junction for a couple of hours before we decided to leave. Been wanting to try the green tea latte from starbucks and im glad i did. Totally love it hehe` Junjie then sent us home in Rayn's car haha all thanks to peiting's quick wits. =)

Dearest came over to my place and brought lunch too on Sunday afternoon. Said he wanna accompany me hehe` Now he's driving the humongous lorry cuz he lent his colleague his vehicle and the rented lorry needs a class 4 driver. Macho man for macho vehicle =X Just my type of guy yay`

Dan then went home for family dinner while i stayed home for my family dinner =)

Whipped up a feast with my mum and we really had loads of food.

Stir-fried broccoli topped with abalone

White cabbage soup with fu zhou fishballs

Stir fried prawns which i devoured the whole plate =X

Fried dory fish with added rice flour to make the batter more crispy ^^

And also sharks' fins soup.. muahahaha` Really a great feast.

Yesterday was on standby and didn't get called up as well. So i stayed home all day to catch up on some shows.. Watched Home Alone 4 and also dramas on Demand Cable. Watched the horror movie Prom Night as well. Now im totally loving Demand Cable!

Headed out for dinner with dan's family last night for Yuan Siao festival. We dined at Boon Tong Kee, which was a first for me. Coincidentally dan's eldest auntie's family was there too, so our table was side by side. Ordered loads of food like fried crab claw (my fave), XO sauce prawns, kailan with prawns, hor fun, cold dish palatte. Forgot what else le. And we've also had yusheng. =) Had a great time, with such nice food to end off the Chinese New Year.

And i've got a date tonight again!

Happy 23th months Anniversary! =)

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Catching up with time lost.

=) Been a long time since i've last blogged. Rather occupied with stuff like watching series and reading novels with my free time. hee`

Took a shot of the simple vegetarian fare my mum prepared for her grandparents in-law when we paid our respects in Shuang Lin Monastery.

We've also bought alot of items like jewellery set and new clothes for them ^^

Let's start.

Last Friday (30th Jan)

Day off so i used it to run some errands myself. Headed to City Hall to buy working court shoes. =) Walked around the area, wanting to grab the Chippy's Fish & chips but ended up walking into this small eatery few doors away from LJS ^^ Ordered their famous Hainan pork chop rice.

The pic didn't do justice to their food at all. It tasted rather nice ^^ With generous helpings of Cabbage, fried egg, pork chop and curry sauce. The red date peanuts soup was also refillable =) hehe` For $3.80, what more could you ask for in times of recession like this ..

Headed to MPH bookstore in Raffles City to try my luck for any books in the Twilight Saga. 2nd time i've tried my luck there and i've managed to get the 2nd book - New Moon. YAY was super elated. hehe`

Last Saturday (31st Jan)

St Marg's 1E1 dinner at Signature Park. Courtesy of Toong Yeng's bf. hee` Only 9 of us turned up, namely Joanne, Toong Yeng, Swee Kee, Nata, Chuiwah, Huiping, Sandy and Yenching. Thanks to nata's mum for preparing the sumptuous meal ^^ heh`

We had loads of fun catching up with each other and totally enjoyed ourselves!

Everyone epok epok!

We still had plenty of topics to chat about despite haven't seen some of the others for a very long time. =) haha the wonder of secondary school. Seeing joanne and toong yeng reminds me of the times we really slack on the prefectorial board. hehe` The publicity people =X

Cleared up and sat at the poolside to chat somemore. Took bus down to MacRitchie to wait for dan to fetch me. We headed to Holland V for ice cream at the Cold Rock Creamery? i think. This time i mixed cookie dough and graham cookies with chocolate mudpie flavoured ice cream. Wheeeeeeeeee tasted real good hehe`

Such a coincidence i met my korean colleagues Grace and Cindy who were just sitting behind us. =)

After which we drove down to Chinatown to meet the others. Drove down somewhere and had supper there. Was too full so only tried their yam paste with she-kap. ^^Headed to Bam's place after where the guys played cards and dan won quite alot. Only went back home at about 5am.

Last Sunday (1st Feb)

It's a family day since everyone's at home on this day. We headed to AMK Central to buy those baby enclosed door for our dogs. Had very early combined lunch and dinner as well. Walked around the area and headed back home at 7pm.

Saw this in the Pet Lover's Centre hehe`

All cuddled up together super cute. ^^

Dearest then came over to fetch me to his place for dinner. His parents cooked some dishes and we lo hei too. ^^ Was a nice experience with his family. =)

For the past couple of days, nothing much happened cuz i was working hard. Managed to get the Twilight novel as well, so now im left with 'eclipse' and 'breaking dawn'. Wheeeeeeee`

Dearest fetched me from work last night. Was rather fun just chatting with him for tt short period of time. We went to Punggol as well for bak chor mee. Let's work hard towards our future!

I'm off today and tml. Shall relax myself and enjoy my free time. ^^

The 2 puppies.. hehe Mao Mao is so ugly cuz we shaved off her fur..


Finally got the pics for New Year's day where we went to the Partyworld in Liang Court to celebrate yet another new year with beer and champagne.

Newly wedded Mr & Mrs Tay.

Dan & me.

Ailing & me

One more hehe`

The girls who were all wearing white, which was purely a coincidence hehe`

Have a great day!

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